The League Of Legends Champions With The Darkest Lore

the league of legends champions with the darkest lore

The League Of Legends Champions With The Darkest Lore

  • League of Legends lore explores dark themes with characters like Jhin, Elise, and Evelynn, creating a twisted world of carnage and power.
  • From madmen like Thresh and Singed to demons like Nocturne and Fiddlesticks, the game delves into chilling backstories of its champions.
  • Characters like Aatrox and Mordekaiser embody ancient evils, showcasing a rich depth of history and lore within the expansive world of Runeterra.

League of Legends offers a large, colorful cast of champions for players to master, but their lore rarely makes it into the MOBA game. Through in-game voice lines as well as the detailed biographies of each individual character, players can delve into the expansive world of Runeterra.


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From the origins of the Void and the Black Mist, to the mysteries of the Watchers and the Ruined King, there is in League of Legend.

While some characters have joyful tales of growth and wistful adventure, others aren’t so lucky. From deranged serial killers to literal demonic beings as old as time, League of Legends doesn’t stray from darker themes in its stories. Exploring the dense continent of Valoran might not be as fun as it seems when beings such as these are roaming about.


An Obsessed Madman

A ruthless criminal, Khada Jhin believes that murder is an art form, and he aims to perfect it. Hailing from Ionia, Jhin’s gruesome crime scenes have sparked tales of grisly monsters that decimated its victims. His crimes and their impact left other notable champions like Shen and Zed in dismay, perhaps even leading to their own strife.

Obsessed with the number four, Jhin “paints” with his gun, creating scenes of horror through the twisted corpses he leaves behind. While he was once contained within an Ionian prison, he now roams free throughout Runeterra, leaving carnage in his wake.


A Deranged Undead Tyrant

Once known as Sahn-Uzal, Mordekaiser was a vicious warlord of a forgotten epoch. To forge his kingdom, he crushed all that stood in his way, tearing down entire villages and culling the weak, motivated by his faith in dark powers. Upon his death, Sahn-Uzal resistant soul reached out to drifting spirits, convincing a coven of sorcerers to resurrect him.

The sorcerers who brought him to life planned to use him as a weapon for their own machinations, but Mordekaiser had other plans. The tyrant destroyed the mages who brought him back and rose again to forge his empire of hate, blood, and death.


Sacrifices For The Spider God

Once a noblewoman of the Noxian empire, Elise used her beauty and status to manipulate the upper caste. Marrying into another noble Noxian family, Elise controlled the politics of her house and husband with an iron fist. After years of resentment towards her, Elise’s husband poisoned her. However, Elise cleverly played the role of a remorseful wife before plunging a blade into her husband’s chest.


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Even after consuming the antidote, Elise was sick for weeks. Determined to regain her strength, she joined “the Black Rose” and traveled to the Shadow Isles in search of a powerful relic. What she found instead was an ancient spider-god named Vilemaw, who bit and envenomed Elise, transforming her into the creature she is today. Relishing the newfound power, she became a servant of the spider-god, bringing it human sacrifices by luring in unassuming victims with her beauty.


Demon Of Torture

Evelynn is a shapeshifting demon that feasts on the pain she inflicts on others. Transforming herself into the perfect embodiment of her victim’s desires, Evelynn lures in whoever she can before torturing them to death. No matter how much she kills and consumes, Evelynn’s hunger cannot be sated.

The feeling of fulfillment gained from consuming the pain and anguish of her victims has become ever-fleeting, and so she wishes to one day plunge Runeterra into chaos. If and when that day comes, Evelynn will feast upon countless souls, finally obtaining the satisfaction she craves endlessly.


Wandering Soul Stealer

Once a troubled man working as a warden for the Blessed Isles, Thresh was shunned by others for his penchant for cruelty. Years spent working in the dark depths of Helia’s shadows turned Thresh ever more bitter. Following the Ruination of the Blessed Isles, Thresh relished in the slaughter that followed in King Viego’s wake.

