Typed MacBook lost text: Causes & ways to fix it

Typed MacBook lost words It will greatly affect the progress of your work. That’s why you need to find typing errors on your MacBook to fix it right away. We invite you to follow the article below.

1. Signs of typing errors on MacBook

By default on MacBooks, there is a mode to select Vietnamese percussion (telex percussion) in the keyboard settings already available. But sometimes there will be some errors while typing text that appear on MacBook such as:

Typed MacBook lost text: Causes & ways to fix it

– Typing lost words: The situation that every time you type a letter, press the spacebar and you will lose characters, making you re-type quite frustrating and don’t know how to handle it?

– When editing text, the characters are reversed, the spaces are jumpy, or sometimes other characters are inserted into the text, making you very uncomfortable.

– After typing the second letter, the first letter is changed to another while working and handling a very heavy workload, the error of self-suggestion is not what you want, causing you problems at work. .

– All these signs make your work stagnate, long typing time causes loss of productivity. And especially, this situation makes users extremely uncomfortable.

2. The reason why the MacBook typed lost words

Typed MacBook lost text: Causes & ways to fix it

Over the years since the integration of percussion “Vietnamese, Unikey” has sold the rights to Apple to be able to use Telex and Simple telex percussion on Macbook. From Mac OS X 10.5 versions up to now, Big Sur version 11.1 percussion has not been improved. That’s why more and more Installing a new operating system but not integrating the new percussion, still using the old outdated percussion will make errors prone to the situation where the MacBook loses words.

3. How to fix the MacBook keyboard with missing letters

– Uninstall default Vietnamese on MacBook

You enter “Settings” on Macbook => Open settings”Keyboard” => Select tab “Input source” => Select the “Telex, Simple Telex” and then press the “–” below to remove the default Vietnamese language input. Leave the default input only”ABC” or percussion “English“.

– Install Vietnamese percussion for Macbook

There are many ways to install Vietnamese percussion for Macbook, but there are 2 most used Vietnamese typing software:

Install Evkey Vietnamese percussion:

– Step 1: Turn off Gatekeeper

First you have to turn off “Gatekeeper” on the Macbook to be able to run the downloaded file. Because EVkey is an external download (not from the App Store).

Open the Terminal feature (by pressing the key combination “Command + space“then type”terminal“). After the Terminal interface appears, type the command line “sudo spctl –master-disable“then press”Enter” => Show up”Device password required” => Enter password => Press “Enter” is completed.

If you want to re-enable Gatekeeper just do the same with the command line: “sudo spctl –master-enable“.

Step 2: Download Evkey

To be able to download Evkey at the homepage: Evkeyvn.com

There will be 2 options for you, 1 for Windows, 1 for Macbook. You just need to download the correct version you need.

Typed MacBook lost text: Causes & ways to fix it

Step 3: Install Evkey when Typed MacBook lost words

After downloading Evkey for Macbook, the screen asks for permission for EVkey to work => Select “Accessibility” => Select click on the lock in the lower left corner to “unlock” => Click “machine password” to open

Next, select the Accessibility item on the left side and check the Evkey item on the right side to allow it to be used. Then close the window”Security & Privacy“then press”Retry“.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, open percussion and check the necessary options. Usually still the encoding “Unicode” and typing “telex” and some options “Spell“.

Install Vietnamese typing for Macbook:

Step 1: Download and install Vietnamese typing software for MacBook.

>> Reference:

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Typed MacBook lost text: Causes & ways to fix it

Step 2: Set up Gotiengviet in the “Option“.

To correct typographical errors, go to the selection of the software and proceed to set the appropriate parameters. You can open the “Type Vietnameset” in the percussion selection on the toolbar.

Here is the information related to Typed MacBook lost words. Hope the information will help you in the process of using MacBook. Thank you for watching.


– TechtipsnReview

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