The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar Best cheap gaming chair deals: November 2021

The best cheap gaming chair deals can help offset the costs of purchasing one of the best gaming chairs just in time for Christmas, especially as we normally see competitive prices on everything from entry-level models to designer brands see heavy discounts this month. 

It doesn’t matter what budget you’re working with, as the best cheap gaming chair deals can cater for just about anyone, with several stellar options for well under a C-note, and extensive savings on the more popular designs, too. It all comes down to feature set and build quality, after all, no one wants to splash out on a new throne for their setup only for it to underperform in a couple of months’ time.

That’s where these offers come in; we’re rounding up the best cheap gaming chair deals, as well as giving some hand-picked options for under the $200 mark below, along with some buying advice, to help you find the seat that’s perfect for you this December. With that said, if you’re interested in kitting out the rest of your setup for less this month, then the best cheap gaming monitors and best cheap gaming keyboards are going to go a long way in that regard. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals

There’s no reason why a high quality gaming chair needs to cost upwards of several hundred dollars, as these more affordable options prove, there are many different gaming chair models to choose from for well under a hundred bucks. 

Cheap gaming chair deals in the US

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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Vineego gaming chair | $95 $79.98 at Walmart It’s all about the understated office look with this budget offering from Walmart, complete with adjustable tension control and a rocking function as well as the expected fitting options for adjusting the height and reclining depth. Also available in red and grey.

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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Homall Ergonomic | $130 $94.99 at Amazon

Save $35 – For just under $100, you’re getting a comfortable chair that comes equipped with a footrest and further reclining functionality. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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GTPlayer Massaging | $99.99 at Amazon

It’s not a deal per se, but this GTPlayer chair features not only a footrest and further reclining functionality, but also a USB-powered massaging lumbar pillow for comfy gaming over longer periods. We haven’t seen this feature in many other chairs before, so if we’re interested, we recommend it! 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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OFM ESS Collection Racing Style | $126 $111.98 at Amazon For the money, this is one of the nicest looking and most feature-complete gaming chairs that we’ve come across in recent memory. The major concession to its build isn’t in the functionality – as it has a full 360-degree swivel, tilt, and seat adjustment, as well as lumbar support. Instead, it’s the ‘bonded leather’ that makes up the bulk of the finish. It’s also available in black, blue, green, grey, and white.

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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GTRacing Ergonomic | $170 $119.99 at Amazon Save $50 – This premium ergonomic office-style GTRacing gaming chair features all the core qualities of its higher-end contemporaries, including a further reclining angle, high-intensity steel frame, as well as headrest, and lumbar pillows. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Respawn RSP 110 | $151 $135.53 at Amazon

It’s not a massive discount, but given that this brand makes solid budget entries, and that there’s a footrest with a bucket seat on offer here, there isn’t much more you could want. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Respawn 200 | $290 $148.17 at Amazon

Save $141 – It’s about a dollar short of being the lowest ever historic price, but given you’re getting an Esports-centric mesh chair for under $150, we think it’s a great deal. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Razer Iskur | $499 $349.99 at Amazon Save $149 – We know that we’re stretching the definition of ‘cheap’ with this Razer gaming chair, but as one of our most highly reviewed models in recent memory, we figured that for this price range it’s worth at least considering. The best part is the adjustable lumbar support, ideal if you’re looking for supreme comfort. 

Cheap gaming chair deals in the UK

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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Basetbl | £140 £68.59 at Amazon

Save £71 – You’re getting this entry-level gaming chair for better than half price, which positions it as one of the better cheap gaming chair deals in our roundup if you’re looking for a no-frills option. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

GTPlayer Ergonomic | £140 £95.99 at Amazon Save £44 – With its included lumbar and headrest pillows, combined with being able to recline back 150 degrees, this gaming chair features all you need to game in comfort for many, many hours to come. What’s more, it’s wear-resistant and memory foam, ensuring it’s built to last. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
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Hbada Ergonomic | £120 £101.99 at Amazon Instead of leaning back, this gaming chair’s built with upright, working comfort from the off-set. This is evidenced most when looking at the large plush cushion at the seat. It’s important to note that this chair does recline, but not to the extent of some of the company’s other models – similarly, there’s an extendable footrest in-built if you want to be super snug – ideal for people with bad backs.

