Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 hits the market with Snapdragon 870 and 10,000mAh battery

Today was a big day for Xiaomi in China. The company introduced its highly-anticipated Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 and the Redmi K50 Ultra. These devices got the spotlight but certainly weren’t the only ones. The company also launched the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4. Xiaomi returned to the segment of tablets last year with the Xiaomi Pad 5 series. Now, it’s adding one more member to the lineup with a massive display. Curiously, it repeats the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC which seems to be a favorite choice for premium tablets nowadays. Without further ado, let’s see what the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 has in tow. 

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 specifications

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 hits the market with Snapdragon 870 and 10,000mAh battery

The Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4, as the name clearly says, will hit the market with a 12.4-inch LCD screen. It boasts a 2.5K resolution and offers a 120 Hz refresh rate. This panel offers P3-color gamut coverage. Furthermore, it has HDR 10 certification and Dolby Vision tuning. The panel is quite bright, for a tablet, reaching a peak brightness of 500 nits. In terms of dimensions, the tablet measures 284.96 x 185.23 x 6.66 mm.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 hits the market with Snapdragon 870 and 10,000mAh battery

Under the hood, we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC. Once again, this chipset is the favorite choice for a premium tablet. The last year’s Xiaomi Pad 5 has the very same processor. So, the new model is basically an option for those who want a large display and more battery. After all, it also peaks a huge 10,000 mAh battery with 67 W fast-chargin support. According to the company, despite the huge size, the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 can have its battery fully replenished in just 68 minutes.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 hits the market with Snapdragon 870 and 10,000mAh battery

The Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro packs a triple-camera setup. That’s a very uncommon setup for a tablet, but unfortunately, we have two “decorative” sensors with 2 MP for depth sensing and one 50 MP main camera. For selfies and video calls, there is a very capable 20 MP front-facing shooter.

Other features include Android 12-based with MIUI 13 for PAD and Quad-Speaker setup and two microphones.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 comes in Silver, Green, and Black colorways. The slate is available in three configurations. The base model has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage and costs CNY 2,799 ($414). The variant with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of Storage costs CNY 3,299 ($489). Finally, the premium tier brings 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of Storage for CNY 3,999 ($592).

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