The Walking Dead: All Stars Gets Its First Major Update, Including A New Character

The mobile character collecting game is adding a new face to its roster, as well as new game modes.

After its release in August, mobile game The Walking Dead: All Stars has dropped its first big update, introducing the Headhunting system, a new PVP mode called Last Man Standing, and a new character, Annie, who fights alongside her hawk Phoenix.

While some of All Stars’ characters are taken directly from the comics others, like Annie, are designed solely for the game. Annie is a neutral aligned character, who has a special bond with her hawk Phoenix, and also boasts mystical powers. Annie can direct Phoenix to provoke enemies in battle, and can heal allies with medicinal herbs.

The Walking Dead: All Stars Gets Its First Major Update, Including A New Character

The new update also introduces Headhunting, a new system players can use to recruit allies. The press release says players can use the Headhunting system to acquire characters “from various alignments–from mythical overseers to vicious predators.”

A new elite PVP mode is also being added to the game–named Last Man Standing, the new league will only be open to top players from Frontier battles, requiring players to rank between 1 and 10. Last Man Standing competitors will have to “battle every single rival in the league to make it to the finals.”

All Stars will also be running limited time events, such as the Town Management bingo-style event offering rewards that can be put towards character growth, with players who complete all the bingo games unlocking a free epic-tier character. Limited “Inventory Clearance and Growth Support” events will also be starting from October 4, giving players more chances to earn extra rewards.

The Walking Dead: All Stars is a character collection RPG based on The Walking Dead comics, which is free to play now on Android or iOS.

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