Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown: How to down attack, dodge, block, and recover

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is making a grand entrance on PlayStation systems, but have you learned the innermost basics of the game yet? If not, you’ll probably struggle on Ranked Mode. Here’s a beginner’s look into how to play the game.

Slide to the right and to the left

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown plays fairly similarly to the Tekken series when it comes to dodging. Double press either the up or down D-Pad button to dodge incoming attacks. If you’re very precise with the timing in VF5, you can dodge under circular attacks, kicks, and fists. Be wary of unavoidable strikes, however. Jacky, for example, has a roundhouse kick that you need to block instead of dodging.

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Another option available to you is an offensive dodge. By simultaneously moving left or right and pressing L2 (punch+kick+guard), you’ll dodge at a brisk pace, potentially catching your opponent off guard with a counter hit. It’s hard to pull off, but if you manage to master it, this can turn the tides.

Block to your heart’s content

how to, amazon

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Unlike other fighters, there is a block button rather than simply moving backward. Hold square to fend off incoming strikes and if the opponent goes for a low attack, go for a low block by simply crouching with the block button held. Don’t be too comfortable with blocking, on the other hand, as your foe can grab you for a punishing blow.

To counter grabs, press square and X (punch+guard) at just the right moment. If the opponent is going for a forward grab, you must do the same by inputting forward, square and X. Try to detect what your enemy is considering and counter!

Air drop it like it’s hot

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Air drops (known by the game as down attacks) let you hit the foe while on the ground with a stunning aerial move. To do it, knock your opponent down to the dirt and input up and X at the same time. The timing has to be just right as if you’re too late, it won’t implement the move. Each character has a variation on the move. The main protagonist Akira leaps into the air and lands a downward punch into his opponent. Eileen, on the other hand, flips and lands on the fallen enemy with her feet.

Get up to your feet in no time

how to, amazon

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The last point we’ll inform you of is a quick recovery move from the ground. As soon as your character’s body falls to the ground, press L2 (punch+kick+grab) to snap back into action. Just like the air drop and the dodge, timing is key because if you fail, you’re prone to a down attack.

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