Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes guide: Class List, Skills, Arts, Unlocks, and Best Classes for each character

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

Character classes play a major role in the combat action of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as is the case in many RPGs, but how new classes are unlocked for your characters is quite unique – with new classes tied to optional recruitable heroes. This leads to natural questions, like which are the best classes to prioritize unlocking and using, and of course how exactly you unlock them all.

This page is here to help you with those particular conundrums, to ease the rest of your journey through the sprawling lands of Aionios. We'll list all classes in Xenoblade 3, how to unlock classes, and some of our picks for the best classes for each character, making this a comprehensive classes guide. 

  • Classes List, Skills, & Arts
  • How to unlock every class in Xenoblade 3
  • Best Classes & Best Class for Each Character

Warning: This page will have spoilers for certain heroes and classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

Xenoblade 3 Character Classes List, Skills, & Arts

Xenoblade 3 features 24 total classes, your starting six classes plus 18 different classes that can be unlocked optionally through the heroes; all you have to do is find their hero, obtain them, and then work on unlocking that class for anyone who you feel will work well as it.

Below is a list of every character class in XC3, plus a little about each. We'll also detail where you can 'upgrade' each class to raise the rank limit from 10->20, which is done through Side Stories or Ascension Quests.

  • Swordfighter (Attacker)
  • Zephyr (Defender)
  • Medic Gunner (Healer)
  • Tactician (Healer)
  • Heavy Guard (Defender)
  • Ogre (Attacker)
  • Flash Fencer (Attacker)
  • War Medic (Healer)
  • Guardian Commander (Defender)
  • Thaumaturge (Healer)
  • Yumsmith (Attacker)
  • Full Metal Jaguar (Attacker)
  • Strategos (Healer)
  • Stalker (Attacker)
  • Lone Exile (Defender)
  • Incursor (Attacker)
  • Lost Vanguard (Defender)
  • Signifer (Healer)
  • Soulhacker (Any)
  • Martial Artist (Attacker)
  • Troubadour (Healer)
  • Seraph (Attacker)
  • Machine Assassin (Attacker)
  • Lifesage (Healer)
  • Royal Summoner (Attacker)

Swordfighter (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Noah
  • How to Upgrade: The Swordfighter Class will upgrade as part of automatic story progression in Chapter 7 in “Side Story: Noah”
  • Class Skills: 
    • Sharp Eye – Boosts Dexterity by 50%.
    • Covert Attack – Reduces aggro generated from attacks by 65%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Cypher Edge – Boosts Critical Rate by 50%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Inspirit – Boosts Damage dealt by 150% when fighting a unique or boss monster.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Ground Beat [AOE] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Sword Strike [Side Break]
    • Edge Thrust [Back attack ↑]
    • Air Slash [Cancel attack ↑]
    • Shadow Eye [Aggro halved / Atk up] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Overclock Buster [Dazed ↑]
  • Extra: Can use the Monado 'skin' for their weapon, once unlocked.

Zephyr (Defender)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Mio
  • How to Upgrade: Upgraded as part of automatic story progression in Chapter 6 in “Side Story: Mio”
  • Class Skills: 
    • Stormy Gale – Boosts Agility by 30%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • I'll Defend You – 16% to prevent attacks on allies within a fixed radius.
    • Split-Second Counter – Deals 200% of Attack damage when you evade an attack. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Ether's Sanctuary – Boosts Ether Defense by 30%.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Butterfly Blade [High aggro] 
    • Air Fang [Aggroed ↑]
    • Wide Slash [Evade] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Glow Ring [Target Lock] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Speed Demon [Eva. up / Atk down]
  • Talent Art: Gemini Strike [High aggro / Evade]

Medic Gunner (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Eunie
  • How to Upgrade: Can be upgraded in Chapter 5 in the quest “Side Story: Eunie” obtained in City
  • Class Skills: 
    • Medical Mind – Boosts amount of HP healer from using healing Arts by 30%.
    • Speedy Recovery – Boosts speed of ally revival by 40% and raises Healing by 15.
    • Ninja Healer – Reduces aggro generated from healing Arts by 50%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Eternal Formation – Increases field effect duration by 50%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Myopic Screen [Daze] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Group Heal [AOE / Heal]
    • Power Ring [Field / Atk up]
    • Ether Cannon [Accuracy Down] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Vortex [AOE/Area heal on hit]
  • Talent Art: Healing Ring [Field / Regenerate]

