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Moovaz Global Relocation Platform

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With over 40 years of experience in the relocation industry, Singapore-based CM Relocation has helped thousands of customers move their families, homes, and lives across the globe, from Singapore to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK, just to name a few.

So, helping a man and his wife move from Singapore to Sweden seemed like it would be just another feather in their cap. Until the dog came in.

While CM Relocation has helped move everything from family heirlooms to prized motorcycles halfway around the world, a Shiba Inu was a different story entirely.

Pet relocation was a service that they do not offer. This is where collaboration with another partner on the Moovaz platform helped the logistics and shipping company meet the needs of this couple.

Moovaz Global Relocation Platform, Moovaz platform

Moovaz enables its partners like Singapore-based CM Relocation to augment its moving services with digital platforms, meeting their clients’ comprehensive relocation needs. PHOTO: MOOVAZ   

An all-encompassing relocation platform for expatriates, Moovaz facilitates a seamless, end-to-end relocation experience by letting clients do everything from discovering providers, to requesting quotations, to communicating with suppliers and consultants, to even tracking every step of the moving process.

Moovaz providers span the gamut from pre-departure services like visa application and home searching, to settling in services, like bank account creation, telco set-up and insurance.

Regardless of their scope, all Moovaz partners are able to be listed under the Moovaz ecosystem, whether they’re moving and shipping companies like CM Relocation, insurance companies or pet relocators.

The Moovaz platform currently lists more than 10,000 other partners across 200 cities in over 50 countries. 

CM Relocation’s partnership with Moovaz means it doesn’t just offer its services as a mover, but also as a Host Partner – one that, with the integration with the Moovaz relocation platform and the assistance of a Moovaz ReloBuddy, helps its clients to easily find, compare, and track other services they will need over the course of their relocation.

Within a week, it was paired up with a Moovaz-listed pet relocator with a satisfactory price and track record – and the couple’s dilemma on whether to leave their beloved dog behind was resolved.

Through Moovaz, CM Relocation also managed to help the couple find a deep cleaning service for the couple’s Singapore home, meeting the requirements of their end-of-tenancy agreement.

A few weeks later, the couple was happily reunited with their pet in their new Stockholm home 9,604 kilometres away from Singapore.

“It was a seamless collaboration between CM Relocation and Moovaz,” says Mr Arvind Mansukhani, general manager of CM Relocation. “But most importantly, it was a satisfactory experience to be able to solve problems for my customer.” 

A win-win situation for both vendors and expatriates

Even amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the numbers of self-initiated expatriates have seen a meteoric rise in recent years.

In contrast to traditional company-assigned expatriates, who are assigned overseas postings by their employer organisations, self-initiated expatriates seek out their own international employment on their own initiative.

A large proportion of these are digital nomads: Workers who, independent of location, utilise infocomm technology to work remotely. As their name implies, these nomads typically move frequently between countries — but some end up staying in a certain location for years and may even eventually join the ranks of those who choose to permanently immigrate.

But while company-assigned expatriates may have aid from their employers in arranging their overseas relocations, self-initiated expatriates have to manage every step of their own relocation journey.

This is a process that is much easier said than done. While there are relocators aplenty all over the world, the industry is highly fragmented, with services being highly commoditised. Industry players not only struggle to differentiate themselves from others, or value add to their customers, but also lack a centralised platform where they can advertise their services and increase customer awareness.

This is all set to change with Moovaz. As an all-in-one relocation platform, Moovaz provides a centralised location – a highly customisable and personalisable “relocation dashboard” – for expatriates to better organise their own moving process.

“It’s natural for people and families to move, seeking a different and better life. This has been so since the dawn of man. While people move for economic, political or lifestyle reasons, the ongoing Covid-19 has put an additional layer of complication and friction to this. Now is the time to be bold, for innovative, frontier business models, powered by technology,” says Ms Danielle Lin, head of growth of Moovaz.

Partners on the Moovaz platform take on the roles of both Host Partners and Vendors. As the former, partners have the opportunity to improve their sales by offering a customised relocation platform for their existing customer base.

When purchases are made with vendors in the ecosystem, Host Partners receive commission for facilitating the process, introducing an alternative revenue stream, and ultimately increasing long-tail revenue.

Vendors, meanwhile, are able to receive requests for quotes and service enquiries from customers. They can use the Moovaz platform to facilitate sales discussions and negotiations. Referral fees are only paid to Moovaz upon successful conversion of the deal, meaning that vendors have nothing at stake.

In this way, as both Host Partners and Vendors, Moovaz partners — the likes of which include CM Relocation, OCSC Global, Pet Lighthouse and others — get increased visibility, customer conversion rate and diversified revenue streams with minimal investment on their end – simply by plugging into a white-labelled ecosystem. 

For Pets Lighthouse, which provides pet relocation services, this has been nothing short of a game changer.

“Working with Dani and the team at Moovaz has allowed Pets Lighthouse to broaden our horizons and extend value-added services to our esteemed clients, all with minimal hassle. It’s not uncommon for our clients to ask if we offer other services and we’re happy to now be able to do just this for them,” shares Ms Vivian Foo, director of Pets Lighthouse. 

The ecosystem optimises the company’s monetisation and opens up new revenue streams with zero to minimal commercial and operational investment, she continues, going on to add that her company can now serve customer segments that were previously difficult to target.

This is due in no small part to Moovaz’s commitment to supporting its partners, reveals Ms Foo. “The team at Moovaz really goes above and beyond to understand our objectives as a company, helping us add value to our clients and create additional revenue streams,” she says.

Moovaz Global Relocation Platform, Moovaz platform

(Left to right) Mr Frederick Fun and Ms Vivian Foo of Pets Lighthouse in Singapore, with Ms Danielle Lin of Moovaz. Pets Lighthouse Singapore works with Moovaz to offer comprehensive relocation services globally, in addition to pet relocation. PHOTO: MOOVAZ

To date, Moovaz has all manner of partner services available on its platform, and enlisting the services of each of them is seamless and fuss-free, according to Mr Philip Ng, chief executive officer of OCSC Global.

“It’s amazingly easy how our clients can obtain all information they need for their relocation, including sourcing for trustworthy services worldwide. Navigation on the platform is simple and it’s the perfect one-stop solution that goes in line and adds value to what OCSC Global offers,” he says. “We receive monthly sales updates, and the Moovaz account management team is extremely proactive.”

Ms Deborah Guo, partnerships lead at Moovaz, adds: “Our esteemed partners are the real unsung heroes in this ecosystem. They grapple with ever-changing cross-border circumstances on a daily basis to be able to fulfil their service and deliver peace of mind to their customers globally. We are privileged to progress alongside them and face these shifting tides together, with our technology and partnership network.”

Moovaz Global Relocation Platform, Moovaz platform

(Left to right) Ms Deborah Guo of Moovaz with Ms Chern Tan and Mr Philip Ng of OCSC Global. Moovaz equips partners like Singapore-based OCSC Global with a white labelled platform for their clients. PHOTO: MOOVAZ  

This freedom is precisely what self-initiated expatriates demand. Over the past decade, the explosive growth of platforms and services like Grab, Uber and Airbnb indicate a clear consumer preference for transparency and self-management — but fragmented as the relocation industry currently stands, it has been found sorely wanting.

And this is where the Moovaz ecosystem comes in. Having seen an 80 per cent growth over the past year and a steady increase in partnerships all over the world, it’s clear where the future of the relocation industry lies.

Looking to be a partner with Moovaz, and help pioneer the relocation industry of tomorrow? Check out for more information.

Moovaz Global Relocation Platform, Moovaz platform

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