Why have menstrual periods remained taboo? Researcher and author aim to end the shaming of a natural process

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Most women spend their whole lives pretending they don’t have a period. Girls are taught the art of concealment early – how to avoid leaks, how to sneak a tampon into their pocket on the way to the bathroom, the utility of a strategically wrapped sweatshirt to avoid post-seep humiliation.

For centuries, periods have remained stubbornly taboo. Half the world’s population menstruates and yet no one really wants to talk about it. When they do, it’s often quietly or through euphemism. Generations of women have been conditioned to believe their periods are disgusting or shameful, which has consequences for women’s bodies, health care decisions, sex lives and overall well-being.

“Even those of us who have access to materials, even those of us who identify as feminists, even those of us who can talk period-positive, we are still soaked in shame,” said Christina Bobel, a gender professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and an expert in critical menstruation studies. “That’s the genius of menstrual stigma. It’s under our skin. It really doesn’t leave. No one is immune.”

Around the globe, menstruation is conceived of as a problem rather than as a healthy bodily process. Framing menstruation as a problem, experts say, demands a solution, and the solution people have been offered is better access to feminine-care products.

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Chris Bobel is an expert in critical menstruation studies and author of The Managed Body.

But some experts argue this doesn’t address the underlying causes of menstrual stigma, which have roots in misogyny and have been exploited by corporations.

“I’m cranky about these pads and other product-focused menstrual campaigns because I don’t think they fundamentally challenge menstrual stigma,” Bobel says. “Menstrual stigma is what sets in motion this necessity of menstrual concealment.”

There is an absolute necessity for every person who menstruates to have access to menstrual care.

Many can’t afford or lack access to menstrual products, and this can impact their health and mental well-being. A 2021 study found those who experienced “period poverty” were more likely to report moderate to severe depression than those who had access to materials.

But the way people talk about menstrual care, experts say, is often framed by stigma.

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The Managed Body by Chris Bobel.

“I’m not saying that people don’t have a right to experience their periods without leaking. However, I want to build a world in which a leak is not social suicide,” Bobel said. “So I leaked through my tampon? That’s uncomfortable, but I’m not going to be horrified. I’m not going to be humiliated. People aren’t going to point at me. People aren’t going to presume I’m a dirty girl, and that I’m not respectable.”

Trans and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate face additional stigma. Many find themselves othered everywhere from doctors’ offices to public restrooms. Research on menstruation and stigma focuses almost exclusively on women.

Elissa Stein, co-author of Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation, said menstruation was always treated as something taboo, especially before it was fully understood.

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Elissa Stein, author of Flow.

“There are all these stories about menstruation that were negative because people were afraid of something that was unknown and unexplainable. The ancient world thought that women who were menstruating could destroy crops, could bring storms at sea. Could break mirrors. There was always this negative connotation, and shame, and fear.”

Stein said the feminine hygiene industry exploits centuries-old cultural attitudes about women’s periods to sell products.

“Their approach is, ‘we’ll help you keep your secret. We know how embarrassing it is. We know how shameful it is. We know how uncomfortable it is. And you don’t want anybody to know. You come with us, and we’ll make sure that people don’t find out,’” she said.

period poverty, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, here

Flow by Elissa Stein.

Bobel said it’s important to separate the reality of what people need to manage their periods from social forces that fuel shame and secrecy.

Misogyny, she said, devalues the female body and seeks to control it. Capitalism markets feminine products in ways that suggest menstruation should be entirely inconspicuous. Neocolonialism exports this Western “solution” to girls all around the world, Bobel said.

But experts say there are many ways to manage a period that don’t include single-use products.

“There’s sort of this presumption that everybody wants hyper concealment, and everybody wants something they can throw away, and everybody wants to be quiet about their periods. And everybody wants to be more like American teenagers,” Bobel said.

Combating period stigma is an enormous project.

“It’s like this giant wall has been erected, and we’re taking it down one brick at a time,” Stein said. “It’s your own awareness when you’re uncomfortable. It’s having conversations with others, and raising kids who feel more comfortable about their bodies.”

Bobel said there needs to be innovation around much more than access to products. She calls for more “menstrual literacy”, so people can learn how their bodies work and make informed decisions about how to care for them free of shame.

“From the trivial to the serious, it really sets in motion a different kind of relationship with the body. Because right now, particularly for women and girls, we see our bodies as problems to be solved,” she says.

“But the body is a site of pleasure, of power, of potential. Menstrual stigma suppresses curiosity and it keeps us locked in our own sort of private misery. Menstrual literacy sets in motion an entirely different engagement with the body.”

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