Video: Imported sturgeon plunges

Currently, there have no sturgeon shipments are imported into Vietnam after some shipments imported across Lang Son and Border Gates were siezed by competent forces in early March.

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Export shutchi catfish is bounced back

By the end of first quarter of 2021, the total value of exported shutchi catfish hit $344.2 million, increasing by 3% from the same period last year. It is expected to pull out export turnover of seafood in 2021. Read more »

Unreasonable difference

VCN - Vietnam has more than 3,400 km of coastline, nearly half of provinces and cities are located on the coast, a network of rivers and streams with many advantages in transportation when using natural exploitation without big investment, the cost of water transport is low, but it has not been developed to match the potential. This issue is one of the causes of the high logistics costs. Read more »

Expectations of a “revolution” in reforming specialised inspection procedures -Part 1: still face difficulties

VCN- The Prime Minister approved the scheme on reforming the model of quality inspections and food safety inspections for import goods in Decision 38/QD-TTg dated January 12 to resolve problems and shortcomings in specialised inspection. However, to implement the scheme effectively and bring benefits for businesses, the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Vietnam Customs, and ministries, branches and sectors must quickly complete specific regulations and policies. Read more »

Increase deep processing: A solution for agricultural exports

VCN- As the leading country in exporting agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, mainly exporting raw materials makes Vietnamese goods lose their advantages. Further promoting deep processing is an important solution to help the whole sector make a breakthrough. Read more »

Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD) acquires ownership of rice varieties ST24, ST25

VCN - Talking to press agencies about the case of Mr. Ho Quang Cua wanting to sell the ownership of rice varieties ST24, ST25, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien affirmed that MARD is planning to use the funds in the seed development program 2021 - 2025 for acquisition. Read more »

What are the roles of ministries and branches in the new specialised inspection decree?

VCN - Source inspection (where raw materials, components, supplies, semi-finished products are produced) is an important task to perform State management of inspecting quality and testing food safety for imported goods under the new model. Read more »

Discipline tax management of business households

VCN - To combat tax loss for business households, especially large-scale units, the tax management of these units will be put into a "framework" to strictly control, avoiding losses and a lack of transparency. Read more »

Spending more than $1 billion to import automobiles in four months

Despite suffering a decline compared to March, the volume of completed built-up (CBU) in April was still high. Read more »

Brand protection for exports

VCN- The issue of ST24 and ST25 rice which has been registered for trademark protection by US and Australian businesses has set off alarm bells for all businesses about the meaning of the brand in the international trade business. Read more »

Import – export turnover at Hai Phong Customs tops $8 billion in April, increasing by more than 47%

Total import – export turnover in April at the Hai Phong Customs Department reached about $8.4 billion, increasing 47.4% over the same period in 2020. Read more »

Real estate businesses get good results despite the pandemic

VCN- During the Covid-19 pandemic, many real estate enterprises still had high business results and profits in the first months of 2021. Read more »

Ho Chi Minh City: FDI enterprises are the main driving force of import-export growth

VCN - The import-export turnover of Ho Chi Minh City in the first four months of 2021 increased by more than 20%. In particular, foreign investment is considered the main driving force in the import-export growth of the city. Read more »

MoIT suggests China exempt Sars-Cov-2 testing on Vietnamese agricultural and fishery products

VCN - Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien proposed the General Department of Customs of China to exempt Sars-Cov-2 testing on Vietnamese agricultural, aquatic and frozen foods exported to China. Read more »

Mong Cai Customs using sniffing dogs to detect drugs

Mong Cai Police City recently issued decision to prosecute criminal case and prosecute Nguyen Duc V. due to storing drugs illegally. Read more »

Breaking the "monopoly" of road transportation

VCN - Transportation costs account for the majority of logistics costs, and a serious imbalance between transportation by road and air, water, and rail has occurred.Breaking the monopoly of roads in transporting goods will greatly reduce logistics costs for goods import-export enterprises. Read more »

Import turnover of commodities cleared by HCM City Customs Department surges

VCN- In the total VND 42.4 billion of import and export turnover in April, the turnover of many commodities cleared by HCM City Customs Department surged. Read more »

