Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console

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Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
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Update: The Xbox series X is in stock at Argos. Read on for more details.

The Xbox series X is Microsoft’s fastest-selling console, but despite its apparent success the next-generation games machine is still almost impossible to find in stock anywhere in the UK, both online and in-store.

Bottlenecks in the manufacturing process have slowed the production of the newest Xbox to a crawl, leaving shoppers in the UK wondering where they can get their hands on one.

The smaller, less powerful and much cheaper Xbox series S is easier to find, but the more advanced series X typically sells out within minutes of hitting the shelves. So, knowing when and where the newest console will be restocked next is key to grabbing one before they sell out again.

That’s why we launched our Xbox stock alerts liveblog and if you’re wondering where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK today ahead of Christmas, we’re on hand to help. Below, we’ll update you with the latest live restock updates as soon as they happen, as well as any news on predicted restock dates, new games and accessories and milestone events.

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Check stock from UK Xbox Series X retailers below:

Key points

  • How to buy an Xbox Series X online
  • The best TVs for gaming on Xbox series X
  • You can play Xbox games on your laptop

The Xbox series X is in stock at Argos

08:45 , Steve Hogarty

Buy now

Argos is selling the Xbox series X bundled with Forza Horizon 5 and an extra controller for £659.99.

When did Argos last restock the Xbox series X?

08:28 , Steve Hogarty

We’ve heard reports that Argos has available Xbox stock in-store this morning, so pop into your local branch and enquire.

The retailer hasn’t restocked the Xbox online in weeks, and has sailed right past every predicted restock date. When stock is available on the site, the best way to grab one is through the app. Add the console to your wish list, which lets you slip the Xbox into your basket in advance for a speedy checkout when the time comes.

Follow the liveblog for the latest Xbox stock alerts

08:04 , Steve Hogarty

Good morning, Xbox hunters!

Welcome to Wednesday’s Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be monitoring the UK’s retailers for sightings and rumours of Microsoft’s elusive new console.

The Xbox can appear without warning and sells out almost instantly, so we’re here to bring you live stock updates as they happen to give you the best chance of grabbing one.

Xbox stock trackers, signing off

Tuesday 30 November 2021 16:50 , Steve Hogarty

That’s all from us for another day. Thank you for sticking with us on the Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog.

We’ve had no restocks today, sadly. That makes it all the more vital that you’re ready for the next drop when it happens. We’re expecting movement at Very this week, and will be shaking down our sources for the latest intel, rumours and Xbox restock predictions as they happen.

Join us again tomorrow morning to be in with the best chance of grabbing an Xbox. Bye bye!

Is John Lewis due an Xbox series X restock?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 16:20 , Steve Hogarty

John Lewis & Partners doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to Xbox series X stock. The retailer last had a restock on 5 October, but that was only available via the app and stock didn’t last long at all. Before that, John Lewis had a couple of Xbox restocks in July and one in June.

The console is currently listed as out of stock on the John Lewis website, with no indication as to when more will arrive. The cheaper Xbox series S, which is widely available today at other retailers, is also out of stock at JL, despite the store’s attractive two-year warranty on tech products, we’d suggest you look elsewhere.

Can you buy an Xbox series X on eBay?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 15:26 , Steve Hogarty

You can buy a hideously upsold Xbox series X on the number one auction site, as well as at the high-street’s bright red electronics reseller, but we don’t recommend it.

One of the major reasons behind the current Xbox shortage is unscrupulous scalpers snapping up all of the available consoles to sell at an inflated price to desperate buyers. The Xbox series X retails at £449, though you’ll find it for sale, second-hand, for anything upwards of £569.

You do you, but buying these scalped consoles creates the very market that leads to their scarcity and drives up prices for genuine shoppers. Here at IndyBest, we’re bringing you genuine deals on available stock of Xbox series X consoles.

New stock will arrive soon, so stick with us to be the first to know when the Xbox drops!

You can’t buy an Xbox right now

Tuesday 30 November 2021 15:05 , Steve Hogarty

You can tell the Xbox series X is out of stock when we start posting about its dimensions.

