The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything

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The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
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Parents are notoriously hard to shop for. What could possibly compare to the gift of life that they gave to you? They may say there’s nothing else they want or need, but there are of course some thoughtful things to get as gifts for the parents who have everything.

Depending on the age range and hip factor of your dear old mom and dad, there may be many product categories that they don’t even know exist. It’s possible that they’re unaware of the existence of smart mugs that can keep their coffee hot for hours without reheating, or a waterproof speaker to make showers that much more enjoyable. They can’t ask for things they’ve never heard about, which is where you come in. For the next birthday or Christmas, surprise them with one of these gifts for parents who have everything that they know of.

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If the matriarch and patriarch of your family ask for nothing but you still want to somehow give them the best, read on to find the perfect gift for those particularly hard to shop for parents.


1. iRobot Roomba i3


If you have a parent who needs the house to be spotless at all times, help them out with a little robot that can clean for them. The iRobot Roomba sucks up stubborn dirt and messes from both hardwood and carpet with smart navigation reactive sensor technology. It learns your cleaning habits to offer personalized schedules and even connects to your voice assistants to control with vocal commands.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY best gifts for parents who have everything – irobot roomba

Buy: iRobot Roomba i3 $299.00 (orig. $399.99) 25% OFF


2. Ember Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug


I can’t speak for all parents, but my dad is constantly reheating his coffee in the microwave, which cannot make it taste particularly good. This smart mug solves that problem. It has temperature control that allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, and it is then able to maintain that temperature for up to one and a half hours. Any coffee drinker will greatly appreciate this gift to keep their coffee nice and hot (but not too hot).

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY ember temperature control smart mug, gifts for parents who have everything

Buy: Ember Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug $99.99


3. iDOO Hydroponic Growing System


When looking for a gift for parents who have everything, it can be helpful to consider their hobbies and then find a way to expand on them that they may have never considered. For parents who love gardening, why not get them an indoor herb garden that allows for year-round growth and fresh herbs to use for cooking? This little hydroponic growing system includes 12 pods, a grow light and many other adjustable features to help maintain healthy plants regardless of any external factors.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY indoor herb garden, best gifts for parents who have everything

Buy: iDOO Hydroponic Growing System $89.99


4. Theragun Prime


It’s always impressive when parents can maintain a challenging exercise regime into their old age, but it also means they’re likely to have more soreness, aches and pains than they did in their youth. The Theragun offers smart percussive therapy to target specific muscles with deep and powerful treatment. It’ll help them recover faster, ease discomfort and soothe tightness so that they’re ready for their next workout.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY theragun prime

Buy: Theragun Prime $269.00


5. LCD Digital Photo Frame


If your parent is also a grandparent, or just loves to look at pictures of their family when they can’t be with them in person, they’ll go crazy for this digital photo frame. It allows you to connect a USB flash drive or SD card to set up an automatic slideshow so that all of their favorite photos can play on a loop reel in very high quality.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY digital photo frame

Buy: LCD Digital Photo Frame $69.15


6. Original Casper Pillow


Some parents love to complain about all of their aches and pains and trouble sleeping. Get them something to help ease their troubles with the Casper pillow. They can choose from standard or queen sizes, in mid loft or low loft. The breathable weave stays cool, and the down-alternative fill is airy soft and responds to movement. It comes back to life with one quick fluff for the most comfortable place for them to rest their heads night after night.

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The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY casper pillow

Buy: Original Casper Pillow $65.00


7. Furbo Dog Camera


As much as your parents love you, they may love their pets even more. The Furbo Dog Camera allows them not only to keep eyes on their fur babies at all times but also to interact with them when they’re not home. They can speak to them and even toss them treats using the Furbo app, and be notified when they start barking. It’s a very cute way to make them feel more comfortable leaving their pups at home alone.

