What is 5G Ultra Wideband? How your phone's internet may soon change

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5G doesnÔÇÖt just have an availability problem (with much of the world still lacking coverage) it also has a branding problem ÔÇô at least in the US, where there are several different flavors of 5G, and more than a few different names to go along with them.

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One of those names is 5G Ultra Wideband, which started popping up for lots of Verizon users in January 2022, so if youÔÇÖve seen this on your phone, you might understandably be wondering what it is.

WeÔÇÖll cover that below, along with explaining all the other names for 5G that are currently doing the rounds. Before we get to that though, itÔÇÖs important to know what different 5G technologies are available.

Low frequency, C-band and mmWave

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5G connections rely on radio waves known as spectrum, and this can operate at different frequencies. Broadly speaking, the frequencies used by 5G are split into three ranges.

First up thereÔÇÖs low frequency spectrum, which is generally considered to be anything under about 4GHz. This low frequency spectrum can travel a long way, and itÔÇÖs also good at penetrating buildings and other obstacles, making it a convenient way to build up widespread 5G coverage.

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But it doesnÔÇÖt support especially high speeds, often coming in only a little faster than 4G LTE. You can expect download speeds that average over 100Mbps, but it less often passes 200Mbps.

To get a speed boost you need to move to higher frequency spectrum, such as C-band. This is basically the mid-band or mid-frequency, and officially covers frequencies in the range of 4-8GHz, though US carriers are currently considering spectrum in the 3.7-3.98GHz range to be C-band.

In any case, this supports much higher speeds, and while itÔÇÖs not quite as long-range or robust at passing through obstacles as lower frequencies, it still does a reasonable job of both. TechRadar recorded a speed of 474.51Mbps using C-band 5G, which is far higher speed than is arguably even useful much of the time.

Look at me, I have 5G Ultra Wide Band, @VerizonÔÇÖs brand of 5G C-Band. Holy cow, look at that download speed ­čĄ» pic.twitter.com/bvzttupUbKJanuary 21, 2022

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Finally, thereÔÇÖs mmWave (or millimeter wave), and this refers to spectrum of 24GHz and above. ItÔÇÖs not as widely used worldwide as the lower frequencies, and while it is used in the US, mmWave coverage is currently very limited.

ThatÔÇÖs because providing mmWave coverage is tricky ÔÇô all those benefits of low frequency spectrum are weaknesses of mmWave, as itÔÇÖs short range and struggles with obstacles. That said, when you do get an mmWave signal itÔÇÖs blazing fast, often offering speeds of well over 1Gbps.

What about sub-6GHz?

Sub-6GHz is often mentioned in the same breath as mmWave, and thatÔÇÖs because itÔÇÖs a name that covers all the widely used 5G bands that donÔÇÖt fall under mmWave ÔÇô specifically bands of 6GHz or less.

So both C-band (or at least the C-band frequencies in current use) and low frequency 5G are considered sub-6GHz.

That said, depending on who you ask you might find spectrum of 1GHz and below isnÔÇÖt considered part of the sub-6GHz range, despite being below 6GHz. In those cases youÔÇÖll likely see these very low frequencies referred to as low-band or similar.

So whatÔÇÖs Ultra Wideband?

Ultra Wideband isnÔÇÖt an official name for any 5G technology, rather itÔÇÖs a marketing name used by Verizon.

The carrier refers to both its mmWave and C-band networks as 5G Ultra Wideband, so if youÔÇÖre connected to any of those, then you might see those words on your phoneÔÇÖs status bar (or potentially 5G UW or 5G UWB, depending on your handset).

The carrier refers to slower, low frequency 5G as Nationwide 5G ÔÇô though on your handset it might simply say ÔÇś5GÔÇÖ.

But the names donÔÇÖt end there, as the other US carriers have their own terminology. AT&T uses the term 5GE or 5G Evolution to describe an upgraded 4G network, which is to say not actually 5G at all. Then it uses just 5G for low frequency 5G, and 5G Plus for C-band and mmWave. So 5G Plus is the equivalent of 5G Ultra Wideband.

T-Mobile meanwhile uses Extended Range 5G to describe low frequency 5G, and Ultra Capacity 5G (also known as 5G UC) for C-band and mmWave. Though it isnÔÇÖt actually planning to roll C-band spectrum out until 2023, so at the time of writing youÔÇÖll only see 5G UC on your status bar if youÔÇÖre lucky enough to be in an mmWave area.

AirTags use Ultra Wideband, but not 5G Ultra Wideband (Image credit: TechRadar)

What does all this have to do with AppleÔÇÖs Ultra Wideband?

While there are now entirely too many names for 5G, the 5G Ultra Wideband one could be extra confusing, because Apple and some other companies such as Google also use Ultra Wideband technology ÔÇô and this has nothing to do with 5G.

Also known as UWB, this is a technology that is used by AirTags among other devices, and enables precise location tracking.

What about other countries?

US carriers only recently (as of January 2022) started using C-band 5G, and as a result the number of commonly used 5G terms recently skyrocketed, but in many countries C-band has been used for a while, and the terminology is less confusing.

