7 Best Constellations To View In The Winter Sky

7 Best Constellations To View In The Winter Sky

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The stars seem to shine more brightly on a crisp, clear winter night than at any other time of the year. But the difference in clarity is not the reason for this; in fact, according to scientific measurements, there is no difference in the clarity of the night skies in the winter and any other cloudless night of the year. The actual difference is that in the northern hemisphere, more bright stars are visible in the winter sky, which also accounts for more star groups or constellations.

Identifying the constellations is one of the most fun elements of exploring the night skies from our backyards. The canopy of stars is like a celestial map, with constellations offering points of interest where we can stop to explore. Named after mythological creatures, they also connect us to ancient people who lived on earth before us and saw the same stars and same constellations, and eventually named them.

Though they saw the same skies, people from different cultures saw different images depicted in the stars. The images they saw reflected their stories and their beliefs. We usually talk about the constellations as they are seen in the northern hemisphere and use the names given to them by the Western civilizations, based on Greek and Roman mythology. With these considerations in mind, the following, identified by their Greek- and Roman-derived names, are the most prominent constellations we can see in our winter skies.

1. Orion

The winter sky’s most impressive constellation, Orion, named after the hunter of Greek mythology, is situated right in the middle of the night sky. Unlike most constellations, where it’s hard to find the correlation to their namesake, Orion actually looks like the outline of a human figure. Look for its most recognizable feature first: his hunter’s belt, formed by three bright stars close to each other, forming an unmistakable line. Surrounding the belt, four stars form Orion’s shoulders and legs, and from there, you can follow the outline of the whole figure.

Orion is a winter favorite not only because it’s the easiest to find and recognize, but for two of its brightest, non-belt stars. Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars known to us, a red supergiant, and Rigel is a cooler blue supergiant.

Besides all this, Orion is home to a stellar nursery, a diffuse cloud of dust and gas, the famous Orion nebula, which is visible with the naked eye. Seen as the middle star in his sword, it appears as a fuzzy star with the naked eye, but with binoculars or a small telescope, you’ll see it as a nebula, a cluster of stars.

You can find Orion on any clear winter evening soon after sunset — you don’t have to stay up all night to find it. Look south, almost halfway between the horizon and the point directly overhead, to see it.

2. Taurus

Taurus represents Zeus himself, in his form as a white bull. According to Greek mythology, he transformed himself into the beautiful white bull to abduct the Phoenician princess Europa.

The most spectacular constellation of the winter sky, Taurus features two of its brightest star clusters. Representing the bull’s head, the V-shaped Hyades cluster features the constellation’s brightest star, Aldebaran, as its fiery red eye. The Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, represents the bull’s shoulder. Taurus is also home to the star Elnath, the closest bright star directly opposite from our Milky Way’s center. Elnath, which has a blue-white color, represents the bull’s northern horn, and it’s the second brightest star in the constellation.

Besides all this, Taurus is the radiant point for the annual Taurid Meteor shower in November and features the famous Crab Nebula (only visible through a telescope), the bright remains of a supernova explosion seen from earth in 1054.

Using Orion’s belt as a reference, you can easily find Taurus the bull; if you extend an imaginary line from the hunter’s belt to the right, it points to Aldebaran, the bull’s red eye.

3. Canis Major

The same imaginary line extended from Orion’s belt in the opposite direction (to the left) points to the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation. Representing Orion’s larger hunting dog, Canis Major is close to the horizon in the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere.

Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, is the brightest star not only in its constellation but in our whole winter sky, since at only 8.6 light-years from Earth, it is closest to us. Besides Sirius, Canis Major is home to a dwarf galaxy, an open cluster, and two colliding spiral galaxies, all visible through telescopes.

4. Gemini

Gemini, Latin for twins, is the constellation associated with the twin brothers Castor and Pollux, sons of Zeus or Jupiter in Greek and Roman mythology, gods of sailing and horsemanship.

Their constellation is harder to recognize. It takes a bit of imagination to see the two stick-figures near each other. It’s easiest to find by looking for its two brightest stars, Castor and Pollux, which correspond to the heads of the twins. Castor is really a star system rather than one star, which appears as a cooler, blue-white color, while Pollux is an orange giant star. Castor appears higher and to the right, while Pollux is on the left, and appears slightly lower.

