Yassmin Abdel-Magied claims 'Australia is run by bullies' in Twitter rant unleashing on Scott Morrison's trolling laws - after she was driven out of the country over 'lest we forget' post

She previously referred to herself as Australia's 'most publicly hated Muslim'Ms Abdel-Magied turned to foul language on Twitter to get her point across She also delved into her own history of getting death threats in recent years

Controversial Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has gone on a multi-post  Twitter rant to rail against a new law to protect people from online trolling. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week introduced legislation designed to unmask anonymous offenders. 

‘Free speech is not being allowed to cowardly hide in your basement and sledge and harass people anonymously and seek to destroy their lives,’ he said.

Ms Abdel-Magied – who famously left Australia copping a massive backlash over a post referencing Anzac Day – said she was ‘blown AWAY by this unmasking online users legislation in Australia’.

She claimed Mr Morrison’s proposed law is aimed at the wrong target. 

Polarising Sudanese-Australian Yassmin Abdel-Magied (pictured) has used Twitter to claim Australia is 'run by bullies'

Polarising Sudanese-Australian Yassmin Abdel-Magied (pictured) has used Twitter to claim Australia is ‘run by bullies’

‘It has been said by many, but let us be clear – ANONYMITY IS NOT THE ISSUE.

‘The issue is Australia is RUN BY BULLIES,’ she wrote.

The 2015 Young Queenslander of the Year added, ‘They will do everything in their quite hefty power to keep things the way they are – [and] in quite frankly authoritarian fashion, PUNISH anyone who dares speak.’

Ms Abdel-Magied then turned to foul language to get her point across, tweeting ‘Free speech my f****n ass.’

The woman who has previously referred to herself as Australia’s ‘most publicly hated Muslim’ then tweeted that the country’s leaders could dish out criticism, but were unable to take it. 

‘The most powerful are the most thin skinned. And these leaders are made of wafer thin cellophane, unable to withstand the slightest breeze of dissent,’ she said. 

The polarising Sudanese-Australian also delved into her own history of getting death threats in recent years.  

Controversial Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied went on a late night Twitter rant

Controversial Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied went on a late night Twitter rant

‘Let me remind you. People sent me death threats and abuse FROM THEIR WORK EMAILS. They threatened to kill me ON NATIONAL RADIO. 

‘They defamed me ON TELEVISION. There was no shame!

‘Why did I not sue? You need money to sue! This is about Power! Let’s not forget who this serves!’ she said.  

Ms Abdel-Magied caused a stir on Anzac Day 2017 when she took to Facebook to post the message ‘LEST. WE. FORGET. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine…)’

Despite removing the post and issuing an apology, it sparked an escalating series of events that Ms Abdel-Magied said left her feeling isolated.

‘I love Australia, I’m super patriotic. Yet I feel like I’ve been duped, like I’ve been sold this false sense of belonging,’ she said at the time.

Prime Minister Scott (pictured) says 'Free speech is not being allowed to cowardly hide in your basement and sledge and harass people anonymously and seek to destroy their lives'

Prime Minister Scott (pictured) says ‘Free speech is not being allowed to cowardly hide in your basement and sledge and harass people anonymously and seek to destroy their lives’

She also revealed in a speech at the Sydney Writers Festival that she had also received harsh criticism over the post from a number of politicians.

‘I posted an apology very quickly afterwards, but one of our senior cabinet members said ‘Well Yassmin is un-Australian for saying this’,’ she said.

In 2017, a conservative commentator on Sydney’s 2GB radio station joked about wanting to ‘run over’ Ms Abdel-Magied, after the engineer spoke about the death threats and rape threats she had received.

Ms Abdel-Magied had already left Australia for London by then. 

‘She has fled the country and is blaming all of us,’ Ms MacSween said. 

‘She says she’s been betrayed by Australia and didn’t feel safe in her own country. Well actually she might have been right there, because if I had seen her I would have been tempted to run her over mate,’ she said to 2GB’s Chris Smith.  

Ms Abdel-Magied later said she felt ‘betrayed by my country’ following the reaction, which included vile death threats.

In 2020, Ms Abdel-Magied got $20,000 of taxpayer money from the Australia Council for the Arts and a six-month residency at a Paris artists’ studio.

She was awarded her stay at the Kessing studio under the ‘international development’ funding category.

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