Where to go in Vietnam: Another sky in Ta Xua mountain of Son La

Ta Xua is a newly discovered place with many amazing things for those who love to roam the mountains in the North West of Vietnam, where the beauty of wildness and romance can give foreign tourists feelings like they are lost in the magic.

Ta Xua is the 10th tallest mountain in Vietnam (2,650 m high) in Ta Xua commune of Bac Yen district in Son La province, its about 100 km away from Moc Chau district. This place is quite new to all visitors in the journey to discover the beauty of North West region.

As soon as you arrive in Ta Xua mountain, you will feel real sense of wild scene and life here. Wild beauty evokes from the road, scenery, mountains and even climate. Ta Xua can be comparable with Sa Pa, Da Lat, Tam Dao mountain in the cool and fresh air around the year and is the ideal resort for both local and international visitors. In the summer, when the temperature varies from 35 to 37 degrees Celsius, Ta Xua is only about 25 degrees in the daytime and the temperature in the night decreases more.

Lao Cai, sapa, ta xua, Vietnam

Blowing clouds on the top of Ta Xua mountain. Photo: Thẹ Prabster

Ta Xua has four seasons, each with its own characteristics, attractive features. However, what is particularly attractive in this area is that there are layers of cloud in all four seasons, every season has clouds of clouds about mid-mountain. The characteristics that have created the illusion, romantic dream that rare land has.

In the spring and the winter, clouds go down to Ta Xua all day, overwhelmed with the paths and spaces of villages, mountains, forming beautiful white clouds. In the summer, after the rain, the sea of ​​clouds appeared, lasting several hours, until 11 am it still has not melted. At that time, the sun shining on the sea of ​​clouds creates the scene as a fanciful place, appearing borders like gold in the horizon.

Lao Cai, sapa, ta xua, Vietnam

Blowing clouds on the top of Ta Xua mountain. Photo: Thẹ Prabster

One of the most interesting discoveries in Ta Xua is “Song Khung Long”- “Living dinosaurs”. It is a long mountain like it runs along the back of dinosaurs. At the top of the mountain there is only one long trail, while the two sides are sloping down to the bottom. When you reach the end of the “living dinosaurs”, you should stop to admire the beauty of wild, magnificent scene here.

Zooming out, the mountain seems to open a deep and wide view strongly attracting your eyes. It seems that when standing in that position, it is difficult to predict the depth of the canyon, but only clouds and leaves. In the clouds, “living dinosaurs” as drowned in the clouds, the space becomes blurry strangely. Around the top of the mountain, clouds rise gradually, rising gradually into the sea with clouds surrounding the mountain.

Lao Cai, sapa, ta xua, Vietnam

Blowing clouds on the top of Ta Xua mountain. Photo: Thẹ Prabster

These are the moments where you can release your soul into the clouds of white, all that dispel the sorrow, fatigue, the slow life with space as condensed. Here, visitors can stand on the cliffs high as the clouds, taking pictures to capture the best moments.

Ta Xua is a beautiful painting with many colors. If you go on the trail bending around the mountains, you will feel the beauty here. There are enough of wild colors from the grass, flowers and leaves. The white color is beautiful, smooth of the cloud, the yellow color of the sun shining, the green of the forest on the high mountains to the eye level …  Four seasons Ta Ta season is beautiful. In addition to the clouds, as a visitor, you can  see the beauty of blooming wild flowers.

Lao Cai, sapa, ta xua, Vietnam

Camping on the top of a Ta Xua mountain. Photo: Thẹ Prabster

Ta Xua, although the newly discovered place, is still wild, but visitors do not need to worry about where to eat because there are homestay services, it costs  from VND60,000 to VND80,000 per night. The space is nicely decorated and suitable for visitors. If you want to enjoy the local specialties, you just order with the host is have the opportunity to eat the bold flavors of local people. Ta Xua has specialties such as banana, sticky rice, bamboo shoots, corn wine, Ta Xua tea, wild apple from the forest, and more.

Photos by Thẹ Prabster

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