What is the release date of Free Fire OB28 update?


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Free Fire OB28 update is set to release on the global servers after the testing phase and will add many new features, including new characters, modes, pets, and many improvements and bug fixes. Players will be able to download the patch from Google Play Store and App Store after the maintenance gets over.

Your wait will be over soon as the patch will be arriving soon, and here is the release date of the Free Fire OB28 update.

Free Fire OB28 update release date

According to the previous update launch pattern, Free Fire OB28 update is expected to release on June 8, 2021 (UTC) globally. The details on new features will be revealed once the patch notes are out; however, as per the leaks, here are the features that you can expect to arrive in Free Fire OB28 update:

  • New Character: D-BEE
  • New Pet – Dr. Beanie
  • New Gun – UZI
  • New configurations and 2nd slot for Grenades
  • Character Improvements
  • Creative Mode: Build Your Room
  • Gold Royale: Super Kalahari

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The update size has also not been announced; however, players can expect it to be around 1 GB, so make sure you have enough space in your device before you download the Free Fire OB28 update to avoid any installation errors.

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