Tactician (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Tactician
  • How to Upgrade: Can be upgraded in Chapter 6 in the quest “Side Story: Taion”, found at Agnus Castle
  • Class Skills: 
    • Ethereal Ability – Boosts damage dealt by ether Arts by 50%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Shieldrender – Adds 100% chance for attack to be unblockable.
    • Eternal Curse – Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 50%.
    • Inevitable Evitability – 10% chance to evade enemy attack. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Overfall [Ether Def. down] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Stormy Skies [AOE / Heal]
    • Hazy Figure [Field / Eva. up]
    • Avenging Eagle [AOE / Eva. down]
    • Dark Banner [AOE / Sleep] [Rank 1 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Infinity Blade [AOE / Pierce]

Heavy Guard (Defender)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Lanz
  • How to Upgrade: Can be upgraded in Chapter 5 in the quest “Side Story: Lanz”, found at Great Sword's Base
  • Class Skills: 
    • Defensive Soul – Boosts Physical Defense by 20%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • I'll Protect You – Reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 30%.
    • Aggravator – Accrues Aggro every second.
    • Tenacious Blocker – Boosts Block Rate by 50% when HP is at 30% or lower. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Bull Rush [Topple]
    • Crash Out [AOE / High aggro] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Uppercut Slash [High aggro]
    • Variable Turret [Block attacks]
    • Solid Stance [Def. up / Atk down] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Mad Taunt [AOE / Taunt]

Ogre (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Starting Class: Sena
  • How to Upgrade: Can be upgraded in Chapter 7 in the quest “Side Story: Sena”, found in City
  • Class Skills: 
    • Insult to Injury – Boosts damage dealt when attacking toppled enemies by 150%.
    • Fury Smash – Increases reaction success rate by 45 percentage points.
    • Fighting Prowess – Boosts damage dealt by physical Arts by 50%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Dynamite Spirit – Boosts damage dealt by 60% when HP is at 90% or higher. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Big Impact [Front Blowdown]
    • Hammerhead [Side attack ↑]
    • Giant Swing [Knockback] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Cannonball [Dazed ↑]
    • Maximum Voltage [Unblockable/Atk up] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Pressure Drop [Launch]

Flash Fencer (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Ethel
  • How to Unlock: Obtained as part of automatic story progression in Chapter 3 in the quest “No Want of Courage”
  • How to Upgrade: Take Cammuravi to the rear of Colony Omega in Chapter 7
  • Class Skills: 
    • First Move Wins – Boosts damage dealt by 50% for the first 30 seconds of battle.
    • Fighting Instinct – Boosts damage dealt by 50% when using a Talent Art (up to a maximum of 200%)
    • Critical Strike – Increases critical hit damage bonus by 50 percentage points. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Capable Hands – Fills Talent Art recharge gauge by 100% at the start of battle. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Cross Impact [Power Charge on hit] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Null Slash [AOE/Side Crit. Rate+]
    • Hidden Thorn [Bleed] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Revolution Edge [Back attack ↑]
    • Acceleration [Atk spd up / Dmg taken up]
  • Talent Art: Saber Strike [Smash]

War Medic (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Valdi
  • How to Unlock: Obtained as part of automatic story progression in Chapter 3 in the quest “The Kind Right Hand”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Valdi's Ascension Quest “I'm a Mechanic” in Chapter 6. This requires filling several of Repapa's item request lists in Colony 30.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Recovery Engine – Removing debuffs boosts own Healing Power by 50% (up to a maximum of 150%).
    • Rescue License – Increases HP restored when reviving an ally by 40%.
    • Healing License – Boosts amount of HP healed from using healing Arts by 30%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Antibody System – Shortens duration of debuffs on self by 50%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Heal Bullet [AOE / Heal]
    • Multi Blast [Area heal on hit] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Advanced Cooldown [Field / Def. up] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Cure Bullet [AOE/Clear debuffs/Debf. barrier]
    • Vital Bullet [AOE / Delayed healing]
  • Talent Art: Technical Heal [Heal party]

