Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence

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Friday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns was a bizarre one, and Lakers guard Rajon Rondo added to the bedlam.

Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
© Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports Rajon Rondo and the Lakers suffered their second straight loss to open the season Friday night.

During a stoppage in play in the third quarter, Rondo went up to a fan sitting courtside and pointed his fingers right in the fan’s face, doing a mock gun-shooting motion. The fan responded by smacking Rondo’s hand away and was promptly ejected by security at Staples Center. Have a look.

Rondo & a fan

— Misha Konygin (@gdfactoryclips) October 23, 2021

The Lakers were getting blown out by the Suns at the time to send them to their second straight loss to start the new NBA season. Lakers teammates Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard also had an altercation of their own in the first half of the game (video here).

It is unclear what, if anything, the fan said to Rondo to trigger the exchange. While there will obviously be zero tolerance whatsoever for a fan touching a player, Rondo certainly seemed to provoke the smack by getting in the fan’s face with the gun gesture. In any case, Friday night’s incident brought to mind a similar episode in Golden State from a couple of years ago.

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Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence
Watch: Rajon Rondo gets courtside fan ejected in bizarre sequence

The 25 best NBA nicknames of all time

If you are an NBA player, there is a good chance you are a known name. You may very well be a star and even one who surpasses the world of sports fandom. Everybody knows Michael Jordan, right? Some guys are known by only one name. Shaq. Kobe. LeBron. Then there are the famous nicknames and the maybe not-as-famous nicknames that are still fun. Who doesn’t like a good nickname? We certainly do, and so do NBA fans. Here are our 25 favorite NBA nicknames.


This is a nickname that has superseded his actual name. How many people call him Earvin Johnson? Nobody, right? He’s Magic Johnson. That’s what he’s been known as since he basically became famous. That’s what he’s known as now. Johnson will always be Magic, which is also a great nickname for a crazy talented point guard.

Dr. J

It’s such a simple nickname, but it’s so iconic. His name is Julius Erving, and he was a “doctor” of basketball, so he became known as Dr. J. And yet it just stuck with everybody. Dr. J just rolls off the tongue, and Erving’s amazing dunks and stellar play certainly helped embed the nickname in our minds.

The Mailman

The U.S Postal Service doesn’t actually have that “Neither rain nor snow…” motto, but we still think of mail carriers as being largely reliable. That’s how Karl Malone got his nickname, “The Mailman.” Malone always delivered — except on Sunday and national holidays, we guess.

Air Jordan

“Air Jordan” isn’t super creative for a guy named Michael Jordan. And yet it was perfect. Jordan was a dunk champion. His “Jumpman” logo is still iconic. Flying through the air is MJ’s thing. It’s a pitch-perfect nickname.

The Big O

Until Russell Westbrook came around, Oscar Robertson was the last player to average a triple-double over a whole NBA season. “The Big” whatever is usually a decent nickname concept, but none of them tops “The Big O” as a nickname. It’s just fun to call somebody “The Big O.”

Wilt the Stilt

Rhyming is a good choice for nicknames. There are a couple of those on this list. Wilt Chamberlain was tall (7-foot-1). So are people who walk on stilts. Hence, Wilt the Stilt. It’s not an intimidating nickname, but it’s fresh enough to be fun.

The Answer

What is Allen Iverson the answer to? We aren’t sure. That wasn’t really what was important. All that mattered was A.I. (not as good of a nickname) was the Answer. It was a formidable nickname and fitting for a guy who changed the NBA.

The Glove

Most guys get nicknames for their physical traits or their offensive acumen. Not Gary Payton. He earned his nickname for his defensive skills. Payton is the only point guard to ever be Defensive Player of the Year. He fit to the guys he was guarding like a glove. Works for us.

The Dream

Call him Akeem. Call him Hakeem. We just known that Hakeem Olajuwon is “The Dream.” It’s a rhyming nickname and a perfect one. He had his Dream Shake. He had those basketball shoes that were way cheaper than Jordan’s. You can even just call him “Dream,” and people will know whom you’re talking about.

The Greek Freak

It kind of feels like Giannis Antetokounmpo got a nickname right out of the gate because of the difficulty in spelling, and pronouncing, his actual name. However, Giannis is Greek, and he’s a physical freak, and those words rhyme. Now he’s a two-time MVP, and The Greek Freak has entered the lexicon.

