Top 20 Aussie Instagram list: Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman top Australia's most followed Insta stars

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Australia’s most followed Instagram stars have been revealed — with no ‘influencers’ in sight towards the top of the list.

It should come as no surprise Hollywood A-Listers Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman topped the list, ranked according to follower numbers, at 50 million and 30 million respectively.

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And rounding out the top three is Perth-born actress Katherine Langford, whose breakthrough role as Hannah Baker in Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why saw her shot to stardom.

Although she has a staggering 22.2 million followers, making her the most followed Australian woman on the platform, the former Perth Modern student said she doesn’t use Insta to “increase her popularity.”

“I have never been attracted to increasing my popularity or hireability by being on Instagram,” she told Jonathon Moran who compiled the list for The Daily Telegraph.

The notoriously private 25-year-old is based in LA, but regularly visits home.

In her last post she encouraged those struggling with mental health to reach out for help, tagging a number of organisations for national Suicide Prevention Week.

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Margot Robbie would have made it into third spot with 24 million followers, but quit using Instagram in June.

Surprisingly only two ‘influencers’ made the cut – author and personal trainer Kayla Itsines in sixth position with 13.3 million and Gold Coast mum and entrepreneur Tammy Hembrow in eight with 13.1 million.

Perth raised singer-songwriter Troye Sivan snuck into the top 10 at 11.9 million followers.


1. Chris Hemsworth 50.7m: @chrishemsworth

2. Hugh Jackman 30.1m: @thehughjackman

3. Katherine Langford 22.2m: @katherinelangford

4. Ruby Rose 17.2m: @rubyrose

5. Iggy Azalea 15.1m: @thenewclassic

6. Kayla Itsines 13.3m: @kayla_itsines

7. Liam Hemsworth 13.2m: @liamhemsworth

8. Tammy Hembrown 13.1m: @tammyhembrow

9. Miranda Kerr 12.7m: @mirandakerr

10. Troye Sivan 11.9m: @troyesivan

11. Rebel Wilson 10.1m: @rebelwilson

12. 5 Seconds of Summer 9.1m: @5sos

13. Nicole Kidman 7.8m: @nicolekidman

14. Phoebe Tonkin 7.8m: @phoebejtonkin

15. Luke Hemmings 7.2m: @lukehemmings

16. Maia Mitchell 7.2m: @maiamitchell

17. Calum Hood 6.2m: @calumhood

18. David Warner 6.8m: @davidwarner31

19. Ashton Irwin 6.1m: @ashtonirwin

20. Ben Simmons 5.7m: @bensimmons

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