In the UK for example 5G marketing terms are kept to a minimum ÔÇô in most cases itÔÇÖs all just ÔÇś5GÔÇÖ, yet both low frequency and C-band spectrum is in use (no mmWave though at the time of writing).

Australia meanwhile uses low frequency, C-band and mmWave spectrum for 5G, but its mmWave coverage is negligible at the time of writing.

Which handsets work with the faster forms of 5G?

Not all 5G phones support every form of 5G, so even if youÔÇÖre on a network with mmWave and in an area that has mmWave coverage for example, youÔÇÖll still need a compatible handset.

For the most part, most phones sold in a country will support the various 5G frequencies used there, but they wonÔÇÖt always support those used abroad. In the case of the UK, that also means some handsets donÔÇÖt support mmWave ÔÇô which isnÔÇÖt much of a problem as no mmWave 5G is offered there, but one day it might be.

And even within a country not every 5G phone will necessarily support every 5G frequency, especially in the case of C-band in the US, which because itÔÇÖs only newly been offered isnÔÇÖt supported by every handset.

In some cases unsupported handsets could get support down the line via a software update, but others will never be capable of accessing this spectrum.

At the time of writing, itÔÇÖs only the iPhone 13 range, the iPhone 12 range, the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Samsung Galaxy A13 that support C-band 5G in the US on all relevant carriers. The Google Pixel 6 range additionally supports it on AT&T, but not yet on Verizon.

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T├╝rkiyeÔÇÖde resmi rakamlara g├Âre Nisan 2022 itibar─▒yla y─▒ll─▒k enflasyon t├╝ketici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde 69,97, yurt i├ži ├╝retici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde 121,82 oldu. Son d├Ânemde enflasyon nedeniyle fiyatlar─▒ ciddi oranda artan temel t├╝ketim ... Read more ┬╗

Bill Gates: Elon Musk, TwitterÔÇÖ─▒ daha k├Ât├╝ hale getirebilir

MicrosoftÔÇÖun kurucu orta─č─▒ Bill Gates, TeslaÔÇÖn─▒n sahibi Elon MuskÔÇÖun TwitterÔÇÖ─▒ 44 milyar dolara alma vaadinden sonra sosyal medya kurulu┼čunu “daha k├Ât├╝” hale getirebilece─či uyar─▒s─▒nda bulundu. Wall Street Journal gazetesinin ├╝st ... Read more ┬╗

Avrupa'da elektrikli otomobil sat─▒┼člar─▒ y├╝zde 53,4 artt─▒

Avrupa Birli─či’nde (AB), bu y─▒l─▒n ilk ├žeyre─činde elektrikli otomobillerin toplam pazardaki pay─▒ y├╝zde 10’a ula┼čt─▒. Avrupa Otomobil ├ťreticileri Birli─či (ACEA), AB ├╝lkelerinde 2022 y─▒l─▒n─▒n ilk ├žeyre─činde yak─▒t t├╝rlerine g├Âre yeni ... Read more ┬╗

─░ngiltere, Galler ve ─░sko├žya'da halk yerel se├žimler i├žin sand─▒k ba┼č─▒nda

─░ngiltere, Galler ve ─░sko├žya’da halk yerel y├Ânetimler, Kuzey ─░rlanda’da da parlamento se├žimleri i├žin sand─▒k ba┼č─▒na gitti. Se├žmenler, 4 y─▒ll─▒─č─▒na yeni belediye meclis ├╝yelerini belirleyecek.┬á─░ngiltere’de yerel se├žimler, Ba┼čbakan Jonhson i├žin karne ... Read more ┬╗

Enflasyon nisanda y├╝zde 7,25 artt─▒, y─▒ll─▒k bazda ise y├╝zde 69,97 oldu

T├╝ketici Fiyat Endeksi (T├ťFE) nisanda ayl─▒k bazda y├╝zde 7,25, Yurt ─░├ži ├ťretici Fiyat Endeksi (Y─░-├ťFE) y├╝zde 7,67 art─▒┼č g├Âsterdi. Y─▒ll─▒k enflasyon t├╝ketici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde 69,97, yurt i├ži ├╝retici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde ... Read more ┬╗

Kolombiya'n─▒n 'yeni Escobar'─▒ uyu┼čturucu baronu 'Otoniel', ABD'ye iade edildi

Kolombiya, uyu┼čturucu ka├žak├ž─▒s─▒ “Otoniel” lakapl─▒ Dairo Antonio Usuga’nu ABD’ye iade etti.┬á Kolombiya’da onlarca cinayet, adam ka├ž─▒rma, su├ž ├Ârg├╝t├╝ kurma, uyu┼čturucu ka├žak├ž─▒l─▒─č─▒ dahil 120 su├žtan yarg─▒lanan su├ž ├Ârg├╝t├╝ Clan del Golfo’nun ... Read more ┬╗

Kazakistan: 'Anayasa'da Nazarbayev'in kurucu cumhurba┼čkan─▒ stat├╝s├╝ne gerek yok'

