Using asynchronous video interviews to improve startup recruiting

using asynchronous video interviews to improve startup recruiting
Sunny Saurabh Contributor Share on Twitter Sunny Saurabh is co-founder and CEO of Interviewer.AI, which produces optimized AI-powered video hiring software.

Making the recruitment process more efficient so you can filter the best candidates from the top of the funnel is one of the biggest challenges facing hiring managers.

Traditional interviews aren’t cutting it any longer, but asynchronous video interviews (AVI) are one alternative some companies are using to shortlist candidates while saving on cost and time.

Instead of a real-time conversation, applicants in front of a webcam watch or listen to a video with a series of interview questions and receive a fixed amount of time to review and respond. Afterwards, their answers are reviewed by an AI, a hiring manager, or some combination of the two.

Here’s how startups and small businesses are using AVIs to make the most of the hiring process and shortlist the best candidates.

Optimizing for a good interview experience and employer brand

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an admirable principle, but first impressions determine how an interview will play out. Even before applying for a job, 75% of job seekers first evaluate the employer’s brand, according to LinkedIn. Companies can leverage AVIs to take control of the narrative and portray themselves in the best light.

The most common reasons why candidates ghost prospective employers include mistreatment, intrusive questions and their perceived lack of organization.

To begin with, introduce your company as transparently and authentically as possible. Share your organizational culture and corporate philosophy with potential candidates — from the start, you need to know whether the candidate fits into your work environment.

When you’re a startup, building credibility in the talent market is critical. Talk about your vision and the impact you have had so far, using examples and case studies wherever possible. Use the interview process to stand out out as an employer.

Clarity is crucial

Creating a recruitment strategy is a long, complicated process. Every detail should be examined closely before you execute, especially when incorporating new tools. Before connecting with candidates, make sure your hiring process is well structured and clear by running interview formats by your hiring team, gathering their feedback and implementing changes.

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