World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide

People working in the gastronomy have made efforts to bring truly Spanish taste to Vietnamese diners.

Many parts of the world will celebrate World Tapas Day on the third Thursday in June or June 20 this year – an annual international event to honor the traditional Spanish tapas. World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide World Tapas Day 2019. Illustrative photo The event is firmly ingrained in Spanish culture and is globally recognized as a symbol of Spanish identity. It means that this kind of food has played a role in connecting people regardless of race, class, and culture. For this meaning, Spanish people should be proud of their cuisine which has somewhat been successful in conveying the message of connectivity, friendship, and hospitality. Spanish food is more than just a meal, it’s cultural phenomena. How magic is Spanish gastronomy! What’s tapas? World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide A dish of truly Spanish taste. Photo: Hanoitimes Tapas, or “lids” in English, are bite-sized portions of food that are served together with a drink. In Spain, often you can order a drink and the bar will treat you to a small but great and tasty “tapas”. Legend has it that it was under King Alfonso X reign in the 13th Century that the people started this tradition when the King decreed that all wine served should come with a small bite to eat to avoid unruly drunkenness. Taverns started serving their wine glasses covered with a slice of bread with ham or cheese on top as a lid or “tapa”, which also helped keep insects away. And that is how TAPAS were born. Today the tradition remains. Going out for tapas, visiting several bars and restaurants, is one of the favorite pastimes of Spanish families and groups of friends. Some famous Spanish cooks said that your tapas experience isn’t complete without plenty of laughter and good conversation around the table. World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam María Jesús Figa. Photo: Hanoitimes Sharing the same idea, Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam María Jesús Figa believed “if there is one thing that brings Spaniards together it is our love of food, and, perhaps more importantly our desire to share that love with others.” And bars are the one place where people and food are always present. Indeed, the country with diverse geography and cultures is home to more than 260,000 bars where people gather for drinking, meeting friends, and chatting as you can have breakfast, lunch, and diner in a bar. Most bars in Spain serve you, usually for free, a small bite to eat to go along with your drink and that is what a Tapa is, according to the ambassador. There is a plenty of tapas which can be as diverse as the people of Spain in the ambassador’s comparison. It could be a simple piece of bread with a slice of cheese on top or an olive and chili pepper pierced by a toothpick or those of real works of art like “manchego-filled airbags,” “liquid ravioli” or “venison lollipops”. World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide Those who make efforts to promote Spanish cuisine in Vietnam, mostly Francisco Fernández (third from the right). Photo: Hanoitimes What makes tapas well-served to different groups of diners is the creativity. And the extreme example of this creativity could be found in chef Ferrán Adrià, who has been compared to Mozart, Picasso, Velazquez and Van Gogh. Facts tell all, Ferrán Adrià’s restaurant, El Bulli, is the only one until now to have received the world’s Best Restaurant award for five times. World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide Mencía Manso, First Secretary and Counselor of Culture at the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam. Photo: Hanoitimes Spanish cuisine in general has become one of major reasons attracting visitors. In 2016, up to seven million tourists said they traveled to Spain for its food, showed statistics by the Spanish Embassy to Vietnam. The attraction of Spanish food is believed to result from the combination of tradition and revolution, simplicity and complexity in one plate. World Tapas Day in Vietnam: When Spanish food honored worldwide Rubén Saornil, sales director of Casa de España Vietnam JSC, contributes to bringing truly Spanish food and beverage to Vietnam. Photo: Hanoitimes Celebrations in Vietnam As ambassador María said that for Spanish people, food is not an experience if it is not shared with friends. That’s the reason why the World Tapas Day is well-prepared across Vietnam. This year marks the first World Tapas Day held in Vietnam with the support of Casa de España Vietnam, showing tireless efforts that the Spanish Embassy in Hanoi and Spanish people working in the gastronomy sector expect to bring España’s truly taste to Vietnamese people On June 20 in Hanoi, Da Nang and Hoi An, and on June 20-23 in Ho Chi Minh City, Spanish and Vietnamese restaurants with passion for tapas will show and share their creativity with Vietnamese diners. Almost 20 restaurants in such the big cities will open their doors and prepare special offers with some of the best tapas. In addition, Vietnamese diners and customers now have more options to choose genuinely and healthy Spanish food and beverage from Spain by Casa de España Vietnam. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the magic of Spanish gastronomy.
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