The Sims 4 Players Want EA To Keep the Game’s ‘Disco Swans’ Visual Glitch

The Sims 4 Players Want EA To Keep the Game’s ‘Disco Swans’ Visual Glitch

Some video game glitches are just so lovable they are being asked to stay.

Players of EA’s The Sims 4 recently found a visual glitch that makes the swans in a newly added map change color, making them look like something out of a disco bar or a nightclub.

Though EA has yet to address the glitch, many of the game’s fans are asking the popular game publisher to keep the glitch in the game.

The Sims 4 Disco Swan Visual Glitch Details

The #TheSims4 Tartosa swans graphical error I get is my favourite and I never want to fix it.

— 💙Ice-Cream for Breakfast💛 (@frostybreakfast) September 27, 2022

Twitter user @frostybreakfast recently tweeted a glitch wherein a pair of swans floating on a body of water in The Sims 4’s map of Tartosa were gradually changing colors.

According to the video they posted, the swans can be seen changing from their usual white color to violet, blue, and then teal without stopping.

Interestingly, the swans themselves aren’t too bothered by it, with them just floating around as they normally would.

“The #TheSims4 Tartosa swans graphical error I get is my favourite[,] and I never want to fix it,” @frostybreakfast said in their tweet, which has received 17 replies, 46 retweets, and 601 likes as of the writing of this article.

You may remember that the Tartosa map is part of Maxis’ “My Wedding Stories” expansion pack for The Sims 4, which, as the expansion pack’s name implies, is mostly full of wedding-related content meant to spice up the wedding mechanic in the game.

Since the Tartosa map is from a DLC, like most of the game’s content at this point, it is expected that there will be some bugs and glitches that Maxis and EA need to fix despite releasing it.

Let The Disco Swans Stay!

While most glitches are harmful to a gamer’s gaming experience, with some even having the ability to crash a game if left unpatched, most Twitter users who replied to @frostybreakfast’s tweet are imploring EA and Maxis not to fix the disco swan glitch.

Game Rant mentioned in its article that the exact reason for the glitch is unclear. It could be due to Maxis assigning the wrong texture, or that something within the game’s files or code is broken, and the color changing is merely a symptom of it.

Despite these, there is a good reason for the appeal. The “My wedding Stories” expansion pack is heavily marketed toward the LGBTQIA+ community, with the trailer focusing on the love story of Camille and Dominique, per The Gamer.

As such, the disco swans could be seen as Maxis and EA’s support for the community due to them representing the rainbow flag in-game.

Whether EA and Maxis will patch out the disco swans from the game remains to be seen as the glitch affecting them does not seem to affect the game negatively like most graphical glitches. However, if the game’s publisher and developer agree to do so, many game modders could replace the glitch in the game.

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