Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, first night at Wembley Stadium – as it happened

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift greets a fan on stage at the Eras tour, Wembley Stadium - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

It was certainly a long time coming, but Taylor Swift’s first headline show in London for eight years was a night to remember.

Eras, her colossal, career-spanning, record-breaking juggernaut of a tour, attracted a swathe of VIP guests to Wembley Stadium: from boyfriend Travis Kelce to Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan, model Cara Delevingne and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The capital welcomed the 34-year-old US superstar with a themed Tube map, a special performance of Shake It Off during the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and, in typical British fashion, a spot of rain.

Highlights of the set ranged from the surprise song section – when Swift sang medleys of Hits Different, Death By A Thousand Cuts, The Black Dog (the first time it has ever been performed live), Come Back Be Here and Maroon – to the crowd’s inventive costumes and a fair few romantic proposals.

With seven nights left at Wembley (Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June, then five nights from August 15), Swift’s remarkable, career-crowning show has hundreds of thousands of fans left to delight.

Read Alice Vincent’s five-star review from Wembley: ‘An explosion of raw feeling’

To find out what to expect from the Eras tour, read our breakdown of the first night at Wembley below

10:44 PM BST

And that’s it – Karma is the final song

Swift has broken into Karma, a jubilant, infectiously upbeat highlight of Midnights that closes out the show.

With boyfriend Travis Kelce watching proudly from the VIP tent, it’s only right that Swift did her trademark lyric switch to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs / Coming straight home to me”.

Wearing a sparkly, rainbow-hued tassel jacket, Swift makes her way down the long runway at Wembley Stadium with her hordes of backing dancers behind her, preparing to bow out from another massive success of a show. Viva la Eras, indeed.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift closes the Eras tour with Karma - Xavi Torrent/TAS24/Getty Images Europe

10:37 PM BST

Zeus has nothing on Swift

Never mind the fact the weather has been glorious in London today – as the singer started performing Midnight Rain, the heavens literally opened.

Alice Vincent writes: “We all thought it was a stage stunt! But nope.”

10:27 PM BST

Taylor, you’ll be fine...

Even if it is the beginning of the end, as Swift is in the midst of her Midnights set – the closing section of the Eras tour.

Midnights won her a record fourth Grammy for Album of the Year, so it’s evidently a record that’s close to her heart.

10:21 PM BST

A surprise song round-up

So, in order, the acoustic part of the set featured:

  • Hits Different/Death By A Thousand Cuts
  • The Black Dog/Come Back Be Here/Maroon

10:15 PM BST

Second surprise songs: The Black Dog/Come Back Be Here/Maroon

And I was right (check 10.06pm if you don’t believe me)!

Swift kicks off the piano section with The Black Dog, a ballad from The Tortured Poets Department inspired by a pub in Vauxhall, south London, after declaring she’s “never played this one live before”.

Then she goes into Come Back Be Here, another London-inspired ballad (one of her all-time best), this time from Red.

And wait – another one! She adds Maroon, from Midnights, into the medley-mix.

10:08 PM BST

First surprise songs: Hits Different/Death By A Thousand Cuts

First up, Swift performs a mashup of Hits Different, a bonus track from Swift’s 2022 album, Midnights, and Death By A Thousand Cuts, from 2019’s Lover. She chose the songs because they are her “two favourite bridges”.

Alice Vincent describes the mood in the audience: “Everyone is GAGGING. Everyone singing along to Hits Different has made the stadium suddenly feel very intimate and special; a gorgeous hark back to the acoustic part of her past tours.”

10:06 PM BST

It’s surprise song o’clock

The most hotly anticipated section of any Eras show, the ‘surprise songs’ or acoustic segment sees Swift perform a medley of tracks from across her 11 studio albums and 18 years in the music industry.

Will she prove the fans right and sing London Boy, or save it for the final Wembley show on 20 August? My money’s on The Black Dog or Tim McGraw...

10:03 PM BST

This one’s for you, Matty Healy

When Swift released The Tortured Poets Department in March, fans couldn’t believe the majority of its songs seemed to be dedicated to Matty Healy, the controversial frontman of indie band The 1975, who Swift dated fleetingly in 2023 (rather than Joe Alwyn, who she was in a relationship with for six years).

