Where to find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Crafting and cooking are two tasks that you will undoubtedly participate in multiple times as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. As part of these activities, you will need to collect materials and ingredients to make the furniture and meals you are required to create. One of the many ingredients you can obtain in the game is Lancetfish. These long, slender, fish are hidden deep within the dark corners of the valley. This guide will show you where you can find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Lancetfish location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similar to other water-dwelling creatures like Lobsters, Lancetfish are only found in one of the valley’ many biomes. Specifically, you can only find Lancetfish in the biome called the Forgotten Lands. This biome sits on the other side of the Sunlit Plateau and is the most costly of the biomes to unlock. To unlock the Forgotten Lands, you will need to collect and save 15,000 Dreamlight. You can get all of this Dreamlight magic by completing tasks around the valley as well as completing quests for the residents.

Where to find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After unlocking the Forgotten Lands, you will have access to two ponds in the area that you can use to fish. As with other fish, you will want to target a specific color fishing node in order to get Lancetfish. These fish have the highest chance to spawn in blue fishing nodes in the Forgotten Lands. If you want to increase your chances of getting these fish, make sure to bring a resident with you who is assigned to the fishing role.

If you get tired of fishing for these monstrous fish, you can always obtain them from Moana’s Boat as well. After you unlock Moana, follow her quest line and you will eventually help her fix up her boat. Once the boat is fixed, she will head out across the ocean and gather fish for you. To get Lancetfish from her, you will want to upgrade the boat to the maximum level.

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