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The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY furbo dog camera

Buy: Furbo Dog Camera $118.00 (orig. $169.00) 30% OFF


8. Wyze Band Activity Tracker Watch


If one of your parents doesn’t like all the bells of an Apple Watch but loves to track their steps, this Wyze activity tracker is a great option. It’s a simple watch that allows them to monitor steps and sleep, with other features like weather display, Find My Phone and a sedentary reminder. It also tracks heart rate, lasts for up to 10 days on a single charge.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY wyze activity tracker

Buy: Wyze Band Activity Tracker Watch $32.99


9. MasterClass Annual Membership


Learning doesn’t have to stop with school. If your parents are retired and have lots of time on their hands or just love to explore new topics and expand their horizons, get them an annual membership to MasterClass. There are tons of online classes taught by experts in various fields. It’ll offer them an opportunity they would never otherwise get to learn from the world’s best.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY masterclass membership

Buy: MasterClass Annual Membership $180.00


10. JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker


After years of living in the same home as your parents, or maybe still living in the same home, you know if they’re shower singers. It would be a nice gesture to encourage this pastime by getting them a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to jam and belt it out while they clean. They can connect it to their phone, clip it onto their shower head and throw on their favorite playlist to have rockin’ showers every day.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY jbl portable waterproof bluetooth speaker

Buy: JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker $69.99


11. Brightland Olive Oil Artist Capsule


If you have a parent who loves to cook, help them expand their horizons with this trio of flavored and aesthetically pleasing olive oils. It comes with three blends including lemon, chili and basil, and each label was designed by a category-changing artist. Not only do they add flavor to any meal, but they also look great displayed on the kitchen counter.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY gifts for parents who have everything

Buy: Brightland Olive Oil Artist Capsule $115.00


12. L.L.Bean Deluxe Scrabble


Every time I’m home, my mom tries to convince everyone to play Scrabble and then proceeds to take all of our turns because she loves it so much. My sister-in-law got her this deluxe scrabble board engraved with her name, and it was a truly thoughtful gift for a parent who has everything that she’ll treasure for years to come. It’s a beautiful, sturdy wooden set to stand the test of time with storage underneath, and it rotates on a lazy-susan to easily face each player for their turn.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY deluxe scrabble

Buy: L.L.Bean Deluxe Scrabble $119.00


13. Apple AirTag


We love our parents, but as they age, they tend to lose their minds a bit. It’s our job to support them as they become more forgetful, which you can do with one or a pack of four Apple AirTags. It’ll help them keep track of their technology and other items, so when they misplace their phone, iPad or keys, they can use the precision finding and ultra-wideband technology to locate them in a jiff. It’s the perfect gift for parents who have everything but can’t seem to find anything.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY apple airtag

Buy: Apple AirTag $29.00


14. Ancestry DNA Kit


Helping our parents figure out where they come from will also help us learn more about our roots. If your mom or dad has been dying to learn more about their heritage and build out the family tree, get them this Ancestry DNA Kit. It uses cutting-edge science to determine specific ethnic results and allows you to trace your ancestors’ journey over time.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY ancestry DNA kit

Buy: Ancestry DNA Kit $100.00


15. Custom Watercolor House Portrait


If your family feels very attached to your childhood home, these beautiful custom watercolor house portraits make a wonderful gift for parents who have everything. All you have to do is send this Etsy seller a photo of the home, and they’ll personalize a colorful painting depicting the scene. Especially if your parents have downsized or plan to move in the near future, they’ll love to have this reminder of the house they raised you in.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY watercolor house portrait

Buy: Custom Watercolor House Portrait $152.10


16. Wood And Marble Appetizer Serving Platter


If your parents like to entertain, they’ll love this personalized wood and marble serving platter. It’s perfect for cheese boards, charcuterie, and pretty much any other kind of appetizer platter they like to put together when they have company. It comes in charcoal and white color options with three marble bowls included, and you can even have it monogrammed for a little personalized touch.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY personalized wood and marble serving platter

Buy: Wood And Marble Appetizer Serving Platter $129.00


17. iRoller Screen Cleaner


Has one of your parents ever snuck up behind you when you were on your phone or computer and asked how you could possibly see on such a dirty screen? If so, they’ll probably appreciate this liquid-less, non-chemical screen cleaner. It works on any sort of computer, tablet or phone screen helps them easily remove any dust, fingerprints or smudges.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY iroller screen cleaner

