‘The DioField Chronicle’ is a Welcome Surprise For Real-Time Strategy Fans

Square Enix has been experimenting with new IPs lately, whether it be reviving older games like Live A Live or wholly new experiences like Triangle Strategy. These games are as much a step forward as they are a celebration of the company’s turn-based roots.

One game that completely came out of left field is The DioField Chronicle, a new game being developed by Square Enix and Lancarse. The latter is known for their work on the Etrian Odyssey series and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

A free demo for The DioField Chronicle was recently released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, and covers the first few missions of the game besides providing a thorough overview of The DioField Chronicle.

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans

So how does The DioField Chronicle hold up, and should you give this game a go when it releases? Let’s check it out.

Mounted Charge

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans
Featuring character designs by Taiki of Lord of Vermilion fame and concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo, known for his work on Final Fantasy XII and XIII, The DioField Chronicle already draws fans in with its familiar art style right off the bat.

The sprawling war-torn world may be similar to that of Final Fantasy XII, but the story kicks off in a way similar to Final Fantasy II, where we see the young warriors Andrias, Fredret, and Izelair joining a mercenary group.

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans

After making a name for themselves as heroes of the land, they are soon joined by new allies like the archer Iscarion and the mage Waltaquin. The party soon finds themselves in the middle of a civil war, as well as uncovering the rise of the undead.

The story featured in the demo is enough to hook players in with a strong premise, one that quickly introduces the game’s high stakes and the major players throughout the game. Main character Andrias, for example, is an unassuming hero who slowly becomes a more capable leader as time goes on.

Fantail Formation

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans
In battle, players will command a party of troops like in Warcraft or Starcraft, but without the base-building elements. Players are not confined to grids or rigid movement options like in Fire Emblem or XCOM, and each unit can move freely across the battlefield depending on the player’s placement of units.

Characters has their own class and skills, each with different areas of effect and status effects. Throughout the many battlefields players will come across, there are treasure chests to be found, keeps to capture, and obstacles that change up the missions.

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans

In between battles, players will find themselves back in their base, where weapons and armour can be bought. Levelling up can be done via a skill tree, and missions can be selected on the war table.

Overall, the entire package is a lot like Dragon Age: Origins in terms of combat, and Dragon Age Inquisition when it comes to base management and mechanics.

Meteor Fall

With this year’s Triangle Strategy marking the return of tactical gameplay by Square Enix, The DioField Chronicle is the company’s stride into real-time strategy. Truly, it is an experience that longtime fans of the genre can enjoy.

While it is very much recommended to be played on PC, considering the prevalence of the real-time strategy genre on the system, The DioField Chronicle does a great job in making the experience seamless on consoles thanks to its intuitive controller layout.

‘the diofield chronicle’ is a welcome surprise for real-time strategy fans

While The DioField Chronicle is not a spin-off of Final Fantasy, the ability to summon the monster Bahamut makes us wonder what other allusions will be made to the iconic franchise when the full game releases.

All progress made in The DioField Chronicle demo, including save data, game progress and character levels, will be able to be carried over to the full game when it launches on September 22.

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