Guardian Commander (Defender)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Zeon
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 3 by revisiting Colony 9 and completing the quest “Where the Heart Is”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Zeon's Ascension Quest “Reasons to Evolve” in Colony 9 in Chapter 5. Make sure to have Zeon in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • I'll Help – Take attacks for nearby allies with low HP. Damage is reduced by 20%.
    • Soldier's Potential – When HP is at 30% or lower, restore 1.4% HP each second.
    • Protector's Pride – Boosts recharge speed by 50% when non-Defenders are targeted. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Mind for Guarding – Increases damage reduction rate when blocking by 20 percentage points. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Noble Taunt [Taunt] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Shield Bash [Topple] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Falcon Swoop [AOE / Awakened Boost]
    • Grand Protection [Block Rate+/Atk down]
    • Imperial Sword [Awakened Boost]
  • Talent Art: Deflector Field [Absorb damage/Awaken]

Thaumaturge (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Teach
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 3 by revisiting Colony Gamma and completing the quest “Going Beyond Power”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Teach's Ascension Quest “Shadow of Enmity” in Colony Gamma in Chapter 6. You have to have completed the various “Teach's Teachers” requests on the job board there. Make sure to have Teach in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Wheel of Rebirth – Heals all allies using 900% of Healing Power when executing a Burst.
    • Qinggong – Boosts evasion by 35% while moving.
    • Ultimate Qigong – Ignores 50% of enemy's physical defense when landing a hit. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Life-Saving Fists – Heals self when auto-attack hits, to a maximum of 100% of Healing Power. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Rank Splitter [Area heal on hit]
    • Violent Flurry [Chance to pierce] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Divine Protection [Field / Armor Veil]
    • Leaping Current [AOE/Clear debuffs/Atk+]
    • Spearpoint Thrust [Bind] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Demise Thrust [Burst]

Yumsmith (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Riku & Manana
  • How to Unlock: Obtained as part of automatic story progression near the end of Chapter 3 in the quest “A Nopon's Counsel”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Riku & Manana's Ascension Quest “Culinary Repertoire” in Chapter 6 by placing the duo in your party and heading to Camp Inlet in Erythia Sea.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Bangsplosion! – Boosts field dissolution damage by 300%.
    • Sappy-Sappy Drain! – Increases success rate of debuff effects by 25 percentage points. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Slicey-Dicey! – Boosts field damage dealt by 200%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Fills Chain Attack gauge slightly on Art execution.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Extended Slash [Shackle block/Front atk ↑]
    • Flashback [Side Break] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Energy Grenade [Continuous dmg field] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Recharge [Power+ within fields]
    • Determination [Field / Crit. Rate up]
  • Talent Art: Sword of Valor [Damage link]

Full Metal Jaguar (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Gray
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 3 after gaining the Wall Climb field skill and completing the “A Gray Matter” quest past the vines in the eastern part of Aetia. 
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Gray's Ascension Quest “Payback for Treason” in Chapter 5 in City.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Sixth Sense – Boosts accuracy against enemies performing Arts by 100%. 
    • Positioning Pro – Increases the no. of positional Arts that can be set to the Arts Palette by 1. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Shock Shot – Boosts damage against enemies performing Arts by 100%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Bulley Symphony – Each attack that hits boosts damage dealt by 20% (max. 255%). Missing cancels the boost.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Quickdraw [Evade / Front atk ↑] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Dead Set [Remove aggro/Acc. up]
    • Fatal Barrage [AOE /Back attack ↑]
    • Superstorm [High acc. Eva. down]
    • Demolition [AOE/Pierce (%)] [Rank 1 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Violent Streak [AOE/Evade/Pierce]

