Mick Fleetwood Hasn't Given Up On Performing, But He Won't Continue To Do So As Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is synonymous with iconic. The band made music history and is rock n’ roll royalty. There was no shortage of love affairs, drugs, and drama when they were together. But that only adds to the band’s allure.

The band has lived on and stood the test of time, capturing a new generation of listeners. Most were not around for a Fleetwood Mac tour, but almost all are dying to attend a show.

But, while on the Grammy’s red carpet, the drummer and band leader, Mick Fleetwood, might have crushed fans’ dreams of a reunion tour.

The Death of Christine McVie

mick fleetwood hasn't given up on performing, but he won't continue to do so as fleetwood mac


Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, in the late 1960s, founded Fleetwood Mac. They added new members who contributed to the band’s iconic status over the years. One such member was Christine McVie, who joined the band in 1970 after marrying John McVie. She was a singer and keyboardist for nearly 30 years before passing away in November at 79 after a “short illness.”

Fleetwood expressed his deep sadness upon learning of her death, saying, “Part of my heart has flown away.” He also shared fond memories of her, saying, “I will miss everything about you, Christine McVie. Memories abound.. they fly to me.”

Mick Fleetwoods complete statement via Twitter:

“This is a day where my dear sweet Friend Christine McVie has taken to flight.. and left us, earthbound folks, to listen with bated breath to the sounds of that “songbird,” … reminding one and all that love is all around us to reach for and touch in this precious life that is gifted to us. Part of my heart has flown away today…I will miss everything about you, Christine McVie. Memories abound…they fly to me.”

Stevie Nicks posted a heartfelt message on the news of McVie, saying she was “one-of-a-kind” and that she was “the best musician anyone could have in their band and the best friend anyone could have in their life.”

Stevie Nicks’ complete statement via Instagram:

“There are no words to describe our sadness at the passing of Christine McVie. She was truly one-of-a-kind, special, and talented beyond measure. She was the best musician anyone could have in their band and the best friend anyone could have in their life. We were so lucky to have a life with her. Individually and together, we cherished Christine deeply and are thankful for the amazing memories we have. She will be so very missed.”

What Lindsey Buckingham Has To Say About Reuniting With Fleetwood Mac

mick fleetwood hasn't given up on performing, but he won't continue to do so as fleetwood mac


Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham has expressed interest in rejoining the band, but only if Stevie Nicks is on board. While speaking to People, Buckingham said, “I think that would be a healing thing for everyone to go in and just knock out a quick tour,” but added, “I can’t imagine that happening without Stevie.”

Buckingham also addressed his past conflicts with Nicks and the band, saying, “I think that all of us were very committed to Fleetwood Mac as a concept, as something that we had all collectively built together, and that wasn’t something that any of us wanted to throw away lightly.”

Buckingham was fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018, and the band went on to tour without him. Buckingham filed a lawsuit against the band for breach of contract but settled out of court.

In the interview, Buckingham also discussed his recent heart surgery and how it has affected his perspective on life and music. “I think I’m playing better than ever because I’m playing from the heart,” he said. “It’s not about selling records or trying to be popular or anything like that. It’s just about connecting.”

The band’s fans eagerly await any news of a possible reunion with Buckingham, but it seems the ball is in Nicks’ court.

What Did Mick Fleetwood Say About A Reunion Tour?

mick fleetwood hasn't given up on performing, but he won't continue to do so as fleetwood mac


When asked about the future of Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood said, “Well, the truth is we don’t know. And unfortunately, I think, you know, it’s been a tough time. Lindsey left the band, and we parted company. And that was a huge change.”

He added, “I’m not saying that Fleetwood Mac will never do anything again, but certainly, the line in the sand has been drawn.”

The band faced some turbulence when guitarist Lindsey Buckingham left the band in 2018 and was replaced by Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. Fleetwood acknowledged the difficulty of moving on from Buckingham, saying, “It was not something that was embraced by the whole of the band, I have to say.”

Fleetwood said, “We honor Lindsey, and we salute Lindsey, and you never know what’s going to happen. He continued, “This is all about a life and an era of time that will never be forgotten.”

Despite the uncertainty about the future of Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood remains grateful for the band’s legacy, saying, “It’s just a remarkable experience to have been part of something that has made so much great music and touched so many people’s lives. I’m very, very grateful for that.”

While acknowledging that the future of Fleetwood Mac is uncertain, Fleetwood said, “I think the vision for me, musically, would be going forward with the elements that are left.” He continued, “We’ll see. I’m not saying we’ll never tour again, but I’m saying that the chances are slim.”

Fleetwood expressed gratitude for the band’s impact on fans around the world. “This is the story of a band called Fleetwood Mac, and we still love each other,” he said. “We’re all grown up, and we’re all still a family.”

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