It’s a dedication continued tonight, writes Liam Kelly: “It’s amusing that she has picked a dancer for Fortnight and The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived who bears more than a passing resemblance to Healy”.

Alice Vincent shouts out the entire TTPD section, writing: “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart and The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived were amazingly delivered, choreographed so creatively.”

09:49 PM BST

All rise for The Tortured Poets Department

Swift’s latest album, released to mixed reviews in March, now features heavily in the set, with seven tracks making the cut (But Daddy I Love Him, So High School, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?, Down Bad, Fortnight, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and I Can Do It With A Broken Heart).

Her outfits for the Era range from a custom Vivienne Westwood white gown to a military jacket and circus outfit, and is arguably – regardless of your thoughts on the album itself – one of the set’s most inventive sections.

Alice Vincent writes from the crowd: “Some genius has brought a baby doll along to wave aloft to But Daddy I Love Him (when Swift sings “I’m having his baby / No I’m not / But you should see your faces”).

09:42 PM BST

Easter egg alert

Swift is as well known for the mischievous Easter eggs (i.e. clues) she hides within her songs, outfits and promotional material as she is for her addictively emotional songs.

And the latest egg getting fans excited at Wembley is the fact that, exactly 2190 days ago (in 2018), Swift was performing at Wembley as part of the Reputation tour – with the same number, 2190, featuring in Glitch, a song from 2022’s Midnights.

On Glitch, she sings: “But it’s been two thousand one hundred and 90 days of our love blackout”.

Could it mean she’s set to announce the rerecorded ‘Taylor’s Version’ of Reputation after all, or could it just be wishful thinking from fans? Either way, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from following Swift for almost two decades, it’s that nothing is ever accidental.

09:38 PM BST

The 1989 Era gets the party started

Her most commercially successful album, and arguably most critically acclaimed, 1989 spawned various hits for Swift, including Shake It Off, Blank Space and Style.

It’s undoubtedly her most fun, party-ready album, making reports from Wembley that the floor section of the crowd has turned into a giant dancefloor, fans decked out in wristbands flashing orange and blue to mirror her outfit, unsurprising.

09:29 PM BST

What election? Keir Starmer makes a Swift stop at Wembley

With just two weeks to go until Britain heads to the polls, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has given himself a night off from campaigning to be Prime Minister.

Sir Keir shared a picture of himself at Wembley tonight with his wife, Victoria, on X.

The question is: did he decide to toe the party line and embrace its signature colour by singing loudest to the Red era?

09:12 PM BST

Could Eras trigger the Richter scale?

In Edinburgh at the start of the UK leg, Swifties literally made the earth move by cheering and dancing so loud, with monitoring stations detecting seismic activity from 6km away from Murrayfield Stadium.

But, says Liam, London could be taking it one step further, as almost 90,000 fans give Swift a deafening, prolonged standing ovation during Champagne Problems.

And her decision to take her earpiece out to hear the crowd has somehow made them ramp up the volume.

Pity the poor parents going home with blasted-out eardrums tonight.

09:08 PM BST

Swift has stopped the set four times to help sick fans

It has become a common occurrence at pop gigs: large numbers of fans fainting in the crowd and having to be pulled out by security.

The rise in popularity of queuing for hours (or even days) before a gig is probably the main reason, with tonight’s show taking place after a particularly warm day in London; fans who haven’t hydrated or eaten enough could have found themselves faltering.

Alice Vincent and Liam Kelly report that multiple people have fainted at tonight’s show, with Swift having interrupted her set four times thus far to get security to intervene.

The security onsite are responding well, however, writes Alice, by helping those who need assistance and handing out free bottles of water.

08:50 PM BST

Time to tone it down a notch (for now)

Swift is currently performing songs from her Folklore and Evermore albums, which she wrote and released during the pandemic.

The product of her work with The National’s Aaron Dessner and regular producer Jack Antonoff, both albums marked a tonal switch for Swift, from the pure pop she’d embraced (after giving up country) on Red and 1989 to folk-tinged indie.

