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(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Xbox Addresses Replies Saying ‘PS5 is Better’ | Here’s What They Have to Say

Xbox addresses the countless replies they get to their Twitter section of people saying the “PS5 is better.” To this, Xbox gave a simple reply saying the best console is really just the one that players enjoy playing. This simple reply then invited gamers to “have fun!”

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

This Tweet by Xbox was meant to address the comparison that a lot of people have been making ever since the release of the two consoles. The war of the consoles has been going on for quite a while now with people still having to decide which is better, Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox.

Console after console, the decisions of gamers remain mixed. There were times when the Xbox took the spot as a more popular console and there were times when the PlayStation took the spot as the most popular console.

Supply Shortage for Both Consoles

The problem with this round, however, is that the sales of these consoles directly depend on the available supply. As of the moment, purchasing both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are extremely difficult. The latest PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock has seen very limited stocks at a time.

In order to know which console sells more, there has to be at least a little bit of surplus. As of the moment, the console sales depend directly on how much supply is available as the consoles tend to sell out almost instantaneously as soon as they are made available online.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Supply Shortage to Last Until 2023

This, however, is a problem that seems to have no clear solution any time soon. The global chip shortage, according to Tom’s Hardware, the scarcity of the PS5 is expected to last well into 2023. This means that sadly, buyers will still have to deal with pesky scalpers buying up the consoles and selling them at marked up prices.

The PS5 restock July 2021 supply, although expected to show some improvement, might not be able to fix the extremely concerning problem of scalpers completely. As of the moment, the best bet for PS5 buyers to purchase consoles online is through following PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts and Xbox Series X restock Twitter accounts.

PS5 Restock Tracker Twitter Accounts

These PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts or Xbox Series X restock tracker Twitter accounts give notifications whenever new stock appears on different online retailers. Although this does not guarantee buyers a spot at purchasing either a PS5 restock or an Xbox Series X restock, it does give buyers a slight advantage.

This still means, however, that buyers have to move fast in order to be able to purchase the consoles online since they are competing with not only other buyers and scalpers, they are competing with the scarce supply of the console as well. No matter the choice, whether PS5 or Xbox Series X, purchasing these consoles has been difficult for gamers and is expected to remain difficult for quite a while.

Written by Urian B.

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