Strategos (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Isurd
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 4 in Colony Lambda by completing the quest “Unwavering Resolve”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Isurd's Ascension Quest “Effervescent Heart” in Colony Lambda in Chapter 6. Make sure Isurd is in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Prowess Gambit – Buffing an ally boosts damage health by 30%.
    • Sapping Gambit – Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 50%.
    • Strengthening Gambit – Extends durations of buff effects issued by delf by 50%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Preemption Gambit – 100% chance to grant all allies Attack Up on a preemptive attack. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • No Love Lost [PHysical Def. Down] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Hornet [Area heal on hit] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Moondog [Field / Regenerate]
    • Earth Bind [Bind]
    • Mirror Trap [AOE / Counter Heal]
  • Talent Art: Soulfire [Heal all on hit/Atk down]

Stalker (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Juniper
  • How to Unlock: Obtained as part of automatic story progression in Chapter 4 in the quest “Natural Selection”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Juniper's Ascension Quest “Survivors” in Colony Tau in Chapter 6. Make sure Juniper is in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Swift Death – Deals 70% more damage against enemies who are at 30% HP or less. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • In Cold Blood – Boosts damage dealt by 150% when attacking an enemy suffering from Bleed.
    • Evasion Expertise – 50% to evade ranged attacks. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Serene Heart – Reduces aggro generated from attacks by 50%.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Landslide [Launched ↑ / Evade]
    • Staying Power [Field / Art Follow-up] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Driving Arrow [Back Bleed]
    • Rapid Shot [Side attack ↑]
    • Night Hunt [Slower aggro/Back atk+] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Refreshing Rain [AOE/Wounded enemy ↑]

Lone Exile (Defender)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Ashera
  • How to Unlock: Obtained near the end of Chapter 4 in the Keves Castle Region in the quest “The Wrath of Ashera”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Ashera's Ascension Quest “A Deep-Seated Scar” in Chapter 7 by placing Ashera in your party and heading to Old Kana Battlefied in Fornis Region.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Goading Attack – Boosts aggro generated from dealing damage by 60%.
    • Maniac – Boost damage dealt when attacking higher-level enemies by 50%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Returning the Favor – When nearby ally is attacked, deal 250% of attack in damage to enemy.
    • Natural Selection – Reduces damage taken by 30% when HP is at 30% or lower. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Demon Slayer [High aggro]
    • Eye of the Storm [Block / Spike]
    • Gale Slash [AOE / Aggroed ↑] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Soaring Tempest [Launch] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Jaws of Death [Atk up / Faster aggro]
  • Talent Art: Blossom Dance [High aggro/Pierce]

Incursor (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Alexandria
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained as early as Chapter 3 in Colony Iota by completing the quest “Her Reasons”
    • Alex's Hero Quest is one of the trickier ones in the game, so be sure to check out our complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Quests Guide for more details.
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Alexandria's Ascension Quest “Inescapable Past” by heading to Colony Iota in Chapter 5 with Alex in your party. You may have to have completed previous Colony Iota quests and have delivered Colony Iota Goods to other Colonies using the Collectopaedia Card system.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Adroit Blade – Boosts damage dealt by 8% when landing a critical hit (up to a maximum of 150%).
    • Floating Kill – Boosts Critical Rate by 100% when attacking a launched enemy.
    • Vigilance – Boosts Critical Rate of auto-attacks by 150%. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Eye for Weak Points – Each successful attack boosts Critical Rate by 2% of initial value (up to a maximum of 100%). [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Reversal Edge [Crit.+ during enemy Art]
    • Glitter Stream [Side Break] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Sidewinder [AOE/Back Crit. Rate+]
    • Aerial Slash [High Crit. Rate/Evade] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Mystic Vision [Crit. Rate & dmg+]
  • Talent Art:  Supreme Sword [Launched ↑]

Lost Vanguard (Defender)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Monica
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 5 in City with the quest “Vandham's Heir”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Monica's Ascension Quest “Promise to the Future” in Chapter 7 in City. Make sure Monica is in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Come an' Get Me! – When blocking, deal 200% of Attack damage to enemy, drawing aggro. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Now That's Tactics! – At start of Chain Attack, increases TP by 10. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Never again! – Grants 20% chance to absorb attacks dealt to allies within range.
    • Stay Right There! – When taking damage, 20% chance to inflict Knockback on assailant.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Shockwave [Knockback mid-Art enemy]
    • Mighty Beat [AOE/High aggro/Smash] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Shield Wall [Block/Heal/Ether anchor] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Electro Field [Field / Armor Veil]
    • Taunt Pulse [Cont. dmg/Fast aggro]
  • Talent Art:  Thunder Steel [AOE/Bind/Machines ↑]

