Tower of Fantasy character teasers suggest Lin is next banner

The Tower of Fantasy character associated with the 2.0 Vera update appears to be Lin, who some fans think will be the next banner in Hotta Studios' anime RPG

Tower of Fantasy character teasers suggest Lin is next banner

As the Tower of Fantasy character roster continues to grow with the 2.0 Vera update, eagle eyed fans have spotted some hints that Lin will be the next banner in the anime RPG game.

Hotta Studios are continuing to add Tower of Fantasy characters to the now-iconic animated adventure, allowing players to try out new and improved Simulacra.

The 2.0 update will be accompanied by new character Cobalt-B, as well as an action-packed event focusing around this mysterious new desert realm. With a release date pegged for October 20, the hype is very real.

It turns out that eagle-eyed fans have picked up on some clues regarding a possible next banner, as the silhouette of one of China’s most popular Simulacra has been spotted in tweets and on posters.

A tweet from the Japanese Tower of Fantasy Twitter account reads “Suddenly, I received a mysterious message! They seem to be preparing for something… Now, who is the owner of this voice…” (this is a rough translation, by the way).

Silhouetted on a green background, this new challenger looks incredibly similar to Chinese exclusive character Lin, who has become a fan favourite in the West despite not even being released yet.

Several comments go on to mention the Altered queen, with their sentiments being echoed on Reddit. One user has posted an image of a Chinese poster for the Vera update, with Lin pictured up front and centre, commenting “Vera is coming October 20, first banner most likely Lin.”

While one respondent contends “I don’t see how this implies Lin will be first banner. It’s just a teaser for Vera, as Lin is tightly linked to it,” there certainly are a lot of little hints that Lin will appear in the update. Maybe she won’t be the first banner, but her intrinsic links to the region imply that she’ll likely be involved.

If you’re excited for the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy codes guide, as well as all of the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners to make sure you can get your hands on some of Aida’s most powerful warriors.

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