Look for them near Orion’s left shoulder. At this time of the year, they appear to be lying down with their feet near Orion’s arm.

5. Auriga

Auriga, Latin for charioteer, is one of the more prominent winter constellations, neighboring Orion, Taurus, and Gemini.

The mythological character seems to hold a female goat and her kids while driving a chariot. The most popular interpretation is that the Charioteer is Erichtonius, son of Hephaestus, and king of Athens, though according to other interpretations he is Myrtilus, son of Hermes, or Hippolytus, son of Theseus. No matter which interpretation you prefer, he drives a chariot in the sky while holding a goat. If you have trouble seeing this picture, look for a pentagon of stars, with the brightest, Capella (she-goat in Latin), at the top.

Auriga is high in the sky in late winter, around February, and you can find it above Taurus.

6. Andromeda

Andromeda, named after the princess of Aethiopia, chained as a sacrifice to the gods, and saved by Perseus, is one of the largest constellations of the winter sky.

The constellation is best known for its most prominent deep-sky object, the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way. The gorgeous galaxy is best viewed through a telescope, but it’s visible without one in a dark sky place. Besides Andromeda, the constellation comprises a few other, fainter galaxies.

Andromeda’s brightest star is also part of the constellation Pegasus, just south of Andromeda, which is visible in autumn.

7. Perseus

Perseus, named after the Greek mythological hero who saved Andromeda, lies east of the chained princess, next to her. He is also the hero who killed Medusa, so he is holding her head in one hand and his sword in the other. This constellation’s brightest and best-known star is Algol, which represents the head of Medusa.

The Perseus constellation is best known for the annual Perseid meteor showers that seem to radiate from it in mid-July, peaking in early August.

Constellations Visible All Year Long

Besides the constellations prominent only in the winter sky, a few are visible all year long. You can see Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus, and Cassiopeia every night of the year, from dusk to dawn.

Ursa Major, the Great Bear who, according to mythology, guards the polar regions, is the most easily recognizable. In fact, the best-known pattern in the sky, the Big Dipper, is part of Ursa Major, forming the bear’s back and its tail. Polaris, the North Star, is the tail of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. You can find Draco, the Dragon, winding between the two bears, any time of the year.

Finally, two other characters from the Perseus and Andromeda story, Cepheus, King of Aethiopia, and Cassiopeia, his wife and Andromeda’s mother, are both immortalized in the two other constellations always visible in the northern skies.

Stargazing Tips For The Best Constellation Views (Plus The Stargazing App Our Editor Recommends)

Though you don’t need a telescope or even binoculars to see the constellations, you do need a bit of imagination to recognize them. The great thing about constellation-hopping is that you can do it from your own backyard, no need to search for dark sky places (though, to be fair, they look much better there). It helps to use a night sky diagram or familiarize yourself with the patterns so you can recognize them. Be patient with yourself if you don’t find them all right away. Once you do, have fun with the ancient stories written in the sky.

Editor’s Note: We recommend and regularly use the StarTracker app, available for both Apple and Android. If you’re interested in night sky viewing, you’ll also want to consider

