Those who decide to take the Janssen vaccine will lose their place in Norway’s vaccine program

Those who decide to take the Janssen vaccine will lose their place in Norway’s vaccine program

People who choose to take the less effective Janssen vaccine will lose their place in the Norwegian vaccine program.

Although protection is lower and the related risk and side effects more serious, the Norwegian government decided to open up for the use of the Janssen vaccine on Wednesday. 

Strict criteria have been set for those who want to voluntarily choose this vaccine rather than wait in the public vaccine queue for an mRNA vaccine.

Both Minister of Health Bent Høie and Director of Health Bjørn Guldvog say that those who choose to get a Janssen vaccine will lose their place in the public vaccine program.

“Those who opt for a Janssen vaccine are fully vaccinated and will therefore no longer have a place in the vaccination program,” Høie told news bureau NTB

“No reason”

“If you will shortly receive one of the other vaccines, then there is no reason to choose this one,” Høie said.

Health Director Bjørn Guldvog says that both the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI), and the Norwegian Medicines Agency agreed that the offer to receive the Janssen vaccine is a worse offer for most people compared to getting an mRNA vaccine at a somewhat later date.

“But we believe it is entirely justifiable that those who are in a very special life situation and who can raise this with their doctor assess it (note: the option),” Guldvog said.

Not the same

“It is considered a full vaccination, but it does not have the same effect as two doses of an mRNA vaccine. Basically, you will then leave the program and stand at the back of the queue,” Guldvog added.

Like the vaccine from AstraZeneca and the Russian Sputnik vaccine, the Janssen vaccine is based on so-called virus vector technology. After several cases where vaccinated people had blood clots and a low number of platelets, the use of such vaccines was put on hold in Norway in April.

Although many professional circles have warned against its use, the government decided that the Janssen vaccine should be made voluntarily available outside the vaccination program.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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