Slower and more melodic, one imagines the sweaty Swifties are relishing the opportunity to sit down and have a sip of water... or not.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift performs during the Folklore/Evermore section of the Eras tour at Wembley Stadium - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

08:45 PM BST

‘Taylor’s got us clinging on every word’

A mid-show report from Alice Vincent: “Huge ricochet through emotions here – all tears and confetti snow flurries for All Too Well; romance and swooning for Enchanted immediately after and then straight into Reputation-era Ready For It.

We absolutely are not – Taylor’s got us clinging onto every word; we’re all going to be gleefully wrung out by the end of this. She also doesn’t show a single sign of weariness; the vocals are flawless, her dance moves precise; she’s literally skipping up and down the stage in heels.”

08:41 PM BST

All the stars spotted so far

It’s the hottest ticket of the summer – forget the Euros, Glastonbury or Wimbledon – so it makes sense that Swift’s Eras tour has attracted a range of VIP guests.

In London tonight, our journalists on the ground have spotted:

  • Travis and Jason Kelce
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Nicola Coughlan
  • Jonathan Van Ness
  • Keir Starmer, with his wife Victoria

08:36 PM BST

Swift has entered her Reputation era

But only time will tell if she chooses tonight’s opening show in London to announce her rerecording (known as her ‘Taylor’s Versions’) of the 2017 album.

One part revenge record (penned for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian following their public feud with the star), one part love letter (to ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn), Reputation is also firmly rooted in her time spent living in the capital, meaning it makes sense to announce its release here.

Swift has released four rerecorded albums thus far – Fearless, Red, Speak Now and 1989. She decided to rerecord her earlier albums so she could own the rights to her masters, after a legal battle with her former record label, Big Machine Records, and manager Scooter Braun.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Swift performs songs from Reputation at Wembley Stadium - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

08:28 PM BST

She’s enchanted to meet you

Or something like that. For Enchanted, the sole song from her 2010 album Speak Now, Swift appeared on stage in a fairytale-like lilac gown adorned with embellished flowers.

Fans are still furious that Swift removed Long Live – the second part of the Speak Now section and a particular favourite – from the setlist, but what’s a girl to do when she keeps releasing new albums whose material needs to get a look-in?

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift performs Enchanted from Speak Now at Wembley Stadium - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

08:22 PM BST

Swiftie Jen shows off her handmade blanket

Jen Neal, from Wiltshire, spent 500 hours making a crochet blanket in the image of Swift’s Eras tour poster. Here she is talking about why she took on the challenge, and her love for the singer.

08:17 PM BST

Jason Kelce, brother-in-law of the year

I’ve just caught a glimpse of Jason Kelce, Travis’s brother and fellow NFL star. He has an ungodly amount of Swiftian friendship bracelets on his meaty forearm, almost to his elbow. He’s even wearing them on each ear.

What a good brother-in-law(ish).

08:13 PM BST

From KCL SU to Wembley Stadium

Still overwhelmed by the size and excitement of the crowd, Swift is getting a lot of love for talking about how her first gig in the UK was at King’s College Student Union.

Tickets for that gig cost around £8 – quite a difference from the £70 average (rising to around £500 for VIP packages) for the Eras tour.

08:09 PM BST

Swift paints the town Red

By entering her Red era, themed around the 2012 commercial smash-hit album that signified her crossover from country to pure pop.

Each night, Swift’s personal team handpick a lucky member of the crowd to come to the foot of the stage and accept the black fedora she wears during 22.

Meanwhile, during We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, her dancer, Kam, yells a local phrase as part of the song. In London tonight, he opted for “Why don’t you just bog off!”

How very Tracy Beaker of him.

08:04 PM BST

And we have our first proposal!

Well, the first one spotted by a Telegraph journalist, anyway.

Music Editor Eleanor Halls is also at Wembley tonight, and just saw one happy couple’s special moment, writing: “Is it even a Taylor concert without a proposal during Love Story? Just as Swift sang “you knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring / And said marry me, Juliet” a young man in Block J, with front row seats, did just that. Luckily she said yes.”

07:53 PM BST

Cara Delevingne ‘skips in’ to the VIP tent

Fresh from her successful stint in the lead role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret on the West End, Swift’s close friend, the supermodel Cara Delevingne, has arrived at the show.

