We convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

A COUPLE who convert vans into sleek, modern living spaces has been showing them off online.

The couple took people on a tour of one converted van in a video uploaded to YouTube and viewers loved the final result.

we convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

The interior of this converted Mercedes Sprinter van is incredibleCredit: YouTube – Louis The Van

As professional motorhome designers, they have produced some of the most modern motorhome interiors in the world.

Seth and Scarlett describe themselves as boutique van builders and full-time van dwellers.

One converted van has a fully-equipped kitchen that's so modern its drawers can be opened by simply touching them.

The floor of the van is also a modern, luxurious vinyl 'plank' with hexagonal tiles.

It's easy to charge your phone when parked up as they have incorporated USB chargers in the kitchen.

And surprisingly, this is one of the first converted vans with an induction hob for cooking.

The kitchen's countertop is made of wood and was made bespoke by the couple.

A large window is situated in the kitchen area for better light and ventilation while cooking.

A table can be pulled out to be used for work or eating, while beneath the table is a small fridge.

The van has a pull-out double bed with two bedside LEDs that allow them to read.

At the rear of the van is an incredible shower with a raindrop showerhead and walls covered with marble-effect waterproof material.

And up on the roof, you'll find a large solar panel that helps power various electrical items onboard.

we convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

A bench sofa pulls out into a comfy double bedCredit: YouTube – Louis The Van

we convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

The fit and finish inside the kitchen and bathroom are exceptional

we convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

A large roof-mounted solar panel helps power electrical items onboardCredit: YouTube – Louis The Van

we convert vans into the world’s most modern motorhomes with ‘marble’ bathrooms and high-end kitchens

At the back is a shower with a raindrop showerhead and marble-effect wallsCredit: YouTube – Louis The Van

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