Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle Production Starts – 500 Units per Month

Tork Kratos R is packed with a more powerful motor and a few additional features over its standard variant

tork kratos electric motorcycle production starts – 500 units per month

Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle

Tork Motors ventured into electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing when it launched its first product in the form of Kratos, earlier in January this year. The electric motorcycle recently underwent series production at the company’s manufacturing facility near Pune from where the first unit rolled out.

Deliveries are expected to commence later this month with an initial focus on customers in Pune. The electric bike is available in two variants namely- Kratos and Kratos R which have been priced at Rs 1.08 lakh and Rs 1.23 lakh respectively (both ex-showroom prices, Pune).

Tork Kratos Production Begins

Through a social media post, the Pune-based technology company turned EV manufacturer had claimed that it will be rolling out 500 units of the electric motorcycle every month. The EV startup has also claimed that it will set up a new micro-manufacturing unit soon. Tork will soon start reaching out to its customers and start the registration and delivery processes.

The company recently organised a test ride event in Pune. Tork first introduced a pre-production prototype of an electric motorcycle back in 2016 in the form of the T6X concept. Kratos borrows a large chunk of its overall design from the pre-production concept bike.

tork kratos electric motorcycle production starts – 500 units per month

Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle

Kratos, Kratos R Specs

Base variant of Kratos is powered by a 7.5kW electric motor that produces a peak output of 10.05 bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque. The more powerful Kratos R is powered by a 9kW electric motor that dishes out 12.06bhp and 38Nm of peak torque. Both variants derive their energy from a 4kWh IP67 certified lithium-ion battery pack that is claimed to deliver an IDC range of 180km.

However, actual range of the electric motorcycle is pegged at 120km on a single charge. The bike comes with three ride modes- Eco, City and Sport, where ECo offers the best range of around 120 km per charge and Sport offers the best performance where range on a single charge is around 80km. Using a regular AC charger, it takes the battery 4-5 hours to get completely charged.

Kratos R also benefits from the fast-charging network which allows the battery to be rejuvenated from 0-80 percent in just 60 minutes. Owners of Kratos R will also be offered free access to the fast charging network for two years.

Apart from Pune, Tork will also retail Kratos in other important centres like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, however, deliveries for these cities are expected to commence later this year or early next year.

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