Liam Kelly says the London native literally skipped into the VIP tent during You Belong With Me.

Elsewhere, Alice Vincent has spotted Travis Kelce having the time of his life singing along to Love Story. Let’s hope their version of Romeo and Juliet has a happier ending...

07:50 PM BST

It’s a Love Story – Swift kicks off her Fearless era

Fearless, the country-pop album that won Swift her first Grammy award aged just 20, is also arguably the album that made her a star.

Including hits such as Love Story and You Belong With Me, it’s Swift at her best: playful, lyrically imaginative and armed with her best weapon – her guitar.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift performs Fearless at Wembley Stadium - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

07:40 PM BST

Swift praises the ‘most exhilarating city’ in the world

Swift is currently in the opening segment of the Eras tour, revolved around her 2019 album Lover.

Many of the songs are love songs penned for her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, the British actor who she lived with in North London for a time.

There doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings, though, with Swift asking the crowd: “What better way to spend a Friday night than in the most exhilarating city in the world?”

She also threw in some faux modesty, says Liam Kelly, by saying she’s humbled that 89,000 people chose to kick off their weekends with her. As if these tickets aren’t the hottest in the world right now!

07:32 PM BST

Swift soaks in the crowd

Swift is stood still soaking it all in, says Liam Kelly.

“Oh my god,” she said to the crowd. “London, look at what you’ve done.”

07:28 PM BST

Another VIP arrival: Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan

Sneaking in just as Swift emerged on stage, the Bridgerton actress has joined Travis Kelce in the VIP tent. A good way to avoid being noticed...

07:28 PM BST

Taylor Swift has taken to the stage

Are you Ready For It, Wembley?

Tens of thousands of screams suggest so...

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Swift opens the show with the Lover era - Ian West/PA

07:25 PM BST

Travis Kelce has officially arrived

Swift’s NFL beau has been spotted going into the VIP tent, writes Liam Kelly.

He got as loud a roar as the countdown clock to Swift’s performance – and rewarded fans with a big thumbs up.

07:24 PM BST

Can the crowd get any louder?

Asks Liam Kelly. Stood in the crowd at Wembley, Swift is only minutes away from appearing on stage, with a huge roar greeting the appearance of the countdown clock on stage.

07:21 PM BST

It’s almost time!

As I wrote in this mega-guide to all the secret parts and clues of the Eras tour, Swift typically comes on stage shortly after the following songs have played: Lady Gaga’s Applause and Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me.

Gaga’s hit is playing right now, so it’s only a matter of minutes until the countdown clock appears, giving way to Swift entering her Lover era – with opening song Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince – to kick the show off.

07:13 PM BST

The Prince of Wales is reportedly attending tonight’s show

Reports on social media are suggesting that the Prince of Wales will be present at tonight’s show with his children.

They will be seated in a private suite, away from members of the public, but we’ll wait and see if the Royal Family’s official photographers share any updates.

It also happens to be Prince William’s birthday today – what better way to turn 42 than by dancing along to Shake It Off or Blank Space?

06:58 PM BST

First celebrity spotting of the night: Jason Kelce

The former Philadelphia Eagles player and brother of Travis Kelce – Swift’s boyfriend, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs – has been spotted by Alice Vincent arriving at Wembley for the show with friends and family, suggesting Travis won’t be far behind.

06:43 PM BST

Excitement reaches fever pitch

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

A fan wears a gold dress from the 'Fearless' era, complete with Taylor Swift's hand heart gesture, at Wembley Stadium - Lucy North/PA

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Swift has long loved a London Boy, and now the city is giving back - Alishia Abodunde/Getty Images Europe

06:39 PM BST

Paramore get the crowd rockin’

With their hit song Misery Business, taken from 2007 album Riot!

The band stopped playing the track for a few years because of its “problematic” lyrics, in which Hayley Williams takes down a love rival with the brutal line “Once a wh--e, you’re nothing more!”

However, Swift – who has been friends with Williams since the pair were in their early teens and starting their careers in Nashville – personally requested the song be added back to the Eras setlist, and here it is!

06:31 PM BST

Paramore’s frontwoman goes full Blondie

Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, is having a ball on stage at Wembley, writes Alice Vincent.

