UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity

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UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
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Temperatures dropped to as low as -10C last night following forecasts of the “coldest night of the season” for parts of the UK bringing snow and leaving some without power as Storm Arwen continued to batter the UK.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings of severe ice across large swathes of England including Newcastle, Manchester, London and Cardiff following freezing temperatures through the night.

North West Motorway Police said 120 lorries became “stuck in the snow” on the M62.

Northern Powergrid, which supplies energy to the northeast, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, said 240,000 customers lost service but on Sunday supply had been restored to 200,000.

Electricity North West, which provides energy for an area between the Scottish border and Stockport, said 67,000 of 83,000 customers who lost power had seen their supply restored.

Heavy snow led to lorries getting stuck and ploughs being used in a number of areas, with pub staff and Oasis tribute band Noasis stranded since Friday in the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales as a result of heavy snowfall.

Key Points

  • Met Office issues yellow ice warnings across the UK
  • Thousands still without power after Storm Arwen
  • Customers trapped in Yorkshire Dales pub for third night

Coldest night of the season so far as temperatures plunge to minus 8.7C

11:45 , Thomas Kingsley

Parts of the UK had the coldest night of autumn so far with temperatures plummeting to below zero.

The Met Office said Shap in Cumbria north-west England recorded the lowest temperature of the season so far with minus 8.7C (16.34F). Bridlington in East Yorkshire meanwhile, recorded high levels of rainfall, with 14.6mm of rain overnight on Sunday. Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said that the second coldest night of the season had been on Saturday night.

Our reporter Isobel Frodsham has the full story below:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

Coldest night of the season so far as temperatures plunge to minus 8.7C

Harry Kane extends lovely gesture to fans who travelled 4,000 miles for match cancelled by snow

11:20 , Thomas Kingsley

A pair of Tottenham fans who travelled 31 hours from Dallas, Texas to watch Spurs take on Burnley were left disappointed after the game was abandoned due to snow.

“Dallas to London to Burnley (almost there) 31 hours – no sleep – fueled by coffee, cheese crackers and more coffee. Frigid temps and snow predicted for match day. The things we do when you love your club,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

However, after the match was cancelled, Tottenham captain Harry Kane responded to the pair offering them tickets to the next home match as his guest.

Just been sent this tweet and absolutely gutted for you! For your commitment and to make up for the match being called off I’d like to invite you to a home game as my guest when you’re next in London 👍

— Harry Kane (@HKane) November 28, 2021

Watch: Customers snowed in for third night in a row at Britain’s highest pub

11:05 , Thomas Kingsley

Gritters hit the streets amid yellow ice warning

10:51 , Thomas Kingsley

Gritters across the UK have taken to roads and pavements hit by ice as temperatures went below freezing last night

Gritters in Sheffield were out this morning where temperatures are still below zero.

With temperatures still below zero this morning our gritters are already out treating all #Sheffield priority routes ❄ Find out where we grit & locate your nearest grit bin #SYGrit #SheffWinter

— Streets Ahead (@sccstreetsahead) November 29, 2021

‘Arctic shot’ behind plunging temperatures

10:24 , Thomas Kingsley

Britons experienced the “coldest night of the season” last night with temperatures as low as -10C in some parts of the UK as a result of an “Arctic shot” hitting the nation.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said: “As Storm Arwen is clearing out to Europe, a cold northerly flow of wind has been left behind in the UK, causing some of the bitterly cold temperatures we’ve seen.

“There is set to be further wintry weather on Sunday, with snow expected to fall across areas in Scotland and northern England, and even in parts of southern and central England.”

Mr Morgan described the cold blast as an “arctic shot”, adding: “Parts of Scotland and northern England, where snow is on the ground, will be very cold again tonight, with the temperature certainly falling below zero and even as low as -10C, which would make it the coldest night of the season so far.

Our reporter Grace Almond has the full story below:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

Temperatures could plunge below zero as ‘Arctic shot’ batters UK

Waze to alert UK drivers of road disruptions amid Storm Arwen damage

10:03 , Thomas Kingsley

The live sat-nav app Waze will be reflecting weather disruptions on UK roads on its live map.

Through push notifications, it is encouraging its users to report hazards caused by the bad weather when using the app to help keep fellow drivers aware of what may be ahead of them.

Ruairidh Roberts, UK Country Manager at Waze, commented: “As parts of the UK have faced the effects of the arctic plunge and Storm Arwen, we urge motorists making essential journeys to be extra diligent.”

“At Waze, we are expecting delays around the country as the turbulent weather causes chaos on British roads. As a result, we’ve sent out push notifications to our app users, encouraging them to report hazards caused by the bad weather, helping to keep fellow drivers safe and aware of what may be ahead of them on the roads.”

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent Waze will alert drivers of road disruption (Waze)

Will there be a white Christmas this year?

09:46 , Thomas Kingsley

As Britons braved snowy weather and freezing temperatures this weekend, the prospect of a white Christmas has begun to excite many.

However, it is too soon to begin making predictions with any confidence but, interestingly, The Mirror reports that uncertainty currently reigns to such an extent that the Met Office and the BBC are said to be “at war” over the issue, so opposing are their respective forecasts.

While the former is predicting months of only mild weather ahead “consistent with a warming climate”, the latter, which takes its information from private contractor Data Transmission Network, says the UK is about to be hit by a deep freeze.