The Round Mound of Rebound

Some people call Charles Barkley “Sir Charles,” which is kind of blah. However, Barkley was a hefty, formidable rebounder who wasn’t maybe as much of a physical specimen as some of his fellow big men. “The Round Mound of Rebound” just works perfectly, and it’s maybe the most amusing NBA nickname ever.


Vince Carter had a ton of nicknames: “Air Canada.” “Half Man, Half Amazing.” The best of the bunch, though, is “Vinsanity.” His dunking skills were insane, or rather “Vinesane.” It just rolls off the tongue, and until “Linsanity” it was the one “insanity” nickname out there.

Clyde the Glide

Man, when Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler were on the same team, it was a dynamic nickname duo. Maybe “Clyde the Glide” doesn’t make a ton of sense, but we don’t care. Everybody calls him “Clyde the Glide” so you know that works as a nickname.

The Process

Joel Embiid likes to have fun. When Sam Hinkie tore down the 76ers to rebuild them, it became known by fans as “The Process.” “Trust The Process” became the rallying cry. Naturally, Embiid, one of the players drafted during that time, decided to give himself the nickname “The Process.” We don’t usually like self-given nicknames, but this one is fun enough to get a pass. Now, if only Embiid and the Sixers could complete that process.

The Dunkin’ Dutchman

Rik Smits was a giant guy from the Netherlands who was an underrated player. He was even an All-Star once. When you are over 7-foot tall it’s pretty easy to dunk. It’s also super fun to call a guy “The Dunkin’ Dutchman.”

Reign Man

Shawn Kemp was one of those players who wasn’t overrated necessarily, but he is oversized in our memory because of his big, splashy highlights. It rains a lot in Seattle, and if you get buckets you could be said to be making it rain. Plus, “Rain Man” is a movie that existed. So the nickname was tweaked a bit to “Reign Man” to call to mind royalty, and a nickname was born.

Splash Mountain

This is the newest one on the list, and we owe it all to Brook Lopez beginning to shoot threes. The 7-foot center, who had spent his entire career by the basket, was suddenly splashing treys. However, he’s still a mountain of a man, so we get this awesome nickname.

Pistol Pete

There was a time when Pete Maravich was wearing a jersey that just said “Pistol” on it. He’s not the only Pistol Pete. That’s also the nickname of Oklahoma State’s mascot. However, it’s alliterative and cool, so we still did it for Maravich.

Big Shot Bob

Robert Horry won seven NBA titles even though he was never THAT good of a player. He averaged 7.0 points per game in his career; however, Horry made several iconic big shots. Before he even retired he was being called “Big Shot Bob,” which is, frankly, a great nickname.


Robert Parish played for 21 seasons, and for an NBA-record 1,611 regular-season games. He had a long time to earn a nickname. However, Parish wasn’t the most dynamic of personalities. That’s actually how he got his nickname. He was called “Chief” after the big, quiet character from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

The Worm

Dennis Rodman’s nickname “The Worm” is an indelible one. It’s evocative and unusual. How did he get it though? Well, there are conflicting stories. We can’t say for sure how it started. It doesn’t matter. Rodman was an outsized personality, and he earned an outsized nickname.

Big Dog

A few players in NBA history have been called “Big Dog.” We get it, since it’s a really good nickname. However, to us, the quintessential “Big Dog” is Glenn Robinson. His son, Glenn Robinson III, is now in the NBA. Maybe we could call him “Little Dog?” Or maybe “The Puppy?” Or would that maybe not go over well?

The Jet

Kenny Smith is on TNT’s NBA programming with two other nicknamed gentleman in Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. Smith has a nickname of his own though. You could say he’s called Kenny “The Jet” Smith because of his speed. In truth, we know it’s because of the Elton John song “Benny and the Jets” as much as anything else.

Sauce Castillo

This is maybe the best nickname story of the bunch. Nik Stauskas was never a remarkable NBA player. However, one day the closed captioning on a game turned “Nik Stauskas” into “Sauce Castillo.” In the modern era that was able to go viral, and a guy who never made much of an impact on the court got a great nickname anyway.

Big Ben

Sure, technically Big Ben is just the bell — not the clock or the giant tower. Let’s not get pedantic. We think of Big Ben as being tall and foreboding. That makes it a perfect nickname for Ben Wallace, who was arguably the best defensive player in the NBA during his time with the Pistons. When he got a rebound, they would also play a bell chiming in Detroit. Not bad for an undersized, undrafted player.

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