Looking like a millennial Debbie Harry in a one-strapped vest, mesh pants and massive boots, paired with a bleach blonde shaggy mullet, the Grammy-winner is sweetly talking about how special it feels to be playing at London’s flagship stadium tonight.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Hayley Williams of Paramore performs at an earlier Eras tour show in Edinburgh - Miguel A Lopes/Shutterstock

06:20 PM BST

Not even a 20hr flight can deter this Swiftie

The dedication of Swifties is something to behold. Emma Curley, a nurse from Adelaide, Australia, saw Swift when she played in Melbourne earlier in the tour – but has come all the way to London to get another taste.

“I applied for annual leave as soon as the dates were announced to plan the trip,” the 26-year-old says. “I know that she’s changed the set list since Melbourne and I’m so excited to see it.”

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift's fans, the Swifties, are a famously dedicated bunch - Alishia Abodunde/Getty Images Europe

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

A fan dressed up as Miss Americana, taken from Swift's song Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince (with which she opens the Eras show) - Lucy North/PA

06:11 PM BST

Ain’t it fun! Paramore take to the stage

The primary support act of the UK and Europe leg of the Eras tour, emo-pop band Paramore have taken to the stage at Wembley.

Led by frontwoman Hayley Williams, who has swapped her typical flaming orange locks for a cropped blonde style, the crowd can expect a run through of their biggest hits, from The Only Exception to Misery Business – and their terrific cover of Talking Heads’ Burning Down the House.

06:08 PM BST

Thought getting tickets was hard? Try the toilets

The largely female crowd at Wembley has convinced staff to turn a number of male toilets into ladies loos for one night only, writes Alice Vincent from inside the stadium.

Though this means shorter queues (and less chance of missing the start of Paramore’s opening set), it has resulted in a funny development: hundreds of women trying to use a urinal.

Luckily, adds Alice, a lot of people present won’t be needing to run off to the loo during the set itself, because hardly anybody is drinking alcohol. She says the bar queues are among the shortest she’s ever seen.

06:04 PM BST

Even TfL gets in on the action

London’s Underground network has welcomed Swift and her Swifties with welcome arms, redesigning the Tube map to feature the singer’s favourite sports around the city.

05:56 PM BST

It’s me, hi: fans queue for selfies with Swift’s mural

This mural has popped up for the occasion, and with everything in Wembley at present, there is a queue to take photos with it.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Fans take pictures next to the Taylor Swift mural at Wembley Stadium - Alishia Abodunde/Getty Images Europe

05:50 PM BST

Swift’s always loved a Union Jack

Back in 2013, Swift delighted the audience at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York when she appeared on the catwalk wearing a Union Jack-print mini dress and matching top hat.

Performing with pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, Swift sashayed down the runway looking every bit at home in the red, white and blue.

Now, two fans at Wembley have put their best foot forward for the Best Dressed crown in remakes of the outfit.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Fans at Wembley Stadium wear a version of Taylor Swift's Union Jack dress from 2013 - Charlotte Coney/PA

05:38 PM BST

Mette opens the show

The first support act of the night, Minnesota-born singer METTE, who was named by Spotify as one of its Pop Rising Artists for 2024, has taken to the stage at Wembley Stadium.

She will be followed by rock-pop band Paramore, before Swift begins her main performance at around 7.30pm.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Support act Mette - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Europe

Interested in Swift’s other support acts? Read our guide here

05:25 PM BST

‘So make the friendship bracelets’

Sang Swift in You’re On Your Own, Kid, a tender ballad from 2022’s Grammy-winning album Midnights.

Before the song was released, capturing the imagination of millions of Swifties around the globe, these colourful plastic bracelets were reserved for children’s parties and craft kits.

Today, however, friendship bracelets have become a key element of the Swift – and Eras tour – experience, with fans spending hours creating elaborate designs themed around her songs, secret messages and quotes.

