The broadcast of September 28

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Increasing pressure on birth care

Not only is the pressure on healthcare increasing due to the corona crisis, hospitals are also unable to keep up with the increase in the number of births. Gynecology departments are increasingly having to refuse patients, sometimes even up to five a day. Nieuwsuur took a look at the hospital.

Is it time for an extra-parliamentary cabinet?

Pieter Omtzigt mentioned it, a so-called extra-parliamentary cabinet as a solution to the impasse. But what exactly is that? And is it the right solution? Nieuwsuur explains and discusses the phenomenon with Martin van Rooijen (50plus).

The broadcast of September 28
Source link The broadcast of September 28

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Wildlife protection offers money for tip about killed wolf

Photo: ANP The Fauna Protection makes a reward of 5000 euros available for tips that lead to the identification and trial of the person who shot wolf GW1490m on the ... Read more »

Man (51) explodes after ten years of nuisance from neighbor and attacks him with a bat Arnhem

A 51-year-old man from Velp, Gelderland, who exploded after ten years of nuisance and attacked his neighbor with a club, has been sentenced to community service. The court ordered him ... Read more »

Dutch Thomas Wijnen on ‘Marsmission' without ever being in a rocket

Together with five other ‘astronauts’, Dutch scientist and space enthusiast Thomas Wijnen left for Mars, and they didn’t need a rocket for that. In the Israeli Negev desert, the scientists ... Read more »

The Hague Business Agency Presents: How I got here – with Hendrick Harbe

Guest: Hendrik Halbe, CEO of Unknown Group, shares advice with entrepreneurs and talks about why they don’t want to talk about success. He sees a lot of potential in The ... Read more »

Blokhuis understands report against Van Lienden for mouth caps deal

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health understands the decision of lawyer Plasman to report to Sywert van Lienden and his business partners for fraud in the controversial face mask ... Read more »

Police arrest 39-year-old man for fatal shooting incident in Utrecht

Utrecht On Friday morning, the police arrested a 39-year-old man from Utrecht on suspicion of involvement in the fatal shooting incident on Vleutenseweg on Saturday 9 October. The suspect is ... Read more »

Supreme Court: Right to compensation from NAM for earthquake damage Groningen

Groningen homeowners with earthquake damage are entitled to compensation from the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) for loss of living enjoyment. The Supreme Court ruled on this Friday. The court in ... Read more »

Norwegian town of Kongsberg reflects on murders

VIDEOResidents of the Norwegian town of Kongsberg gather after Wednesday night’s massacre. The mental health of the Danish archer is being examined by experts today. Bob van Huet Oct 15. ... Read more »

Grapperhaus: better check corona pass

Entrepreneurs should take checking the corona tickets seriously. Outgoing minister Grapperhaus said this to the Council of Ministers following an investigation by I&O Research on behalf of the NOS. According ... Read more »

Cheering for a wolf shot dead in the Veluwe: where does this hatred come from?

Historian, writer and wolf expert Dik van der Meulen has been fascinated by the wolf for years. He traveled the world to understand the age-old relationship between humans and animals. ... Read more »

These are the winners of the most important TV awards

The documentary The Children of Ruinerwold has won the Golden Televizier Ring. That is the most important Dutch television prize. The award was presented by Olympic champion Sifan Hassan. This ... Read more »

Government to ban fake reviews on the internet

Before you order something online, you might want to read some reviews first. Handy you would think, but many of those reviews are fake. The government does not think that ... Read more »

News alarm: TV prize winners announced + Autumn break

It is Friday! Almost time for weekend and maybe autumn break. But first a day at school. In this News Alarm you can read what happened last night and what ... Read more »

Almelose crossbowman wakes up from coma and is approachable

The crossbowman from Almelo, who is suspected of having stabbed two women to death, has awakened from his coma after almost a month and is able to speak again. Sources ... Read more »

Lawyer Plasman is going to file a report against Sywert van Lienden in a mouth cap case

Lawyer Peter Plasman has in the talk show Jinek said that he will file a complaint against Sywert van Lienden and his business partners. In the talk show, the lawyer ... Read more »

Boys will be expensive with fake weapon in train

The reporter gave the police clear information about the suspects. The two boys were arrested after large-scale deployment of various specialized police officers. Various regular police units and specialists such ... Read more »

Cabinet angry about ‘inappropriate' tweet from Slovenian prime minister

The cabinet is angry about a tweet from Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa. The tweet contains an image in which, among others, MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld and other Dutch ... Read more »

Post-covid fashion: comfortable and soft items

COVID-19 Now that working from home seems to be here to stay after the corona crisis, the influence of COVID-19 is even reflected in the fashion image. For the upcoming ... Read more »

