These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

The thought of losing your wallet along with precious credit cards, cash and important IDs is enough to cause anyone to panic. A smart wallet might help you avoid this scenario by making a lost wallet easier to track down. Most smart wallets have built-in layers and slots not only to store multiple credit cards but to safely place a tracking device that can help you find your wallet should you misplace it. Smart wallets are also useful for their RFID blocking capabilities, which help protect personal and financial information stored on your credit cards by helping to prevent thieves from accessing that information.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute, our tech and travel experts test gadgets ranging from luggage trackers to smart luggage and key finders. To choose the best smart wallets, our pros researched top-rated models on the market and assessed each one for criteria such as performance, durability, materials and design. While we haven’t formally tested smart wallets in the Media & Tech Lab, the picks ahead are best-sellers from top-rated brands that impressed our experts with their unique features and designs.

Our top picks:

After reading about our picks, learn more about how we chose the best smart wallets on the market and tips to keep in mind when shopping for a smart wallet this holiday season.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

Parliament Slim Leather Wallet


We love the sleek, super slim design of this genuine leather wallet, which is offered in six shades such as black, brown, burgundy and more. But just because the design looks minimalist, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space. According to the brand, you can store more than 10 cards inside the wallet and four to six within the card slider system. There’s even a handy strap to keep your cash secure.

There’s a built-in trigger to make releasing cards easy. In addition to RFID blocking, our pros like that this feature-rich wallet also contains a built-in pocket where you can store a slim tracker like the Ekster Tracker Card so you can locate your wallet via Bluetooth should you lose it.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

2) Slim Minimalist Wallet


This smart wallet from Buffway is perfect for everyday use. Not only is it offered in all the colors you could ever want, but it’s made from PU leather and comes at an extremely affordable price. Our pros like that it’s slim while still offering enough storage for several credit cards and that it features RFID blocking technology. Unlike other smart wallets, it also contains a built-in ID window so you don’t have to struggle to pull out your license. There’s also a handy cutout in the front to make removing your most used card from its slot a breeze.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

3) Minimalist Slim Wallet


Made from high-quality materials, this smart wallet is built to last and even comes with a lifetime guarantee back it up. Along with RFID blocking, its slim design has room for up to 12 cards and there’s a notch to easily push them out when it’s time to pay. We like that you have the choice between an integrated cash strap to hold bills or a money clip. There are also tons of wallet patterns and designs on the website making this a great gift, as well as accessories like a key holder or a smart wallet kit that features an attachable case for your wallet’s AirTag.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

4) Slim Wallet


While this smart wallet may not be made of real leather, it’s as close as you can get and a great value — hence why it’s an Amazon best-seller. It offers multiple card slots and RFID blocking and it even comes in gift packaging so it’s an easy present for special occasions and holidays. We like that there’s an ID window and easy storage for bills with an integrated money clip. It may not be the most minimalist pick on this list, but it’s a great choice for anyone who wants enough space to store their items without added bulk, though we wish this model came with an AirTag pocket like the brand’s AirTag Wallet.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

5) Chelsea Card Holder


This smart wallet is made of soft Italian leather that will feel great to the touch. Our pros like that it’s a simple yet sophisticated design featuring a self-retracting pull-up strap to make removing secured cards easy. Like other smart wallets, it features RFID blocking and is a great pick for anyone who mainly carries credit cards, IDs and cash. We also like that there are card and cash storage options both on top of the wallet and on the sides making access convenient.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

6) D01 Dapper Wallet


This smart wallet stands out for its futuristic and lightweight design. We love that it’s super compact and will fit right in the palm of your hand yet can store up to 12 credit cards. There’s a push notch to help you access your cards and a silicone band that wraps around the wallet to store any loose cash. Though we wish there was dedicated storage for trackers and coins, this RFID-blocking wallet is a great versatile pick for anyone who likes to keep their wallet down to the essentials.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

7) Hide and Seek


This leather smart wallet from Bellroy is perfect for international and professional travelers who like to have cash on hand. Offered in two heights, the wallet is guaranteed to store crisp bills of all sizes flatly and securely in addition to multiple credit cards. Though it features RFID blocking, what we like most is that there’s a hidden pouch that can be used for storing coins or even an AirTag. Plus, there’s an additional protected section that’s ideal for keeping business cards or personal photos unharmed.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

8) RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Wallet


This bifold wallet has a slot for your ID, a money clip for cash and even a smart pull strap to make it easier to access three or four extra cards inside your wallet. On top of RFID blocking, we like that this pick is slim yet has room for your needs, though it does have slightly less card storage than some other picks on this list. We also like the front slot cutout which lets you quickly access your most used card without having to open up the wallet.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

How we test luggage

“There are varying levels of what constitutes as ‘smart,’” says the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Chief Technologist and head engineer Rachel Rothman. “For traditional smart home products, it usually means the device is connected.” But when it comes to smart wallets, these features usually refer to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking, which is designed to help prevent thieves from stealing personal information and data from the credit and debit cards stored in your wallet via RFID scanners. Many smart wallets also feature a built-in layer where you can discreetly store a tracker such as a wallet-friendly Tile Slim tracker or a compact Apple AirTag. These trackers can help you locate your wallet should it get lost or be misplaced by leveraging GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to pinpoint its location. Smart wallets also are typically designed with smart storage options for credit cards.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

How we test luggage

✔️ Choose sufficient storage: First consider how many credit cards and IDs you’ll want to carry around in your wallet. Do you typically have lots of cash? While some wallets are excellent for storing multiple credit cards, they may have limited storage space for bills, coins or other items. If you plan on using your smart wallet with a tracker, opt for one that has a built-in or hidden layer inside. If you mostly rely on credit cards, consider a smart wallet with a card slider, push system or smart strap to help you access cards easily without having to dig through your wallet.

✔️ Think about materials: Smart wallets are frequently made from leather, faux leather (PU leather) or other metal materials such as aluminum or titanium. If you’re looking for a luxuriously soft feel that will age well over time, consider investing in a genuine leather wallet. If you like the feel of leather but would prefer a great value wallet, you can find one made of faux leather for a great price, just keep in mind that it may not be as durable. If durability is important, choose a wallet made from aluminum, which is also lightweight.

✔️ Always follow your style: Smart wallets come in various styles. Do you prefer a minimalist smart wallet where all your items are accessible from the wallet’s exterior or do you prefer one that’s bifold and opens up to reveal credit cards and cash? Also, keep in mind that some smart wallets offer significantly more colors or patterns (and even accessories) to choose from so always be sure to check the brand’s website.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

How we test luggage

While we haven’t formally tested smart wallets in the Media & Tech Lab, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s product testing experts and engineers evaluated key criteria to choose the best smart wallets, including performance, durability and style. To make our recommendations, we looked for brands that typically perform well in our evaluations as well as high-quality materials with which our experts have experience, features that would be most useful (like built-in layers) and top consumer reviews.

These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

How we test luggage

Media & Tech Reviews Analyst Olivia Lipski oversees product testing and covers everything from consumer tech to smart home devices and appliances, health, home and fitness. She’s covered electronics and accessories over the years, writing about smart glasses, smart plugs, phone cases and more. She continues to stay on top of the industry’s latest innovations and helps readers make better buying decisions by testing and reviewing the best gadgets to hit the market.

Source: These Smart Wallets Will Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

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