Will the Xbox series X fit under your TV?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 15:01 , Alistair Charlton

Excellent question. The latest generation of game consoles – the Xbox series X and PS5 – are big. So big, in fact, you might have to rearrange your TV stand or media cabinet to make space for them.

The Xbox series S is much smaller, owing to it being less powerful and creating less heat. Here is how the two versions of next-gen Xbox stack up:

Stood up on its side, the Xbox series X measures 30.1cm tall, 15.1cm wide and 15.1cm deep. It weighs 4.45kg.

The Xbox series S is much slimmer, at 27.5cm tall, 6.5cm wide and 15.1cm deep, It weighs 1.93kg.

Both consoles can be stood up or laid down on their side – which could be a necessity if you want the series X on the shelf under your TV.

What is Xbox All Access?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 13:54 , Steve Hogarty

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent (Xbox)

The Xbox series X is still sold out everywhere, so let’s chat about Xbox All Access for a second. More often than not, Xbox All Access is the only way to buy the console when it’s in stock, and if you ask us it’s a lovely little deal.

If you’d rather pay for your Xbox in monthly instalments, then Xbox All Access might be for you. Set up by Microsoft and offered through Game and Smyths Toys (when stock is actually available, of course), All Access includes the console and Game Pass Ultimate.

There’s no upfront cost and the Xbox series X costs £28.99 a month for 24 months. The less powerful (and far more readily available) Xbox series S is £20.99 a month for 24 months. No physical games are included, but access to Game Pass Ultimate means you can play a catalogue of over 100 games from the cloud, on your Xbox or PC.

You can play Xbox games on your laptop

Tuesday 30 November 2021 12:40 , Steve Hogarty

You don’t actually need an Xbox series X to play Xbox series X games. Instead, you just need a fast enough internet connection and a compatible streaming device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to your console, laptop or phone, via your internet browser or the Xbox app. How does cloud gaming work? It’s a bit like being on a Zoom call with a game that you’re controlling, meaning you can jump into new games at the push of a button rather than waiting around for an installation. You control it as normal, but the game is running on Microsoft’s servers, which then stream the sound and picture of the game to your device.

Cloud gaming requires a membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£32.99,, which unlocks on-demand access to more than 100 games. Thankfully, decent laptops are much easier to find than the Xbox series X. If you’re thinking of upgrading, check out our list of the best laptops in 2021.

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent

The ultimate guide to the best laptops of 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Tuesday 30 November 2021 12:15 , Steve Hogarty

Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday has ended, but there are still hot hot deals cooling on the windowsills of a bunch of retailers. We really put a shift in over the weekend to bring you the best offers, so do us all a favour and see if there isn’t something you want to grab at a discount in one of our many, many Black Friday guides.

Check out our dogged coverage of the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals.

Then take a look at the best Black Friday gaming discounts. There won’t be an Xbox series X in there, soz, but there are plenty of cool things and gift ideas.

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent

We’ve found the best Cyber Monday gaming deals to shop now

The best VPN for the Xbox Series X

Tuesday 30 November 2021 11:30 , Steve Hogarty

If you stream Netflix on your Xbox, a virtual private network (VPN) allows you to spoof your location and access movies and TV shows not normally available in your country.

You can’t install a VPN directly to an Xbox Series X, but you can install one on your laptop and route your console’s internet connection through that. You can also install some VPNs on routers to cover all of your devices in one go.

A slow VPN will hinder your online gaming, so to keep your Xbox series X running at peak performance you’ll want to make sure the VPN you choose is fast and responsive enough to avoid lag and dropouts when playing online.

Check out our round-up of the best VPNs for torrenting, streaming and gaming.

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent

The best VPN for every type of device

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Tuesday 30 November 2021 11:00 , Sarah Young

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Where will the Xbox be restocked next?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 10:44 , Steve Hogarty

Didn’t manage to find an Xbox series X during the Black Friday sale? Of course you didn’t, they’re rarer than hen’s teeth right now. 🦷🐔

So where should you be looking for the next drop? We reckon the official Microsoft store is next in line for a restock. The shop usually goes three weeks between drops and last restocked on 11 November. That puts it in line for more Xbox availability later this week. Keep an eye out.

