Woman on TikTok Shows the Exact Moment John Mayer Probably Ended Up in a Taylor Swift Song

woman on tiktok shows the exact moment john mayer probably ended up in a taylor swift song

Woman on TikTok Shows the Exact Moment John Mayer Probably Ended Up in a Taylor Swift Song

The thing about Taylor Swift is that you can’t say exactly who she’s singing about in her music. She leaves just enough room for plausible deniability. But we’re pretty sure that one woman is right on the money when she shared something that Swift’s ex John Mayer said that later ended up in a song.

We guess Swift really did get the last word in. Judging by the video that @margaretaccursia made.

Click here to watch the video.

The video shows the TikToker in front of a green screen clip of Swift’s video for “Blank Space.”

“Got a long list of ex-lovers/They’ll tell you I’m insane,” she sang.

The video then cuts to Mayer talking about Swift.

“I get a little chuckle because she says, ‘We could leave the Christmas lights up until January.’ And I go, ‘You’re insane,'” Mayer said.

Cut to another one of Swift’s videos, “I Bet You Think About Me.” Where she again sang about a mysterious person who called her “insane.”

Hmmm, we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but it doesn’t seem like a coincidence to us.

The comments section was here for some John Mayer slander. “I hope this man never knows a day of peace once ‘Dear John TV’ comes out lol,” one person wrote. “I keep seeing people say they’re Taylor fans but also John Mayer fans. You cannot be both! Go listen to ‘Dear John’ again,” another person added. “John Mayer has never experienced joy in his life,” someone else commented. “WE CAN KEEP THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS UP TILL JANUARY. THIS IS OUR PLACE WE MAKE THE RULES,” another person exclaimed, quoting the Swift song “Lover.”

Although one person made a huge point: “January is FIVE DAYS after Christmas. Why is that insane?” they wondered.

We really couldn’t tell you. Guess you’ll have to ask John.

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