‘The Hague councilor spends night in cell after suspected attack on Rutte'

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The police arrested the Hague councilor Arnoud van Doorn, leader of the Hague Party of Unity, on Sunday on suspicion of plotting an attack. The target could possibly be outgoing Prime Minister Rutte. That writes the AD.

Van Doorn was arrested on Sunday morning by the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service (DKDB). He has since been released after spending the night in jail. According to the newspaper, Van Doorn walked through a neighborhood in the Hofstad that morning where Rutte was also at that time.

According to the DKDB, which was present to protect the outgoing prime minister, Van Doorn displayed ‘suspicious behaviour’. The politician from The Hague was then approached by the DKDB and arrested.

The Public Prosecution Service confirms to the NOS that a man was arrested last Sunday. He allegedly intended to “prepare a serious crime”. The Public Prosecution Service does not want to give any further details about the target, because the investigation has not yet been completed.

Lawyer: arrest was not allowed

According to Van Doorn’s lawyer Anis Boumanjal, the DKDB acted too frantically in the detention of the councilor. He says that to the AD. “There was no reasonable suspicion of guilt and for that reason my client should not have been arrested. The fact that this concerns Rutte does not make it any different.” Boumanjal was not immediately available for comment by the NOS.

Van Doorn was a member of the PVV, but was expelled from the party in 2011. In 2012, he converted to Islam.

‘The Hague councilor spends night in cell after suspected attack on Rutte’
Source link ‘The Hague councilor spends night in cell after suspected attack on Rutte’

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