Our reporter Joe Sommerlad has the full story:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

Will there be a White Christmas in 2021?

‘Renowned’ and ‘dedicated’ headteacher among victims of falling trees during severe weather

09:25 , Thomas Kingsley

Tributes have been paid to Francis Lagan, a “renowned educationalist and civic leader” who was one of three people in the UK killed by falling trees during the high winds brought by Storm Arwen.

The community in South Derry was said to be “stunned” by the sudden loss of Mr Lagan, who worked as the principal of St Mary’s Primary School in Maghera.

He was killed when a tree struck his car while travelling along the Dublin Road in County Antrim with his wife and two of their children on Friday.

Our reporter Andy Gregory has the full story below:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

Tributes paid to ‘renowned’ headteacher killed by falling tree in Storm Arwen

UK 5 day weather forecast

09:10 , Thomas Kingsley

According to the Met Office today will see a cold start with some icy stretches and fog patches with cloud and rain in northwest, with a little snow on the leading edge over Scotland, moving south along with strengthening winds.

Tonight is forecasted to be mostly cloudy and milder than recent nights with light rain at times for many. Rain most persistent in the northwest. Perhaps an early frost in the southeast before becoming milder.

Tuesday is forecasted to be cloudy with some strong winds and rain, this becoming heavier and more widespread during the afternoon in the north, then moving southeast. Much milder than recently, particularly in the south.

It’s forecasted that rain will begin clearing from early Wednesday with blustery showers across eastern areas on Thursday. Friday will then see the return of snow across the north.

Storm Arwen traps customers in Yorkshire Dales’ Tan Hill Inn for third night

08:50 , Thomas Kingsley

Staff at a pub cut off by snow were preparing a karaoke evening on Sunday as they expect guests to be unable to escape for a third night.

More than 60 people have spent two nights camped out at Britain’s highest pub due to heavy snowfall brought on by Storm Arwen.

Customers first became stranded at the Tan Hill Inn, in the Yorkshire Dales, on Friday night after going to watch an Oasis tribute band called Noasis. Those staying at the inn, which is 1,732ft above sea level, woke up to around 3ft of snow.

Due to a fallen power line and snow blocking the main routes out, they have been unable to leave since.

Our reporter Sam Hancock has the full story below:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

Storm Arwen traps customers in Britain’s highest pub for third night

Companies working ‘through the night’ to restore electricity hit by Storm Arwen

08:36 , Thomas Kingsley

SP Energy Networks which covers electricity supplies across central and southern Scotland said it’s been working through the night to restore energy to 6,000 customers.

The supplier shared images on Twitter of damaged utility poles hit by fallen trees amid Storm Arwen.

“We know there are still customers without supply, and our teams are working through the night to get as many back on as possible,” SP Energy Networks wrote

1⃣⚠️Images of what our engineering teams are up against with #StormArwen really bring home how challenging some of the repairs our teams are carrying out are. Against these conditions, we’re committed to getting customers without power back on as quickly and safely as we can.

— SP Energy Networks (@SPEnergyNetwork) November 28, 2021

Storm Arwen: Thousands still without power

08:20 , Thomas Kingsley

Thousands of people across the UK are spending their third night without power amid disruption caused by Storm Arwen. The storm, which has left three dead, has seen gusts of up to 100mph.

Nearly 40,000 customers were still without electricity in Scotland on Sunday, with large numbers also affected in England and Wales.

SP Energy Networks – which covers central and southern Scotland – said 6,000 customers were still affected mainly in Dumfries, Fife, the Lothian and the Borders. The company also had 5,000 customers without power in England and Wales.

In its most recent update Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) – which covers the north of Scotland – said about 32,000 customers were still without supply.

SSEN’s director of customer operations Mark Rough called the incident “one of the most significant weather events we have experienced in decades”.

Met Office issues yellow ice warnings across the UK

08:05 , Thomas Kingsley

The Met Office issued multiple yellow ice warnings covering eastern parts of Scotland and stretching from the north east of England down to the south coast including London

The warnings, set to last until Monday morning, say people should expect to see “icy patches” on roads and pavements, meaning accidents and slips and falls are “more likely”.

The area of coverage of tonight’s yellow #ice warning has been extended a little over southern England given this evening’s #rain, #sleet and #snow, and the fact that #temperatures are likely to fall below freezing.

Take care if you have travel plans, and stay #WeatherAware

— Met Office (@metoffice) November 28, 2021

‘Coldest night of season’ forecast as thousands still without power after Storm Arwen

07:45 , Thomas Kingsley

Amid the damage and disruption of Storm Arwen which has left three dead, forecasters warned that last night was the “coldest night” of the Autumn season with temperatures reaching as cold as -10C in some parts of the UK.

The Met Office said it expected to see the mercury fall below zero in many parts of the country, including in cities such as London, where it was forecast to be as cold as -2C in the late hours of Sunday.

Our reporters Grace Almond and Tom Batchelor have the full story below:

UK weather news – latest: Coldest night brings heavy snow as thousands still without electricity
© Provided by The Independent

‘Coldest night’ forecast as thousands still without power after Storm Arwen


07:31 , Thomas Kingsley

Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s live blog covering the latest in UK weather as the nation battles snow and ice following the “coldest night of the season.”

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