Signifer (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Fiona
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 5 on the western side of Erythia Sea after the quest “Transparent Dreams”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Monica's Ascension Quest “A Farewell Reset” in Chapter 6 in Colony Mu. Make sure Fiona is in your party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Cheer Up, Everyone – Restores nearby allies' HP on Art execution. Amount healed is equal to 50% of user's Healing.
    • I've Got Your Backs – Extends duration of buff effects issued by self by 50%.
    • All About Support – Increases the no. of Field Arts that can be set to the Arts Palette by 1. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • We Can Do Better – Restores 5% of HP when a buff is applied. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Resonant Flag [Share own buffs] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Aureole [1 random buff] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Heal Harmony [Field / Regenerate]
    • Illuminate [AOE / Dmg+ per buff]
    • Spirited Charge [Dmg up per buff]
  • Talent Art: Cry of Faith [2 random buffs (party)]

Soulhacker (Any)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Triton
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 5 on the eastern side of Erythia Sea after the quest “Doing it My Way”
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Triton's Ascension Quest “My Memories” by cooking at any campsite with Manana while Triton is in the party. Some prior Colony 15 related quests are also required.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Soul Hack – When defeating a unique monster, gain a Skill or Art. [Rank 10 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • See Note
  • Talent Art:  Final Countdown [Dmg+ per Soul Hack]
  • Note: The Soulhacker class is a unique class that does not gain skills like other classes. It instead works something like a Blue Mage, gaining abilities by defeating the many Unique Monsters you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Soulhacker can also act as an Attacker, Defender, or Healer.

Martial Artist (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Ghondor
  • How to Unlock: Gained automatically as part of story progression at the beginning of Chapter 6.
  • How to Upgrade: After Side Story: Noah in Chapter 6, complete Ghondor's Ascension Quest “Knowing Your Family” by heading to Castle Agnus with Ghondor in your party.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Storm and Stress – Each time you perform a cancel, boosts damage dealt by 20% (to a maximum of 150%).
    • Flashing Punch – Chained auto-attacks increase attack speed. Auto-attack interval is also shortened.
    • Feline Righting Reflex – Ignores Blowdown and Launch by somersaulting. Also has 100% chance to grant Attack Up. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Frenzied Combo – On critical hit, recharge Art used by 30%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Jackal Claw [High Crit. Rate/Evade] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Detonating Hit [Side Daze]
    • Impulse Wave [AOE / Dmg+ per enemy] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Destructive Charge [Front atk ↑ / Blowdown]
    • Focus [Fast charge/Auto-atk spd+]
  • Talent Art: Raging Force [Deplete Arts: Boost dmg]

Troubadour (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Miyabi
  • How to Unlock: Gained automatically as part of story progression in Chapter 6 after the quest “Side Story: Mio”.
  • How to Upgrade: Complete Miyabi's Ascension Quest “Happiness” in City in Chapter 7. Make sure Miyabi is in your party for the quest to appear.
    • There seem to be other requirements for this quest to appear. Make sure you complete other City-related quests first, if you have not done so yet.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Endsong – Recharges all allies' Arts by 100% when incapacitated.
    • Dance of Barrages – 12% to keep recharge when using Art. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Dance of Life – Own Arts gain is 100% recharge when an ally is incapacitated.
    • Swiftsong – Boosts all allies' accuracy and evasion by 20%. Does not stack. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Autumn Rain [AOE / Regenerate]
    • Way Home [Burst] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Ring o' Roses [Field / Fast charge] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Twin Moons [Remove buffs]
    • Shadow Parade [Fast charge/Def. down]
  • Talent Art: Glittering Melody [Gain charge/Pause buffs]

