Genshin Impact – Ranked character tier list


Genshin Impact offers players a lot of options when it comes to characters. They can be earned through the game’s Wish system, although a select few can be earned by playing through the story. The characters that make you a party are the most fundamental and important element of any challenge in the game. The right characters will make most content easy, and there is a lot to consider.

Tier Lists like this are many and varied, so readers should be aware that this is ranking all the characters at their most basic. We are not taking into account any unlocked constellations. It is the base characters and the base characters alone. The reason for this is simple. Tier Lists are more of a tool for newer players, as party makeup will be informed by all manner of different things that veteran players will have learned along the way.

The elemental type the characters do, how they interact, what artifacts and weapons are available, all these facets of the game will make characters more powerful. While Character A might technically be more powerful than Character B, if Character B has a 5 Star Weapon and some of their constellations unlocked, they will potentially be more powerful for that player.

In this way, it is easier to look at the characters from the same starting point, and consider their overall ease of use, damage, abilities, health, and synergies from that point. We have also split the Tier list into three different segments, for main DPS, Sub-DPS, and Support. For this reason, some characters can appear on more than one list.

DPS Tier List

The DPS is the character you will use the most to do damage. They tend to be greedier, and you will have them on-field more for this reason.

Tier Character
S Ganyu, Hu Tao, Eula
A Xiao, Diluc, Klee, Childe, Yanfei
B Keqing, Razor, Ningguang
C Chongyun, Jean
D Xinyan, Beidou, Noelle

Sub-DPS Tier List

Sub-DPS characters will spend most of their time off-field, and you can quickly switch to them to cast abilities that compliment the main DPS in some way.

Tier Character
S Venti, Albedo, Xingqiu
A Ganyu, Mona, Childe, Zhongli, Fischl
B Xiangling, Chongyun
C Jean, Kaeya, Geo/Anemo Traveller, Sucrose
D Lisa, Amber


Support characters can heal the other team members, or buff them in other ways.

Tier Character
S Venti, Qiqi, Jean, Bennett
A Diona, Sucrose, Mona
B Barbara
C Xingqiu
D Noelle, Xinyan

It should be noted that almost every character in the game can be impressive in the right setup. While Xingiu’s overall ability to support is low, if you pair him with a physical damage dealer like Razor, his abilities really shine, and he acts as an excellent Sub-DPS, his low healing rates acting as a way to compliment any other form of healing you want to bring in to the party.

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Sucrose might be an A-Tier support character, but with the right team, she can be an S-Tier DPS. It is just incredibly reliant on specific items, weapons, and characters to set it up. In Genshin Impact, experimentation is vitally important. Tier Lists such as this are good at looking at characters in complete isolation, but this is not how the game works.

Never be afraid to experiment with characters to see if you like how they play, and explore different team compositions to find interesting synergies.

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