They then share the bracelets with one another before and during the concert, making new friends in the process. It’s an experience typical of a Swift gig: supportive and loving – and non-judgemental.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Fans attending the Eras tour often wear and trade friendship bracelets, with some adorning their hands with Swift's lucky number 13 - Scott A Garfitt/Invision

05:08 PM BST

Don’t forget your cowboy hats and glitter

I’ve been spotting Swifties since I reached Victoria at 3pm: the tell-tale T shirts, yes, but also the cowboy boots and glittery dresses and, on the Jubilee train headed west to Wembley Park, a woman in a Speak Now-inspired dress of layered gossamer, covered in pastel butterflies which were also threaded through her blonde waves.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift fans form the singer's trademark heart hand signal outside Wembley Stadium - Scott A Garfitt/Invision

04:46 PM BST

Swiftie parents, prepare to splash out

As well as being a generation-defining popstar, whose tour is the first in history to gross more than $1 billion in ticket sales, Swift is a commercial juggernaut.

A large car park here at Wembley has been given over to become the “official megastore”, flogging T-shirts and hoodies to those who worship at the altar of Taylor.

So popular is Swiftian merch that there’s an elaborate, airport security-style queuing system in place. You have to stand in line for 20 minutes just to get the chance to spend even more money!

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Taylor Swift fans buy merchandise at the first night of the Eras tour at Wembley Stadium - Alishia Abodunde/Getty Images Europe

04:42 PM BST

I counted days, I counted miles... in crochet

It’s hard work being a Swiftie. Jen Neal, a crochet teacher from Wiltshire, spent 500 hours across seven months making a blanket version of Swift’s Eras tour poster. Then the superstar gave her even more work to do.

“Two weeks after I finished, she changed the poster,” says 33-year-old Neal. “So I spent another month adding more. I spent six hours yesterday sewing on poppers so you can see both versions.”

It is also expensive. Lauren Hulett, a 21-year-old from Bedford, has spent £996 on tickets for seven gigs in London (tonight and tomorrow), Paris and Milan. “Sorry mum,” she says.

Hulett has also made more than 620 friendship bracelets that she is swapping with her fellow Swifties.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Swift superfan Jen Neal, left, has spent seven months making a crochet Eras tour blanket - Lucy North/PA

04:36 PM BST

Fans arrive at Wembley

It might be three hours before Swift takes to the stage, but thousands of fans decked out in sparkly outfits and cowboy hats are already descending on Wembley Stadium.

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Fans of Taylor Swift arrive at Wembley Stadium - Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

The area around Wembley Stadium has been decorated with special Swift-themed murals - Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing

taylor swift’s eras tour, first night at wembley stadium – as it happened

Two Taylor Swift fans pose in front of a mural depicting the singer on the steps of Wembley Stadium - Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing

04:30 PM BST

Popstar, icon – and economic powerhouse

With Swift’s eight shows in London expected to boost the capital’s economy by around £300 million – thanks to fans from around the world buying tickets, booking hotels and public transport and spending big in bars and restaurants – even the Mayor is getting in on the Swiftie spirit.

Sadiq Khan posted a video on X recorded at Wembley Stadium, where he’s seen admiring the special murals and massive on-site merchandise store, as well as meeting excited fans.

04:23 PM BST

Harmony and happiness are the order of the night

The feeling around Wembley could not be more different than this time three years ago, when it was the site of much loutish behaviour before the European Championship football final. Thanks to Taylor Swift, harmony and happiness reign, writes Liam Kelly from outside the stadium.

Swift is bringing her all-conquering Eras tour to the capital tonight and begins a sequence of six sold-out shows at the national stadium.

Tens of thousands of people – mostly young women decked out in glittery outfits – have been lining the streets around Wembley for hours. Friendship bracelets are being swapped and official merchandise bought ahead of the main event finally kicking off at 7:30pm.

04:16 PM BST

This city is sparkling – London welcomes Taylor Swift

Kicking off the evening in style, even the capital’s transport system is getting in the mood for a three-hour extravaganza of Swift’s hits.

Fans arriving at Wembley Stadium via tube were greeted with a special version of the announcement board.

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DEWA issues around 60,000 NOCs in six months

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Welsh government invested £14 million in failed TVR factory bid

ALONGWALKER VIETNAM: Kênh khám phá trải nghiệm của giới trẻ, thế giới du lịch ALONGWALKER INDONESIA: Saluran untuk mengeksplorasi pengalaman para pemuda global