Top 10 Two Wheelers April 2022 – Splendor, Activa, Pulsar, Jupiter, Classic 350

Top 10 two wheeler sales saw a 24.85 percent growth in April 2022 with only the Pulsar and Access showing sales decline

top 10 two wheelers april 2022 – splendor, activa, pulsar, jupiter, classic 350

Royal Enfield 350cc Custom By Eimor

Two wheeler sales showed an improvement in April 2022. Sales of the top 10 best sellers stood at 8,54,056 units, up 24.85 percent over 6,84,079 units sold in April 2021. This was a volume growth of 1,69,977 units.

Every model in this list showed off substantial YoY growth except for the Bajaj Pulsar and Suzuki Access scooter. Factors that have led to this increase in demand could be the gradual opening of the economy, continued government support coupled with an improvement in consumer sentiments.

Top 10 Two Wheelers April 2022 – Splendor at t

Hero Splendor led the list with 2,34,085 units sold in the past month, up 20.97 percent over 1,93,508 units sold in April 2021 leading to a volume growth of 40,577 units. Hero Splendor commands a 27.41 percent market share.

At No.2 was Honda Activa with sales of 1,63,357 units in April 2022. This was a 48.94 percent YoY growth over 1,09,678 units sold in April 2021 with volume growth of 53,679 units. Honda Activa currently commands a 19.13 percent market share.

top 10 two wheelers april 2022 – splendor, activa, pulsar, jupiter, classic 350

Top 10 Two Wheelers April 2022

Honda CB Shine followed with 1,05,413 units sold last month, a 32.74 percent growth from 79,416 units sold in April 2021. This was a volume growth of 25,997 units. Hero HF Deluxe sales numbers were at 1,00,601 units in April 2022. This was a 41.11 percent YoY growth over 71,294 units sold in April 2021 with a volume growth of 29,307 units and market share of 11.78 percent.

At No. 5 was TVS Jupiter scooter with 60,957 unit sales last month relating to a 138.39 percent YoY growth over 25,570 units sold in April 2021. Volume growth was at 35,387 units while market share stood at 7.14 percent. The Jupiter scooter has seen the maximum YoY increase in demand as compared to any other model on the top 10 list.

Bajaj Pulsar, Suzuki Access Sales Decline

Bajaj Pulsar sales dipped YoY to 46,040 units in April 2022, down 30.86 percent from 66,586 units sold in April 2021. Market share was at 5.39 percent. However, Bajaj Auto noted increased demand for the Platina of which 39,316 units were sold last month, up 10.85 percent over 35,467 units sold in the same month of the previous year with a volume growth of 3,849 units. Market share was at 4.60 percent. With 38,780 unit sales in April 2022, TVS XL 100 was at No. 8 on this list. It was a YoY growth of 49.29 percent over 25,977 units sold in April 2021 with 12,803 unit volume growth.

Top 10 2Wheelers Apr-22 Apr-21 Growth % YoY
1.Hero Splendor 2,34,085 1,93,508 20.97
2. Honda Activa 1,63,357 1,09,678 48.94
3. Honda CB Shine 1,05,413 79,416 32.74
4. Hero HF Deluxe 1,00,601 71,294 41.11
5. TVS Jupiter 60,957 25,570 138.39
6. Bajaj Pulsar 46,040 66,586 -30.86
7. Bajaj Platina 39,316 35,467 10.85
8. TVS XL 100 38,780 25,977 49.29
9. Suzuki Access 32,932 53,285 -38.20
10. Royal Enfield Classic 350 32,575 23,298 39.82
Total 8,54,056 6,84,079 24.85

Sales of the Access scooter also dwindled down to 32,932 units in April 2022, a 38.20 percent YoY de-growth from 53,285 units sold in April 2021. The Access scooter currently commands a 3.86 percent market share. The top 10 two wheeler list concluded with the Royal Enfield Classic 350 of which 32,575 units were sold last month. This was a 39.82 percent YoY growth over 23,298 units sold in April 2021.

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