Seraph (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Cammuravi
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 6 after Side Story: Mio by revisiting Colony Omega and completing the quest “A Twist of Fate”
  • How to Upgrade: Take Cammuravi to the rear of Colony Omega in Chapter 7
  • Class Skills: 
    • Beast Mode – Grants Awakening when damage taken exceeds 25% of max HP.
    • Got the Guts – Boosts damage dealt by 100% when HP is at 85% or lower.
    • Greatest Warrior – Boosts damage by 35% for every enemy in battle (max. 200%). [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Universal Annihilation – Boosts damage dealt to toppled and launched targets by 150%. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Dragon's Snarl [High Crit. Rate/Dmg self]
    • Crimson Lance [Side Topple] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Inferno Dance [AOE/Dmg to self/Blaze]
    • Flamelord [Front Attack ↑] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Leveling Fire [Atk boost/Dmg to self]
  • Talent Art: Empyrean Salvo [AOE/Blaze/Awakened+]

Machine Assassin (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Segiri
  • How to Unlock: Can be obtained in Chapter 6 in Upper Aetia by completing the quest “Inhumanity”. You have to have completed a previous quest “Severed Connection”, as well. Check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Quest Guide for more details!
  • How to Upgrade: After refurbishing the Prison area for the Colony 0 residents, followed by completing a series of quests there, complete Segiri's Ascension Quest “Invisible Bond”. Make sure Segiri is in the party for the quest to appear.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Chaos Chain – Debuffing an enemy boosts damage dealt by 30% (up to a maximum of 150%).
    • Phantom Strike – Adds 100% chance for attack to be unblockable.
    • Cursed Edge – Boosts damage dealt by 70% when attacking a debuffed enemy. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Anti-Erosion System – Grants 50% resistance to all debuffs. [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Tyrant Cross [1 random debuff] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Fatal Bite [Side attack ↑] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Terror Onslaught [Back resistance down]
    • Havoc Slayer [AOE / Spread debuffs]
    • Mega Crescent [Extend debuff time]
  • Talent Art: Vital Vector [AOE/ 2 random debuffs]

Lifesage (Healer)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Nia
  • How to Unlock: After seeing the game's end credits, visit Cloudkeep in the post-game.
  • How to Upgrade: In the post-game, visit the four spots marked on the map (Founder Shrine in City, Agnus Castle, Saffronia Tree at Fornis Region, Tower Camp in Pentelas Region), get Mio to Rank 10 in Lifesage, then discuss the information. Complete Nia's Ascension Quest “Grasping My Future”
  • Class Skills: 
    • Steadfast Feelings – Restores nearby allies' HP on Art execution. AMount healed is equal to 50% of user's Healing.
    • Instant Regen+ – 25% chance to heal using 100% of Healing Power upon taking damage.
    • Enhanced Cellular Stimulus – 50% chance on hit to deal 200% of Healing Power as defense-bypassing damage. [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Abundant Oceans – Reduces damage to allies by 15%, and boosts HP recovery by 15% (does not stack). [Rank 15 Master Skill]
  • Class Arts: 
    • Saber Slash [Area heal on hit]
    • Redemption [AOE / Heal]
    • Waterlily [Field / Regenerate]
    • Hydro Blast [Pierce (%)/Blowdown] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Aqua Mind [Regen allies/Fast charge] [Rank 10 Master Art]
  • Talent Art: Divine Sword [Heall all on hit/Pierce]

Royal Summoner (Attacker)

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

  • Hero: Melia
  • How to Unlock: After seeing the game's end credits, visit Keves Castle 1F in the post-game.
  • How to Upgrade: In the post-game, raise Noah to rank 10 in the Royal Summoner class, then visit Keves Castle Throneroom with Melia in the party for her Ascension Quest “From Atop Her Throne”.
  • Class Skills: 
    • Elemental Boost – Each elemental discharge boosts damage by 40% (up to a maximum of 400%).
    • Essence of Ether – Boosts allies' damage by 30% and reduces enemy Block Rate by 15% (does not stack). [Rank 15 Master Skill]
    • Fortified Ether Guard – Boosts Ether Defense by 20%.  [Rank 5 Master Skill]
    • Here I Shall Stand – Boosts elemental damage by 100% and elemental buff effects by 50%.
  • Class Arts: 
    • Summon Element [AOE/Summon Elementals] [Rank 1 Master Art]
    • Elemental Discharge [Release Elementals] [Rank 10 Master Art]
    • Shadow Stitch [Back Bind]
    • Starfall [AOE / Topple]
    • Power Effect [Atk up / Def. down]
  • Talent Art: Element Genesis [AOE/Elem. Discharge dmg+]