Source: 7 Best Constellations To View In The Winter Sky

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Fitbitのブランドのラインアップ  グーグルがFitbitのブランドから提供するフィットネスとヘルスケアの有償サブスクリプションサービス、Fitbit Premiumに「睡眠プロフィール」を追加した。ユーザーの睡眠パターンを追跡しながら、獲得したデータをもとに睡眠による健康の保持増進を支援する新機能だ。  日本でも提供が始まった睡眠プロフィールの特徴を、グーグルでFitbitのヘルスソリューションを担当するSteve Morley氏がメディアに向けて説明した。 Fitbitが有料プランのPremiumサービスに「睡眠プロフィール」を追加。7月から国内でも提供を開始した 睡眠の「質」を高めることに着目した新機能  睡眠プロフィールはFitbitのスマートウォッチ「Sense」「Versa 3」「Versa 2」、およびリストバンド型のトラッキングデバイス「Charge 5」「Luxe」「Inspire 2」 の各シリーズに対応する。Fitbitアプリを通じて、Premiumサービスのユーザー向けに7月上旬から提供を開始した。 1ヵ月間の睡眠計測の詳細なデータがアプリに届く  デバイスを身に着けたままひと月に最低14日間以上眠ると、センシングにより獲得したデータを元に、Fitbit独自のアルゴリズムがユーザーの睡眠時間や睡眠の「質」を評価する。さらに毎月1日にはFitbitアプリを通じてユーザーの睡眠分析に関するデータをまとめた「睡眠プロフィール」がアプリに届く。  プロフィールに並ぶデータは熟睡までの時間、深い睡眠が取れていた時間、睡眠の乱れなど主な10項目に及ぶ。各項目のデータは、Fitbitの研究チームが1000種類にわたる睡眠の項目について分析を重ねた結果を元に、特徴を絞り込んだ結果を表示する。ほかのFitbitユーザーと比較した場合の睡眠傾向も、グラフに可視化される。 ユーザーの「睡眠タイプ」を6種類の動物に例えて評価。睡眠習慣の特徴をわかりやすくユーザーに知らせる工夫がおもしろい  ユーザーの「睡眠タイプ」を6種類の動物に例えて評価する機能もユニークだ。それぞれの動物はユーザーの睡眠行動とパターンに関連付けられている。  例えば「クマ」は睡眠スケジュールが一定で熟睡できるタイプ、「ハリネズミ」は遅寝早起きで全体的に睡眠時間が短いタイプのユーザーを類型化したシンボルだ。グーグルのMorley氏は「ユーザーの睡眠時間だけでなく、睡眠の質も判定しているところが睡眠タイプのアルゴリズムの特徴」なのだと説く。  睡眠プロフィールが開発された背景には、睡眠の「質」にこだわることの大切さをユーザーに気付かせ、行動変容を促す狙いがあるという。ユーザーの睡眠タイプを明らかにした後も、アプリからは睡眠に関する各指標の月別集計表、自分の年齢層における標準的なデータとの比較が参照できる。改善の余地があるポイントについては具体的なアドバイスも提供される。 Fitbitのヘルスソリューションを担当するSteve Morley氏 信頼性の高いヘルスケアデータが提供できる  「Fitbitはヘルスケアの総合的なアプローチから睡眠の質に関する知見を積み重ねてきた。身体やメンタルの健康に睡眠が与える影響についても多くの研究成果を得ている」とMorley氏は話す。  現在はグーグル傘下のパートナーであるFitbitが、ブランドの設立から14年間に獲得してきたヘルスケアとフィットネスに関連するノウハウは、その数や種類が豊富というだけではない。  「世界の著名な学術機関や企業の多くに、Fitbitの成果がリファレンスとして採用されている」というMorley氏は、Fitbitの製品とサービスが「より信頼性の高いデータをバックグラウンドにした機能、サービスをユーザーに提供できることライバルに対する最も大きな強み」であると強調する。  新機能である「睡眠プロフィール」は、研究開発の段階で4万人を越えるユーザーから120万件超の睡眠ログデータを集めた。うち1万3000人のユーザーに対して、睡眠に関する詳細なアンケートも実施した。 睡眠プロフィールのサービスの精度を高めるため多くのデータが集められ、丁寧な検証が繰り返されてきた  さらにサービスのベータテストには約10万人のユーザーが参加し、完成度を練り上げる工程も経てきた。睡眠の研究に携わる5名の専門家もデータの分析評価に参加しているという。  Fitbitはデバイスとサービスを展開するアジア太平洋地域で、2019年に独自の調査を実施した。結果から、日本がアジアの中で最も睡眠不足に悩まされている人が多い地域であることがわかったという。平均の起床時間が午前6時47分と早く、また就寝時間の平均も深夜に及ぶ。 ... Read more »

Vía TUDN, América vs. Juárez EN VIVO: cómo ver duelo por fecha 7 de Liga MX

América tendrá que medirse contra Juárez FC por la séptima jornada del Torneo Clausura de la Liga MX, encuentro que está programado a jugarse este domingo 7 de agosto desde ... Read more »

How to Download and Install Windows 11 ISO File 2022

How to Download and Install Windows 11 ISO File 2022 If your computer meets Windows 11 specifications, you will find notifications for system updates on the Windows Update page in Settings. It’s ... Read more »
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