Urgent warning as NHS launches drive to contact parents of kids at risk of polio

PARENTS of children at risk of contracting Polio will be contacted by the NHS in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly illness.

It's the first time polio has been found in the country since 1984.

urgent warning as nhs launches drive to contact parents of kids at risk of polio

Parents are being urged to check if their kids have had all of their Polio jabsCredit: Getty

Health bosses have said Brits should check their children's jabs are up to date after picking up signs of the virus being passed between individuals.

In the UK, the polio vaccine is part of the NHS routine childhood vaccination schedule.

It's given as a jab when a child is 8, 12 and 16 weeks old. And two further shots are administered at 3 years and 4 months old, and at 14 years old.

However, one in ten kids in London aged five are not fully vaccinated against the bug.

Now the NHS is launching a major drive to ensure routine vaccinations are being taken up after the Covid-19 pandemic caused a lull in appointments.

Jane Clegg, chief nurse for the NHS in London, said: “The NHS will begin reaching out to parents of children aged under five in London who are not up to date with their polio vaccinations to invite them to get protected.”

Dr Vanessa Saliba, Consultant Epidemiologist at UKHSA added: “On rare occasions it can cause paralysis in people who are not fully vaccinated so if you or your child are not up to date with your polio vaccinations it’s important you contact your GP to catch up or if unsure check your red book.”

Good Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones today spoke of the dangers of being unvaccinated.

He said: “If children haven't been vaccinated then this is a potential threat – so this is a warning.

“If you've had all five of your vaccinations then you have nothing to worry about.

“However, the pandemic left some people forgoing some of their childhood vaccinations – so there is a population of children particularly those under 5 who might have not had all their vaccinations.”

Experts detected the bug in the capital's sewage samples, which have been present since April – a clear signal of a community outbreak.

Polio is an infectious disease that can spread from person to person and most commonly affects children under the age of five.

The disease attacks the nervous system and in some extreme cases can lead to paralysis.

It is very contagious, and a person can transmit it even when they aren't sick.

The last case of polio being contracted in Britain was in 1984 and the country was declared polio-free in 2003.

Before a vaccine was introduced in the 1950s, epidemics would result in thousands of people being paralysed annually and hundreds of deaths.

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) experts believe a traveller – likely from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Nigeria – shed the virus in their stools after being given the oral polio inoculation.

But the bug has now spread to others after mutating, with the same strain being repeatedly detected in sewage samples since May.

Health bosses have now launched an urgent investigation to pin-point the source and boost vaccination in affected areas.

Despite clear evidence of an outbreak, no cases have yet come forward.

And officials insist the overall risk to the public remains very low.

Jane Clegg, Chief nurse for the NHS in London, said: “The majority of Londoners are fully protected against Polio and won’t need to take any further action, but the NHS will begin reaching out to parents of children aged under five in London who are not up-to-date with their Polio vaccinations to invite them to get protected.

“Meanwhile, parents can also check their child’s vaccination status in their Red Book and people should contact their GP Practice to book a vaccination should they or their child not be fully up-to-date.”

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