Thymesia: How to Level Up Fast

Leveling is a laborious process is Thymesia, though progression is steady with or without farming. This guide will give you tips on how to level quickly and easily.

As a Souls-like, leveling in Thymesia is your primary method of becoming stronger, surviving longer, and being generally more resilient. It’s also the only way to unlock the game’s various Talents, combat abilities, and modifiers that take the place of traditional equipment and progression. In that case, you’ll want to know how to level up fast.

If you’re going for a low-level build, or if you lose your Memory Fragments (Souls experience equivalent), don’t expect to have access to many of the game’s tools. This Thymesia guide will cover how to level up quickly.

Leveling Quickly in Thymesia

One of the first things you’ll notice about gathering Memory Fragments in Thymesia is how few you earn at the start. Most trash mobs, even in the mid-to-late game, only give about 200 Fragments at most, and you’ll need several thousand to level past 20 or so. Thankfully, there are a few ways to gather the Fragments you need to level quickly and easily.

Fast Leveling Farm Tip 1: Kill Everything, Repeat

None of the stages in Thymesia are particularly large, with even the core story levels taking only a few minutes to traverse if you don’t fight any enemies. If you take the time to kill everything you meet as you head toward the boss or other goal, you’ll get at least a single level every time, depending on which level you’re grinding.

Fighting all the enemies as you progress also gives you valuable combat practice, as one of Thymesia’s defining traits is how its combat differs from most other Souls-likes.

Once you’ve dealt with every enemy in a level, you’ll likely be near one of the Beacon chairs (Bonfires/Sites of Grace equivalents). Sit down to respawn everything, then head back to the beginning of the level, slaying as you go. Repeat this process as often as you want to, then enter the boss room for the final fight.

Fast Leveling Farm Tip 2: Complete Sub-Quests and Repeat Previous Memories

Thymesia: How to Level Up Fast

After you complete a level the first time, you’ll unlock one or more Sub-Quests that take you back to that zone with new objectives. These tasks could be killing a specific enemy or boss, clearing the zone of hazards, or something else entirely. You can also repeat the main mission if you choose.

Sub-Quests are more difficult versions of the zone than the initial missions, meaning enemies drop more Memory Fragments. Completing Sub-Quests and repeating main quests allows you to acquire additional upgrades for your Potions and farm Skill Shards for boss-specific Plague Weapons.

Sadly, there aren’t many items that give a lot of Memory Fragments, with most of what you collect only awarding 100 or 500. Between farming enemies and replaying missions, however, you’ll have plenty of materials to upgrade your healing and abilities, and the experience points to level up fast and take on Thymesia’s toughest challenges. Check back often as we cover the game for more Thymesia content.

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