Starfield Player Discovers Ominous Alien Hatchery On A Barren Planet

amazon, starfield player discovers ominous alien hatchery on a barren planet

Starfield Player Discovers Ominous Alien Hatchery On A Barren Planet

  • Starfield features unique planets and worlds in its Settled Systems, breaking up the monotony of exploration with diverse environments and visual identities.
  • The barren worlds of Numitor and Romulus in the Lunara system have a trait called Charred Ecosystem, which includes an abundance of alien eggs scattered on their surfaces, in this case.
  • While non-human lifeforms in the game are limited, there is hope for a future DLC or expansion pack that may introduce sentient alien life or an alien invasion storyline.

Starfield was billed as a Bethesda game about the era of interstellar discovery, but as one of its players found out on the surface of Numitor and its moon, this discovery can also mean running into an eerie alien hatchery. While the topic of procedural generation in Starfield remains contentious in its community, Bethesda seems to have sprinkled in quite a few unique planets in the Settled Systems. Jungle biomes may share some flora and fauna, and the grass may always be green on worlds that support vegetation, but when it comes to barren worlds, the developers weren’t so constrained by maintaining a realistic visual identity.

Starfield famously has a purple planet in Muphrid I, albeit absent of any retinal-based lifeforms, and its uniqueness does a decent job of breaking up the monotony of planetary exploration. However, the world of Muphrid I in Starfield isn’t alone when it comes to unique barren worlds, as both Numitor and its moon Romulus happen to hide a secret on their infernal surface.


Starfield Player Shows Off Terrormorph ‘Zoo’

From a myriad of unorthodox ideas, one Starfield player is bold enough to try and make a terrormorph zoo on the surface of Newton III.

Located in the Lunara system, Numitor and Romulus are considered to be unsuitable for life due to high temperatures and lack of an atmosphere. Both celestial bodies have aluminum, helium-3, and beryllium dotting the surface. However, as noted by Starfield player sterrre, these worlds also have a very pronounced version of the Charred Ecosystem trait. In addition to flora, fauna, and resources, some Starfield worlds can also have Planetary Traits. Usually, a Charred Ecosystem in Starfield equates to a cluster of geysers or hot springs. However, in the case of Numitor and Romulus, these pools also have an abundance of alien eggs.

While Starfield having aliens was hotly debated among fans prior to the game’s launch, with the sole exception of terrormorphs, the Settled Systems do not have any non-human lifeforms approaching the concept of sentience. Even in the case of terrormorphs in Starfield, it remains a contested point about whether they can directly communicate with the player, or if their communication is just a byproduct of terrormorphs releasing pheromones. The nests found on Numitor and Romulus most likely belong to a non-sentient species that needs high temperatures to incubate its young.

Putting aside the obvious parallel with Alien, players can’t help but wonder if an alien invasion could be in Starfield’s future. After all, even the Fallout franchise has aliens appropriate for its “apocalyptic Americana” setting. Though it remains to be seen what Bethesda has in store for its fans with Shattered Space, it would probably be a missed opportunity if one of Starfield’s DLCs and expansion packs doesn’t deal with sentient alien life.


Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a sci-fi action role-playing game where players interact with multiple factions, engage in combat, customize their main character and ship, as well as explore a universe that features over 100 systems and 1,000 planets.

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