While others affected by the Ruination’s decimation despised their new undead forms, Thresh relished in the power it granted him. Carrying his lantern, he wanders throughout the newly named Shadow Isles murdering and imprisoning the souls of all those he kills. Thresh’s fascination with pain motivates his work as he savors the tortured cries of those he withholds from the release of death.


Born Of Nightmares

Nocturne is a demon borne from the nightmares of mortals, created by shadow magic forbidden throughout Runeterra. The shadowy creature is terror made manifest, with no feelings of kindness in its vacant heart. Trapped within the spirit realm in which it was created, Nocturne thrashed violently for an escape, eventually manifesting in the mortal realm after tearing at the fabric between the two worlds.

In its current form, Nocturne is drawn to the weaknesses of mortals. Their fears and weakness attract the demonic figure, allowing it to plunge its victims into everlasting terror and endless nightmares, where it feasts on their anguish.


An Amalgamation Of Human Flesh

Once renowned as a god-like warrior of Shurima, Aatrox is a Darkin—a fallen Ascended imprisoned within a weapon. Warring with the godly Aspects themselves, Aatrox fought alongside his armies until he was imprisoned within his legendary blade by a great and powerful force.


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Sealed within the prison of his sword, Aatrox was condemned to suffocating darkness and eternal life, robbing him of the ability to die for centuries. Plucked up by a wandering mortal, Aatrox, in sword form, forced his will upon his host, controlling them as a vessel. Because of his immense power, each vessel lasted only a short amount of time, and so he consumed the lives and souls of all those he passed through, searching for the perfect host and creating the amalgamation of flesh that he is today.


A Truly Mad Scientist

Known throughout Runeterra for his vicious and cruel methods, Singed is a Zaunite that thrives off of human experimentation. Once an esteemed student at the University of Piltover, Singed fell to darkness as the creation of hextech pushed away the world’s need for alchemy.

With no more restraints cast on him by the University, Singed took to unethical practices: human and animal augmentation, combining humans with animals, and other vile experiments. His cruel yet successful practice caught the attention of Noxus, leading him to come into the service of the Noxian military for a period of time to create weapons of chemical destruction. As he perfects his craft, Singed looks to preserve and transform the very matter of life in sickening ways.


Imprisoned And Turned Dark

Once an eager sorcerer scholar, Veigar sought to expand his knowledge of magic following the ruin of the Great Darkin War that left the realm in tatters. He joined a group of mages within Noxus, eager to learn their craft. However, Veigar’s studies would be short-lived, as the warlord Mordekaiser swept through the lands and enslaved or killed everything and everyone he came across.

Interested in the yordle sorcerer, Mordekaiser snatched Veigar from the corpses of his brethren and imprisoned him within a confined fortress. Mordekaiser bound Veigar to the material plane, ensuring he could never escape. The isolation from the world and the vile enchantments he was forced to cast turned Veigar hateful. He soon forgot all of who he once was, submitting to the torture inflicted on him by the undead tyrant. Veigar embraced the dark, though his methods of “evil” are questionable at best, perhaps showing a glimpse of the yordle he once was.


The Unholy First Scream

Fiddlesticks, while a real being of demonic nature, is shrouded in mystery and legend. The stories of Fiddlesticks vary throughout Runeterra, typically used as a way to scare children or as a tale told by passing sailors. Regardless of their nature, the stories tell that Fiddlesticks is a horror beyond man’s imagination.

While many believe Fiddlesticks to simply be an old scary story, there have been rumored sightings of the demonic form throughout Demacia. Creating an aura of uneasiness, claims of strange noises and cries echoing throughout the woods have led to the belief that Fiddlesticks is more than just a legend. While Runeterra questions its existence, the truth is that Fiddlesticks is indeed real. It is a great evil that has existed throughout time—reshaping and building a husk to control its twisted form. It is the first demon, the first scream.

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