We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

In my 26 years, I’ve lived in a handful of states—California primarily, but also Wisconsin, Ohio and Missouri. People gripe about moving and for good reason—it is a pain. But amid the stress and chaos that is upheaving my life, I find exhilaration in the opportunity to collect friends, memories and places in each new location. And when I say places, I mean parks and museums, sure, but I mostly mean restaurants.

I’ve come to find each city, no matter how small, has its own collection of food traditions (such as my childhood favorite from Cincinnati, goetta). Plus, there are the local haunts that serve these traditions up and keep them alive.

So whether it’s hot salami from Gioia’s Deli in St. Louis or blueberry coffee cake from Hobee’s in Palo Alto, I have a favorite treat specific to all the towns in which I’ve spent time. And, man, do I miss them when I’m gone. Thankfully, Goldbelly is around to satisfy any craving.

What is Goldbelly?

Goldbelly is for people like me. People who miss and crave the hot sandwich they had that one time during a layover in New York City years ago or the ice cream they grew up eating summer after summer in their hometown. It’s also for people who are just plain curious about food.

Founded in 2013 with the mission to “bring people comfort through food,” Goldbelly partners with and uplifts local and regional shops, chefs and restaurants to ship their beloved specialities anywhere in the U.S. So, yes, I could have the aforementioned coffee cake from California on my Wisconsin doorstep in just a few days.

Offerings include Shake Shack burgers, Ina Garten’s coconut cake and rare tropical produce from a company called Miami Fruit. So, it’s safe to say this site has it all.

Prepared products are available for one-time purchase, but Goldbelly also offers meal kits (anyone want to make Carla Hall’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken with me?), care packages, other subscription boxes, merch and gift cards.

Goldbelly Subscription Box Features

To get a feel for the whole gamut of Goldbelly products, I purchased the 3-month subscription box. Every four weeks from June to August, I received a shipment of one special, sought-after food from across the country that was hand-selected by the Goldbelly team. Talk about a fun food of the month club!

Each box is guaranteed to contain at least four servings (though mine had much more) and arrives with a QR code that outlines storage and preparation instructions for each food item.

How We Tested the Goldbelly Subscription Box

I learned, via email, each box’s contents a few days before it shipped (customization is not possible with this service). Then, I waited with much anticipation until the well-packed, well-insulated treat showed up at my door. Here are the delicious eats I received. 

June: Emporium Pies Cherry Bomb Pie

We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

This beautiful behemoth hails from Emporium Pies in the Dallas Metro Area. (Check out these famous Texas foods.) The thick and luxurious lattice crust tastes like a bakery pastry—a treat within a treat, if you will. And that’s not to mention the tart cherries popping with flavor in each bite.

Thanks to the instructions for heating up the whole pie as well as a single slice, it was so simple for me to enjoy this summertime bliss piece by piece. Psst! Enjoy it a la mode with vanilla ice cream like I did.

July: Central Grocery Muffuletta

We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

If you caught the allusion to my salami obsession earlier, then it should come as no surprise that I love muffuletta. I was buzzing to sample this New Orleans staple—Central Grocery is dubbed the “Home of the Original Muffuletta.” (Learn more recipes native to Louisiana.) 

I received two 9-in. round sesame loaves loaded with Italian meats, Swiss, provolone, marinated olive salad and pickled veggies—one for me and one to give my friend who has been craving the sammy since a trip to NOLA two years ago. The pre-prepared sandwiches weren’t soggy at all and crisped up to perfection in the oven or microwave.

August: PieCaken Bakeshop Strawberry Lemon PieCaken

We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

As a fan of chef and PieCaken Bakeshop founder Zac Young and as someone who’s always been intrigued by Taste of Home’s Chocolate Pecan PieCaken, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this hodgepodge of a dessert.

Straight from the storefront in New York City, this seasonal sweet contains layers of lemon cake, strawberry-swirled cheesecake, lemon frosting and strawberry-rhubarb pie. It’s a summery version of the iconic fall PieCaken. The 6-in.-tall stack was bright, cheery, tasty—and so much easier to slice than you’d expect. Served cold, the cakey concoction required no prep aside from plating. Yes, please! For another Goldbelly treat, try ordering a replica of JFK’s wedding cake.


  • Famous, high-quality foods 
  • Mix of sweet and savory offerings
  • The surprise element (“What’s next month’s going to be?”)
  • Ability to enjoy foods from other parts of the country
  • Reliability (boxes arrived in a timely manner and every four weeks without fail)
  • Platform for small businesses


  • Pricey
  • Inability to customize (not ideal for picky eaters or those with allergies or dietary restrictions)


How much does a Goldbelly subscription box cost?

The 3-month subscription box costs $249 (shipping is free). Now that’s a pretty penny, but if you travel to eat, then that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a couple plane tickets.

And if you break it down, each item comes at a discounted price through the subscription service. When purchased individually, the Cherry Bomb pie costs $100, the muffuletta costs $115 and the PieCaken costs $100. So, I unknowingly scored a $66 discount.

Final Verdict

Fun—that’s the word that comes to mind when reflecting on my experience with the 3-month Goldbelly subscription box. Some items were sweet; others savory. Some businesses were historical; others trendy. Some items were seasonal; others mainstays. But they were all pleasant surprises to me.

Although I loved this service and think any culinary explorer would, too, I don’t recommend it to those with dietary restrictions, strong preferences or allergies. Since you can’t control what’s in your box, it’s not the best bet for gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan folks. (That being said, Goldbelly is dutifully working to make its subscriptions more allergy-friendly in the future.)

In the meantime, try any of the company’s many one-off items that fit your tastes. They make for a great food gift!

Where to Buy a Goldbelly Subscription Box

Goldbelly subscriptions are available directly through Goldbelly’s website, as are individual food items. And, of course, if you’re in the same city as your favorite Goldbelly-partnered restaurant, don’t forget to stop by for an in-person purchase!

Source: We Tried a Goldbelly Subscription Box and It Satisfied All of Our Cravings

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