Skip adds new Express Lane locations in Ontario and British Columbia

The Vancouver location is the first in British Columbia


After the introduction of a new Skip Express Lane in Calgary last month, food delivery service SkipTheDishes is now adding two new Skip Express Lane fulfillment centres, one in North York, Ontario and one in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The new North York location marks the fourth Skip Express Lane location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), after Toronto and Etobicoke.

Skip says that it has plans to add three new Express Lane locations in the GTA in the coming months, and two new locations in Ontario.

The Vancouver location, however, is more unique, as its the first Skip Express Lane fulfillment centre in the province. According to the food delivery company, the location will have Vancouver-based hometown brands like OMG Clusters in assorted varieties and Bothwell Cheese in a specific category called “West Local favourites.”

Skip Express Lane lets users pick baby products, pantry staples, snacks, fresh produce and meals from local favourites restaurants and businesses, with delivery fulfilment within 25 minutes. “Each store operates seven days a week with delivery fees starting at $1.99, or free delivery for purchases over $25.”

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