Wedding of the week: Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce had surprise overseas “guests” at their Capel wedding

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There has been no limit to the creative ways loved ones have stayed connected while closed borders keep them physically separated.

Wedding of the week: Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce had surprise overseas “guests” at their Capel wedding

Camera IconWedding of Elizabeth Tipper to Roderick Bruce

When Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce tied the knot, the bride’s mother surprised her new son-in-law with life sized cut-outs of his Scottish family who couldn’t fly across for the special day because of COVID-19.

And it turns out it’s not just the Irish with all the luck. The Melbourne-based pair managed to travel and wed between lockdowns in both states, with WA mask mandates and number restrictions at weddings lifting the night before their wedding.

Scotland was well represented on the day with Roderick in traditional national dress, which included the Bruce tartan kilt.

When and where

Wedding of the week: Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce had surprise overseas “guests” at their Capel wedding

Camera IconWedding of Elizabeth Tipper to Roderick Bruce

The pair were joined by 80 guests at Masonmill’s Secret Garden in Capel for the exchanging of vows on May 8. Celebrations continued at the venue’s French Garden for the reception.

The nuptials included handfasting — an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands of the bride and groom are tied together to symbolise the binding of two lives.


Wedding of the week: Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce had surprise overseas “guests” at their Capel wedding

Camera IconWedding of Elizabeth Tipper to Roderick Bruce

The bride wore an a-line ivory dress with lace sleeves and bodice.


Wedding of the week: Elizabeth Tipper and Roderick Bruce had surprise overseas “guests” at their Capel wedding

Camera IconPictures: Bird On The Wall Photography Credit: Bird On The Wall Photography

The newlyweds enjoyed two nights at Crown before heading back to Melbourne.

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