Buy: iRoller Screen Cleaner $19.95 (orig. $24.95) 20% OFF


18. Pismo Organic Throw


Every couch needs a good throw to get extra cozy for naps and movie nights. It feels like a very dad thing to fall asleep on the couch during a movie, so he may be the one who will appreciate this the most. Not only is this Coyuchi throw blanket made from woven organic cotton fibers, but it’s also stone-washed for extra softness and a more delicate texture. It’s light to mid-weight, so you can use it alone in warmer seasons or layer in the winter, and the cool geometric pattern will look great draped over their favorite nap spot.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY coyuchi pismo throw blanket

Buy: Pismo Organic Throw $98.00


19. Landon Carryall Bag


If you don’t live in the same city as your parents, you know how much they love to come to visit you for a weekend. Help them travel in style with this Dagne Dover duffel. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can cater to their preferences and general packing tendencies. It also has a laptop sleeve and comes with a shoe bag and dust bag, so it’s truly everything they need to pack for a weekend away.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY dagne dover landon caryall

Buy: Landon Caryall Bag $200.00


20. Vintage Turntable


Ever hear one of your parents wax on about how music just sounds so much better on vinyl? If so, this is the best gift for them. While they may have had a record player back in the day, it’s highly likely it got lost or thrown away in some move since stereos and iPods and smartphones have come into the picture. Bring them back to their musical roots and give them an opportunity to play you all of their favorite records with this cool vintage turntable that won’t break the bank.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY vintage turntable

Buy: Vintage Turntable $94.99


21. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser


When my parents came into my apartment and saw my diffuser, they had absolutely no clue what they were looking at. Sure, they love candles, but older generations tend to be behind when it comes to advancements in scent distributing technology. Help your parents infuse their home with their favorite scents with this diffuser. It lasts much longer than any candle, does a better job of disbursing scents and it can run when they’re out of the house so that they can always come home to the sweetest smells. It doesn’t hurt that it looks chic, so it won’t be an eyesore.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY stone diffuser

Buy: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser $119.00


22. Battery Operated Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder


Whether you have a parent who loves to cook or is just very particular about how they like to season their own meal, this battery-operated all-in-one pepper mill and spice grinder will be their new favorite appliance. They can select the coarseness based on their preferences, from adding fresh black pepper to their spaghetti or sprinkling dried rosemary onto potatoes before roasting. It’ll also make them seem much fancier at dinner parties when they can offer their guests some Himalayan salt or peppercorns ground just to their liking.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY battery operated spice grinder

Buy: Battery Operated Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder $39.99


23. LiveFine Towel Warmer


After everything you likely put your parents through in your lifetime, they deserve to have a bit of luxury and relaxation. This at-home towel warmer will make every day feel like a spa day, allowing them to be greeted with a wonderfully warm towel every time they get out of the shower. It features an easily adjustable timer so they can set it to be nice and toasty at the perfect time, and the spacious heating towel can fit multiple towels just in case they need one for their hair and one for their body.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY towel warmer

Buy: LiveFine Towel Warmer $149.99 (orig. $199.99) 25% OFF


24. Our Place Perfect Pot


If your parents love to cook but they’re still using the cookware they got from their wedding registry, it’s time for an upgrade. The Our Place Perfect Pot is exactly what they need since it combines every single pot and then some. It boils, bakes, crisps and steams, all without a single stuck-on piece of debris. It’ll offer them easier cooking and cleaning in a color that looks great displayed on their stovetop.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY our place perfect pot

Buy: Our Place Perfect Pot $165.00


25. Personalized Cigar Humidor


Cigars feel like a habit you develop as a dad, whether you were ever a smoker or not. It’s a hobby that involves collecting, smoking and storing properly so that their fanciest cigars are always fresh when they want to break them out. Get yours this premium humidor with their name and initial on top for a thoughtful, personalized gift that they’ll truly appreciate.

The Best Gifts For Parents Who Already Have Everything
© Provided by SPY cigar humidor

Buy: Personalized Cigar Humidor $91.99


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