GroenLinks MP Snels resigns due to PvdA collaboration

Bart Snels of GroenLinks stops as a member of parliament because he does not agree with his party’s cooperation with the PvdA. Snels is the party’s financial spokesperson and one ... Read more »

Expert after Bart De Pauw's surprising statement: ‘Sometimes people do not realize that they have autism'

During the closing moments of his trial, TV maker Bart De Pauw cited an autism spectrum disorder as a possible explanation for his behaviour. ‘Sometimes the disorder remains hidden for ... Read more »

Prime Minister Rutte and President of the European Parliament interfere in Slovenian Twitter attack

Janša retweeted, among other things, a tweet in which the D66 member is perceived as ‘George Soros’ puppet’. Soros is a wealthy Hungarian-American philanthropist who is seen by Janša and ... Read more »

This class collected 15 containers of electronic waste

Phones with broken screens, laptops that no longer charge and tablets that have become too slow: the mountain of electrical devices that are no longer used is growing every day. ... Read more »

OM: motorcycle officer Arno deliberately killed by truck driver

‘Deliberately killed’ Due to the investigation, the Public Prosecution Service has been reluctant to report on the case until today. ‘That is why the Public Prosecution Service focused on this ... Read more »

Silicone clinic inundated with phone calls: ‘If you have no complaints, there is no reason to worry'

As a result of recent media attention, the silicone outpatient clinic of the Amsterdam UMC has been inundated with questions from concerned women about their silicone breast implants. Internist Prabath ... Read more »

Three in four corona patients hospitalized are unvaccinated

Three out of four corona patients admitted to hospital between September 1 and October 3 were unvaccinated, according to figures from the RIVM. That number was even higher among corona ... Read more »

80 percent of COVID-19 patients in ICU are not vaccinated

Opportunity The chance of ending up in intensive care as a fully vaccinated person due to COVID-19 is 33 times smaller than as a non-vaccinated person. Vaccination protects well against ... Read more »

Foreign Affairs asks Morocco for clarification on espionage allegation

The cabinet denies that a Moroccan journalist spied for the Dutch embassy in Rabat. The journalist in question was sentenced in Morocco to six years in prison, partly on the ... Read more »

Bond actor Daniel Craig prefers gay bars: ‘It's a safe place'

“I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember,” Craig said during Lunch with Bruce, a podcast from Craig’s close friend and entrepreneur Bruce Bozzi. The ... Read more »

Room continues to ask for more insight into the King's cash book, Rutte says no

A large part of the House of Representatives and Prime Minister Rutte continue to disagree about whether or not to disclose the expenditures of King Willem-Alexander. The ruling party D66 ... Read more »

VRT wants to tackle gambling advertising on its channels. But that will take a few years

Every year, the public broadcaster collects 3 million euros by broadcasting promotions for games of chance. A considerable amount, which does not include the income of the National Lottery. Nevertheless, ... Read more »

Man (30) injured in shooting incident Populierenlaan Groningen

Groningen A 30-year-old man was injured in a shooting incident on Populierenlaan in Groningen on Wednesday evening. “No suspect has been arrested yet and the police are investigating,” the police ... Read more »

Another national outage on Vodafone mobile network

For the second time this week, Vodafone customers are experiencing inconvenience when calling and using the internet. The first complaints came in around 2.30 pm. The website shows that ... Read more »

Court: Dismissal of an agent who informed the press about sexual harassment ‘entirely justified'

The court in The Hague ruled that the criminal discharge of a 41-year-old police officer from Haarlemmermeer is completely justified. The agent didn’t want to the NRC are allowed to ... Read more »

Cleaning Netherlands calls on clients: stop requiring cleaners to show corona pass

Cleaning Netherlands thinks this is ‘not done’. It is not up to the client to oblige the cleaner to demonstrate whether he has been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. There ... Read more »

Ooit Playboy-columnist, nu een mevrouw met een volkstuin: ‘Mannen en vrouwen begrijpen elkaar nog altijd niet'

Nadat de Nederlandse schrijver Yvonne Kroonenberg (71) zich lang genoeg in mannen had verdiept, ‘snapte’ ze hen. Dat betekent niet dat de beroemde Playboy-columnist – haar beste werk ligt nu ... Read more »

Interpreter (36) on Dutch evacuation list ‘murdered in Kabul': ‘If this is correct, it will be a drama'

An Afghan interpreter who worked for the Dutch at an international mission was murdered in Kabul during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The man’s family tells the NOS that ... Read more »

Young people with a migration background are two to three times more likely to be suspected of a crime

The chance that young people with a migration background are suspected of a crime is two to three times greater than young people with a Dutch background. This is the ... Read more »

‘Tumult in the courtroom after De Pauw's defense questions the women'

The day started with a word from the women who took part in civil proceedings. What else did they want to say? Bergmans: “Actress Ella-June Henrard told how hard she ... Read more »