Two Wheeler Retail Sales Mar 2022 – Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, RE, Jawa, Yezdi

Retail sales numbers for March 2022 suggest that there is a clear migration towards electric scooters

two wheeler retail sales mar 2022 – hero, honda, tvs, bajaj, re, jawa, yezdi

Modified RE 650cc. Image – Rebellious Garage

Two wheeler retail sales dipped 4.02 percent YoY to 11,57,681 units in March 2022. This was against 12,06,191 units sold in March 2021 while retail sales fell sharply by 37.33 percent from 18,47,314 units sold in March 2020, the month in which the lockdown in view of the COVID-19 pandemic was announced.

Hero MotoCorp led the sales chart in March 2022 with retail sales of 3,73,528 units, down from 3,99,206 units sold in March 2021. Market share dipped from 33.10 percent to 32.27 percent on a YoY basis. Demand was high for the company’s Glamour, Splendor, Passion and HF Deluxe motorcycles, while the company now gets ready to embark on an electric journey with a new brand name ‘Vida’.

Two Wheeler Retail Sales Mar 2022

Honda sales also dipped YoY to 2,81,725 units in March 2022 from 3,16,936 units sold in March 2021. Market share fell to 24.34 percent in the past month from 26.28 percent held in the same month of the previous year. Honda also plans an array of electric vehicles with design patents filed. TVS Motor Company has seen its retail sales increase to 1,81,328 units last month from 1,79,521 units sold in March 2021. Market share also went up to 15.66 percent from 14.88 percent.

Bajaj Auto and Royal Enfield saw retail sales dip in March 2022. Bajaj Auto retail sales stood at 1,23,413 units, down from 1,38,290 units sold in March 2021. Market share dipped to 10.66 percent from 11.47 percent YoY. Royal Enfield sales fell to 50,762 units last month from 60,847 units sold in March 2021.

two wheeler retail sales mar 2022 – hero, honda, tvs, bajaj, re, jawa, yezdi

Two Wheeler Retail Sales March 2022 vs March 2021 (YoY) – FADA

Suzuki Motorcycle India retail sales increased to 49,371 units from 48,741 unit retail sales in March 2021 bringing up market share to 4.26 percent from 4.04 percent YoY. In March 2022, India Yamaha Motor sales dipped to 41,812 units from 44,311 units YoY. The company has just announced a price hike from 1st April 2022 even as the company had earlier revised prices in January and February 2022. The company cites rising input costs as reasons for this latest price hike.

Electric Two Wheelers March 2022

Hero Electric sales increased to 13,023 units in March 2022 from 5,235 units sold in March 2021. Market share went up to 1.12 percent last month from 0.43 percent held in March 2021. Hero Electric remained the top electric two wheeler brand in India with an impressive lineup that includes the likes of Photon HX, Optima HX, NYX HX and Flash LX.

Ola Electric sales stood at 9,121 units in March 2022. The company has faced some constraints, but has increased production to keep up with demand. Another electric two wheeler company, Okinawa Autotech has also seen increased sales in March 2022 at 8,284 units, up from 1,530 units sold in March 2021. Ampere sales also increased to 6,338 units in the past month from 941 units retailed in March 2021.

two wheeler retail sales mar 2022 – hero, honda, tvs, bajaj, re, jawa, yezdi

Two Wheeler Retail Sales March 2022 vs Feb 2022 (MoM) – FADA

Lower down the order, Classic Legends (Jawa / Yezdi) sales were up to 4,234 units in March 2022 from 2,561 units sold in March 2021. Piaggio retail sales stood at 3,870 units, down from 4,826 units sold in March 2022. Ather Energy’s retail sales increased twofold to 2,222 units from 1,064 units sold in March 2021. PUR Energy (2,066 units) Revolt (1,409 units) saw retail sales increase YoY while there were others on this list that also included some EV makers that saw sales of 5,175 units last month, up from 1,450 units sold in March 2021.

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