Strictly combating cigar smuggling, illegal transportation and trafficking

VCN- Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, Head of National Steering Committee 389, has directed ministries, branches and localities to request competent forces to strengthen the fight against cigar smuggling, illegal transportation and trafficking. Read more »

Two Metro trains cleared by HCMC Customs

VCN- Metro train No.2 and No.3 of metro line No.1 arrived at Khanh Hoi port on the morning of May 10. HCMC Customs Department has completed customs clearance for this special shipment. Read more »

Agricultural enterprises face difficulty in accessing low- interest credit packages

VCN - Agricultural enterprises have faced difficulties in accessing low-interest credit packages, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural cooperatives. Read more »

Customs of central provinces: Preventing pandemic but try to avoid causing congestion

Developing plans and being ready to deploy task in case of arising case of Covid-19 infection to avoid affecting to import – export activities. That is the record of Customs New’s reporters at the Vietnam – Laos Border Gates such as: Nam Can (Nghe An), Cau Treo (Ha Tinh), Cha Lo (Quang Binh), Lao Bao and La Ray (Quang Tri). Read more »

Mr. Dao Duy Tam appointed as Deputy Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department

VCN- Deputy Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) Mai Xuan Thanh awarded a decision to appoint Mr. Dao Duy Tam as Deputy Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department. Read more »

Towards the Southern export service center

VCN - Export of goods has increased in recent years, Ho Chi Minh City is oriented to become the center of export services of the whole southern region. Read more »

Vietnam Customs receives handheld substance detection devices supported by UK Border Force

VCN- A handover ceremony of handheld substance detection devices was held by the General Department of Vietnam Customs and the UK Border Force in Ha Noi on May 7. Read more »

Four customs brokers allowed to resume operations

VCN- Recently, the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) issued a decision to allow four customs brokers in HCM City to resume operations. Read more »

Import and export turnover top US$ 200 billion

VCN - Import and export turnover in May is estimated at nearly US$51 billion, down from March. Read more »

Invisible value of the FTA in the timber industry even exceeds the tariff effect

VCN - Talking to reporters of Customs News, Tran Le Huy, the Vice President and General Secretary of Binh Dinh Timber and Forest Products Association emphasised that with FTAs, especially new generation ones, tariff preferences are very important. However, intangible values like brand name, trust and spread are even greater, surpassing the calculation of how much a percentage of export value increases or decreases. Read more »

Quang Tri: Change vehicle operator to prevent pandemic

Vehicle operators transporting goods from Laos and come back to Vietnam to the area of delivery and receiving vehicle (the location of changing vehicle’s operator for leaving country) are regulated at the area of Lao Bao Border Gate, La Ray (Quang Tri province). Read more »

Applying risk management: Creating trust for enterprises to comply with regulations

VCN - Thanks to transparency of information in the application of risk management, Customs authorities have created trust for firms on law compliance that will be facilitated in import and export activities. Read more »

Reduce import of raw materials to stabilize animal feed market

VCN- Recently, the price of imported animal feed ingredients has increased, pushing up the price of animal feed. To control prices, stabilize the animal feed market, proactively seek and make the most of domestic feed materials that can replace imported sources is an important solution. Read more »

Rubber exports skyrocketing but worried because of reliance on China

VCN - China - the leading market in Vietnam's rubber exports, has been changing rapidly in terms of import requirements. In more fastidious markets like the US, EU, Japan, and South Korea, the requirements on legality and sustainability for rubber products are also stricter. Read more »

Discovery of many gun-shaped accessories and products inside 97 parcels sent via express delivery

On May 6, the Customs Enforcement Team (Hanoi Customs Department) worked with Hanoi Express Customs Branch, Soc Son District Police to inspect 97 parcels transported via express delivery service. The initial result showed there were many gun-shaped accessories and products. Read more »

Complete logistics ecosystem in Ba Ria - Vung Tau port cluster

VCN- The Cai Mep - Thi Vai port cluster (Ba Ria - Vung Tau) has modern investment, but is slow to share the burden with Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai. Read more »

Quang Ninh Customs launches Customer Satisfaction Assessment Survey System

VCN - Quang Ninh Customs on May 5, 2021 piloted the "Customer Satisfaction Assessment Survey System” for civil servants under Quang Ninh Customs Department in the implementation of customs procedures". Read more »