'Wish I knew sooner' Mrs Hinch fan shares how to clean washing machine drum - 'gobsmacked'

Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, soared to fame with her handy cleaning tips and tricks. She has inspired an army of cleaning enthusiasts to create Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips, a supportive page filled with hacks on how to complete household chores – including how to clean a washing machine.

Cleaning enthusiast Kay Lecia took to the Facebook group to share a top tip to make a washing machine sparkle.

She told fellow Mrs Hinch fans: “So I’ve been seeing the trick about putting dishwasher tablets through your washing machine to clean it out.

Well I’ve just tried it, five minutes in and the water is brown: safe to say it works!”

The handy hack amassed 185 likes and wow reactions.


how to, 'wish i knew sooner' mrs hinch fan shares how to clean washing machine drum - 'gobsmacked'
© Getty How to clean a washing machine

Hundreds flocked to the comments to say the tip had worked for them too.

Mazza Evans said: “Gobsmacked Hun! I wish I knew sooner!!

“I’ll be doing this every Sunday night from now on so I know it’s all clean for the mammoth washing ahead.”

She added: “My mind is boggled – smells amazing now though.

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“Can’t wait to get all my bedding stripped tomorrow and hopefully see and smell the difference.”

Kay responded: “Sounds like a good plan to me!

“I’m doing mine once a month as wasn’t sure how often you should do it.”

Christine C Edwards added: “Wow….just wow. I didn’t think much would happen, must admit I spent the whole wash just watching the water turn grey brown.

how to, 'wish i knew sooner' mrs hinch fan shares how to clean washing machine drum - 'gobsmacked'
© Getty Washing machine cleaning hack – dishwasher tablets

“Top tip, I will be sharing.”

Jackie Monckton agreed: “I did this on 60 degrees and a long cycle one hour and did great job.”

She added that she put one dishwasher tablet in with a few cleaning rags so the drum wasn’t empty.

Claire Pashley was amazed: “Have tried washing machine cleaners but never seen results like this…great tip.”

Others had some questions regarding the method.

how to, 'wish i knew sooner' mrs hinch fan shares how to clean washing machine drum - 'gobsmacked'
© EXPRESS Mrs Hinch Top Cleaning Products

Rebecca Jane Gibbs asked: “Just brought the tablets. What do I wash on?”

Kay replied: “Anything hot!”

Leanne Welch queried: “Do they have to be expensive good brand dish washing tablets?” to which Kay assured her, no.

Kay Lecia went back to Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips with an update.

“I’m soooooo glad that my tip helped 98 percent of you and you all now have sparkly washing machines! Makes me feel helpful.”

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