KazakistanÔÇÖda AnayasaÔÇÖda yap─▒lacak de─či┼čiklikler kapsam─▒nda Nursultan NazarbayevÔÇÖin “kurucu cumhurba┼čkan─▒” stat├╝s├╝n├╝n belirtilmesine gerek olmad─▒─č─▒ bildirildi. Kazakistan Devlet Sekreteri Yerlan Karin, Telegram kanal─▒ndan yapt─▒─č─▒ a├ž─▒klamada, Anayasa Konseyinin Cumhurba┼čkan─▒ Kas─▒m C├Âmert TokayevÔÇÖin AnayasaÔÇÖda ... Read more ┬╗

Avrupa Parlamentosu, Frontex'in b├╝t├žesini 'geri itmelerdeki rol├╝' nedeniyle onaylamad─▒

Avrupa Parlamentosu (AP), Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) d─▒┼č s─▒n─▒rlardan sorumlu kurumu Frontex’in b├╝t├že harcamalar─▒na, geri itmelerdeki rol├╝ ve y├Ânetim sorunlar─▒ gibi nedenlerle onay vermedi. AP’den yap─▒lan a├ž─▒klamaya g├Âre, Strazburg’da ger├žekle┼čtirilen Genel ... Read more ┬╗

Maradona'n─▒n 'Tanr─▒'n─▒n Eli' gol├╝n├╝ att─▒─č─▒ ma├žtaki formas─▒ a├ž─▒k art─▒rmada rekor fiyata al─▒c─▒ buldu

Arjantinli efsanevi futbolcu Diego Maradona’n─▒n 1986 D├╝nya Kupas─▒ ├žeyrek finalinde ─░ngiltere’ye kar┼č─▒ “Tanr─▒’n─▒n Eli” olarak tarihe ge├žen gol├╝ att─▒─č─▒ ma├žta giydi─či forma a├ž─▒k artt─▒rmada 7.1 milyon sterline (9,3 milyon dolara) ... Read more ┬╗

Afganistan'da sel felaketi: En az 18 ki┼či hayat─▒n─▒ kaybetti

Afganistan’─▒n 10 vilayetinde etkili olan a┼č─▒r─▒ ya─č─▒┼člar─▒n yol a├žt─▒─č─▒ seller nedeniyle en az 18 ki┼či ya┼čam─▒n─▒ yitirdi. Taliban y├Ânetiminin Do─čal Afetlerle M├╝cadele Devlet Bakan─▒ Yard─▒mc─▒s─▒ Mevlevi ┼×erafeddin M├╝slim, ├╝lkede meydana ... Read more ┬╗

Airbnb, Paris'in ├╝nl├╝ kabaresi Moulin Rouge'da 1 euroya konaklama imkan─▒ sunacak

Konaklama platformu Airbnb, haziran ay─▒nda Paris’in ├╝nl├╝ kabaresi Moulin Rouge ├žat─▒s─▒ alt─▒nda 3 gece sembolik bir fiyata konaklama imkan─▒ sa─člayacak. Moulin Rouge ile i┼č birli─či yapan Airbnb, normal zamanlarda depo ... Read more ┬╗

AB'nin yapt─▒r─▒m teklifi sonras─▒ brent petrol├╝n varil fiyat─▒ 109 dolar─▒ a┼čt─▒

Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) Rusya’ya y├Ânelik petrol ambargosu ├Ânerisi sonras─▒ brent petrol fiyatlar─▒ y├╝kseli┼če ge├žti. Brent petrol├╝n varili, uluslararas─▒ piyasalarda ├žar┼čamba g├╝n├╝ itibar─▒yla 109,13 dolardan i┼člem g├Âr├╝yor. D├╝n 108,31 dolara kadar ... Read more ┬╗

Rus milletvekili: AB Rus petrol├╝n├╝ 3. ├╝lkeler arac─▒l─▒─č─▒yla daha pahal─▒ya alacak

Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) Rusya’ya kar┼č─▒ petrol ambargosu ├Âng├Âren yapt─▒r─▒m paketini a├ž─▒klamas─▒ sonras─▒ Rus milletvekili┬áVladimir Dzhabarov, AB’nin Rus petrol├╝n├╝ ├╝├ž├╝nc├╝ ├╝lkeler arac─▒l─▒─č─▒yla almaya devam edece─čini s├Âyledi. Avrupa Komisyonu Ba┼čkan─▒ Ursula von ... Read more ┬╗

Kuzey Kore: Kurakl─▒kla m├╝cadele i├žin h├╝k├╝met ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒ ├žift├žilere yard─▒ma g├Ânderildi

Kuzey Kore’de┬áuzun s├╝reli g─▒da k─▒tl─▒─č─▒ endi┼česi nedeniyle h├╝k├╝met ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒ ve fabrika i┼č├žileri kurakl─▒kla m├╝cadeleye kat─▒lmak i├žin ├╝lkenin d├Ârt bir yan─▒ndaki tar─▒m b├Âlgelerine g├Ânderildi. Rodong Sinmun gazetesi,┬á“Kamu bilincini art─▒rmak ve kurakl─▒ktan ... Read more ┬╗