What’s the difference between Xbox series X and series S?

Tuesday 30 November 2021 10:30 , Sarah Young

While we’re waiting for a stock drop, let’s brush up on the fundamentals. Know your enemy and all that.

There are two next-gen Xboxes, the less powerful Xbox series S and the top-of-the-range Xbox series X.

All Xbox games old and new will run on both consoles, though on the less powerful Xbox series S the overall graphics quality will be dialled down. The Xbox series S does not have a disc drive, has half the storage capacity and can only play downloaded games. The Xbox series S is much easier to find in stock than the series X. It’s also cheaper and costs just £249.99 (

Here are the details, if you’re into comparing teraflops.

Xbox series S specs:

  • CPU: Custom Zen 2 8-core CPU
  • GPU: 4 TFLOPS, 20 CUS
  • Memory: 10GB GDDR6
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Resolution: 1440p at 60fps

Xbox series X specs:

  • CPU: AMD 8-core Zen 2 @ 3.8 GHz
  • GPU: 12TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6
  • Storage: 1TB custom WD SSD, optional 1T
  • Resolution: 4K at 60fps

The best Xbox series X games to play right now

Tuesday 30 November 2021 10:00 , Sarah Young

Have you already managed to get your hands on an Xbox? Well have a gander at our round-up of the best Xbox series X games to decide what to play first.

Both the Xbox series X and the PlayStation 5 have endured a slow launch, with the global pandemic putting the brakes on development of many new titles. You’ll notice that many of the best Xbox series X games are upgraded and remastered versions of Xbox One games, but there are some genuine next-gen experiences to be enjoyed already.

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent

Managed to find the Xbox series X in stock? Here are the games you need to play

The best TVs for gaming on Xbox series X

Tuesday 30 November 2021 09:20 , Sarah Young

To get the most out of the Xbox series X, you’ll need a 4K television.

Many next-generation games allow you to choose between a performance mode and a graphics mode. The former downgrades the visuals slightly for smoother framerates, while the latter mode enables higher resolutions and more fancy effects at the expense of framerate.

If your TV only goes up to 1080p, you won’t be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.

Xbox series X stock – live: Argos restock is available now – how to get a console
© Provided by The Independent

9 best 4K TVs for needle-sharp viewing

How to buy an Xbox series X online

Tuesday 30 November 2021 09:14 , Sarah Young

It’s all quiet on the Xbox front so far this morning, so let’s go over some things you can do right now to be ready when the next restock happens.

  • Register an account at each of the retailers that stock the Xbox series X. They’re listed in the main article above.
  • Ensure your correct payment details are saved in your browser on desktop, or on Google Pay or Apple Pay on your phone.
  • Are you a BT customer, or know somebody who is? Register your interest on the BT site to get exclusive access to BT’s next drop.
  • Sign up for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, in case the retailer makes its next Xbox drop a Prime-exclusive.
  • Download each retailer’s app (if they have one) and add the Xbox series X to your wish list or “save for later” list.
  • When the console drops, use the link in your wish list to add the Xbox to your trolley or basket – this usually has a higher success rate than navigating through the website.
  • Keep note of the prices of bundles to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Rounding up, the console itself is £450, controllers are £50, the official headset is £90, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs £11 per month. Newly released game are £60, but retailers usually bundle older games with the console.
  • The pay-as-you-go Xbox All Access programme is good value for money, so long as you don’t already have a Game Pass subscription.
  • Don’t buy a console on social media, these are always scams.

Good morning, Xbox hunters!

Tuesday 30 November 2021 09:00 , Sarah Young

Welcome to Tuesday’s Xbox stock tracking liveblog.

Today we’re tracking every UK retailer for any sign of Microsoft’s elusive black console, to bring you live Xbox restock updates as they happen.

If you’re on the hunt for an Xbox, stick with us to be the first to know when the console drops. Ready? Let’s go.

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