How to Unlock new Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

With six starting classes and 18 unlockable classes, there's a total of 24 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Unlocking new classes for your character is relatively unique in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, since the system is intrinsically linked to another of the game's many mechanics: Heroes.

The core cast of Xenoblade 3 is just six characters, and each has a set class role that they fulfill that cannot be changed. However, you can have a seventh body on the battlefield, non-playable, by deploying a hero character to the fight. Heroes are entirely optional and must be recruited, however. Each hero has a specific and unique class – and this can then be passed to your cast of playable protagonists.

When you first recruit a hero to your cause, one of the main characters will be marked as their 'Class Inheritor'. This is the character that will immediately unlock the ability to use that hero's class straight away, without any additional hoops to jump through.

For other characters, it's a bit more complicated. You'll need them to build an affinity with the class in question, which is accomplished by fighting alongside other characters using the target class. The more characters using that class in battle, the faster the affinity will grow; so initially, it makes sense to have both the hero and their class inheritor in battle, both set to the class you want the other characters to learn. You can also spend Nopon Coins to rank up classes.

If you want to know where to recruit each of the helpful allies that unlock new classes, check out our Xenoblade 3 Hero Unlock guide – that tells you how to get all of these characters, each of whom offer a new class. Many of them are unlocked through certain Xenoblade 3 quests.

Our general advice is to focus yourself on unlocking as many classes as possible quickly, then find your favorites (perhaps using our best classes list above as a guide) – and then focus on leveling up the class affinity and class points grinding in order to spread the ability to use your favorite classes around the party. As is often the case in RPGs, having more choice is good – so working to open up as many classes as you can as quickly as possible is a good idea.

Best Classes in Xenoblade 3

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes guide: class list, skills, arts, unlocks, and best classes for each character

The best class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will, naturally, change a lot depending on where you're at in the game's narrative, as well as your personal play-style. Since you have to make up a solid but balanced party composition that'll allow you stay on top of the hectic battles that litter the overworld, including against strong enemies like the Unique Monsters, a lot of our advice on Best Classes has to do with a convergence of many other elements of the game. 

Or, to put it another way, there is no silver bullet – there is no single 'best class' – the answer will vary depending on how you play, and where you're at.

With that said, we do have some broad and general advice around which classes you should choose in Xenoblade 3:

Party Composition is Key to Class Choices

Generally speaking, we advise you always balance your party of six playable characters evenly – so we recommend two attackers, two defenders, and two healers. Which classes you choose within those archetypes can vary depending on the situation and the options available to you, but this setup is very difficult to go wrong with, giving you a good balance in combat.

If you're feeling a little more feisty, you can potentially switch it up and go for three attackers and only one defender – but we recommend still holding on to two healers, and without the healing output it can be easy to get caught off-guard and quickly wiped. Plus only healers can revive downed characters (without any additional accessories), so you'll want two healers to be able to revive each other if needed.

Recommended Classes of Each Type

With the above in mind, the next thing to consider is which classes of each type are the most potent. All are completely viable, and you should honestly go with your gut – but we have some notes nevertheless:

  • Attacker Classes:
    • Flash Fencer: The Flash Fencer is the first class you'll earn outside of your starting six, and you'll gain it in Chapter 3. Despite being an early-game class, it's an all-around fantastic addition to any party line-up, and it has several skills for boosting damage done in various situations. It's great for general use against regular enemy mobs, because the Flash Fencer has a Class Skill that boosts damage in the first 30 seconds of battle. Once you level up the class later in the game, it can unlock a Master Skill that will have the Talent Gauge begin with a full-charge, with can pair up well with numerous other classes.
    • Incursor: The Incursor is an attacker class focused on landing critical hits. Especially when it comes to taking down high-level enemies or Unique Monsters, this class can be very valuable even deep into the late-game. It's obtained by completing Alexandria's optional Hero Quest as early as Chapter 3 on the west side of the Fornis Region. Incursors are especially great in the context of Chain Attacks, as landing critical hits with a boosted damage percentage late in a chain can wipe whole chunks off an enemy's HP bar.
  • Defender Classes:
    • Zephyr: Despite being one of starting six classes you begin with in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this is one of the best defenders in the game, because it focuses on agility and evasion rather than tanking. If you've played the original Xenoblade Chronicles, this will probably sound familiar to you. If you can boost your agility to levels where nothing can hit you, it's pretty hard to die. The only downside to a Zephyr is that they may struggle to maintain aggro. Adding Brimming Spirit and Perilous Presence gems can help with this.
    • Guardian Commander: In terms of pure tanking, it's hard to beat the Guardian Commander. Earned by doing Zeon's Hero Quest in Chapter 3, this class focuses on taking damage for allies, blocking, damage reduction, and some self HP restoration. Their Talent Art makes them invincible temporarily, too, so if targeted by an enemy about to dish a devasting attack, you can mitigate that damage entirely.
  • Healer Classes:
    • War Medic: The War Medic is absolutely ridiculous, frankly-speaking. Unlocked through Valdi, it can be grabbed from quite early on as part of a story-required Hero Quest, and can really make a significant difference in the early game immediately after being obtained. The War Medic has great AOE heals, and in addition has some early skills that significantly boost your healing opportunity and abilities. In terms of pure heal potential, it's one of the best in the game.
    • Signifer: The Signifer is a class that is less dedicated to healing and more to party-wide status buffs. This is an optional class that can be gained by completing Fiona's Hero Quest in Chapter 5. Paired with another healer focused on healing, this is a great class especially for fighting Unique Monsters, as the longer a battle may go, they more buffs they'll have on your party.

Class Affinity & Best Classes for each Character

While we list some of our picks for the best classes above, that doesn't obviously cover what classes you should assign to each character. The playable characters of Xenoblade 3 all have their own unique statistical strengths and weaknesses – which in turn means some classes are more suited to certain characters than others. With that in mind, here's some brief suggestions of classes you should assign to each to maximize efficiency:

  • Noah: Noah's core skill set lends well to him using classes that are physical attackers – the classic hero role, leading the party into battle. As such, he has a high affinity for classes like Swordfighter, Flash Fencer, and even Stalker – despite that being a ranged class. If you want him to tank, the Guardian Commander is a great defensively-minded alternative.
  • Mio: Consider her the mirror image of Noah – while he is the archetypal RPG fighter, she is your typical healer. She has high affinity with support classes like the Thaumaturge, Troubadour, and Lifesage. For a defensive style, you could try the Zephyr. She also has decent affinity with the excellent War Medic, and the unique Soulhacker. 
  • Eunie: When you first meet Eunie, she's firing off projectiles – and her class affinity amtches up with that. For attacking, go with the Full Metal Jaguar. For healing, try the Medic Gunner. She also has solid affinity with non-projectile classes like the Lone Exile, or to a lesser extent the Incursor.
  • Taion: Taion is a clever tactical type, and so unsurprisingly he has an affinity for classes like the Tactician and Strategos. If you want to attack, try him as the critical hit focused Incursor class.
  • Lanz: Lanz naturally appears to be a tank, but is actually a decent jack of all trades. He can tank well as a Heavy Guard, but also has a particularly high affinity for being a War Medic, or buffing as a Signifer. He also is a very good Soul Hacker, or can hit like a train as an Ogre.
  • Sena: Small but mighty, Sena performs well in a variety of attacker roles – usually those that let you exploit enemy weaknesses in interesting ways. She's at home as a Martial Artist, Yumsmith, or Machine Assassin – and is also great as an Ogre, if you want to keep things simple.
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