Two thirds of road users regularly check their phone while driving

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Almost two thirds of road users sometimes read messages on their phone while driving. The Ministry of Infrastructure concludes that from a survey of 1200 people.

Motorists, cyclists, moped riders and riders of scooters and mopeds kept a diary for the ministry for four days. After their ride, they described how many messages they received and sent, what those messages were about and how important they were.

The vast majority of drivers found the messages they received while driving unimportant (84 percent) and not worth the risk of a fine (94 percent). Nevertheless, the majority read these messages regularly. For more than half of the people who use their phone in traffic, this leads to, for example, slowing down, swinging, missing a turn or even an accident.

Do not disturb phone

Outgoing Minister Visser calls on road users to put on their telephone ‘do not disturb’ while driving or to ensure that no notifications are sent in another way. This morning, the police, the ministry and the so-called ‘Team Alert’ held a warning campaign for cyclists at the Erasmus Bridge.

The aim was to make them more aware of the risks. The minister was also there. His emphasized that by far most messages do not need to be read immediately.

The police gave cyclists a warning instead of a fine. The fine for using the telephone on a bicycle is 100 euros. On the moped it is 160 euros and in the car 250 euros.

Two thirds of road users regularly check their phone while driving
Source link Two thirds of road users regularly check their phone while driving

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