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

AutoFull Ergonomic | £200 £169.99 at Amazon

Save £30 – This brand might not have the same recognition as some of the bigger names, but this discount sure goes a long way to making this ergonomic chair a viable option for under the £200 mark. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

AutoFull Pink Ergonomic | £240 £199.99 at Amazon

Save £40 – If you’ve been after one of the best pink gaming chairs then this deal is hard to refuse. You get the company’s solid build quality with a dash of ultra cuteness. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Razer Iskur | £500 £342.83 at Amazon

Save £157 – While still a frightfully expensive gaming chair for most, knocking down the asking price could be the decider for some people, making it only slightly more expensive than the Iskur X while still retaining the adaptive lumbar support and 4D armrests which that model lacks. 

Where to find the best cheap gaming chair deals

Considering just how many cheap gaming chair deals are available online, we thought it best to round up where to find the best deals at major retailers, and what to expect from each. 

US retailers

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar


The world’s largest online retailer has a vast array of both cheap and premium gaming chairs for you to choose from. It’s worth stating that the overall selection can be a little dicey in places; this is due to no-name makes or questionable star ratings. It’s important to be hawk-eyed to ensure you’re getting a quality product.  

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Best Buy Similarly to Amazon, Best Buy has a varied selection of gaming chairs, though isn’t quite as abundant by comparison. It’s worth reiterating: the brands that are there – such as AKRacing and Arozzi – are all of high standard. Products are often on sale, too with that distinctive red banner at the bottom right. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar


There’s a whole lost of different gaming chairs available at Walmart, as has been made apparent from some inclusions in our roundup. Indeed, that’s very much the tip of the iceberg as far as the budget options are concerned. If you’re after something for around the $100 mark, you’ll be more than happy with what’s here.

UK retailers

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar


As may be expected from the UK’s version of the world’s largest online retailer; there’s a whole host of both budget and high end gaming chairs available. Just keep in mind to read the reviews on names you might not be familiar with.

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar


You can find some of the best gaming chair brands around at Very right now; everything from Andaseat and BraZen to X Rocker and Trust have been well stocked up. You can be sure to find chairs to suit most budgets.  


Surprisingly, this tech-focused retailer has what could be the largest selection out of all the brick and mortar/online hybrid stores. What’s more, pretty much everything from Corsair, Razer and Noble Chairs to ADX and X Rocker are covered. If you’re after something specific, you can be sure to find it. 

Cheap gaming chair deals – top brands

While these brands don’t necessarily make cheap gaming chair deals, you can still find regular discounts and make savings on more premium options here. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Secretlab There’s a reason why Secretlab chairs frequently top of best gaming chairs list; with many models tending to receive highly recommended review rankings. In short, the company makes excellent gaming chairs for the money in a variety of styles and colours for all shapes and sizes. 

The best cheap gaming chair deals in December 2021
© Provided by GamesRadar

Andaseat We’ve had a lot of great things to say about this brand over the years. One thing that’s always been consistent with Andaseat gaming chairs is their solid build quality and sense of style. In particular, the company is currently running gaming chairs themed around popular Marvel superheroes, which is sure to appeal to the MCU faithful. 

Cheap gaming chair deals under $200

Cheap gaming chairs under $200 have proven themselves to be a suitable middle ground between budget, entry-level options, and the best gaming chairs on the market. It’s now entirely possible to enjoy a premium build quality and a suite of features for a more-than-fair rate in 2021. As we close this year out, we’re seeing more options than ever from some of the major players in the industry. 

There are a few brands that you won’t find in the cheap gaming chairs under $200 roundup, however; don’t expect the likes of Secretlab or Razer to appear below. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a stellar-looking, and functional, seat for gaming without breaking the bank. 

You ideally always want to look for a gaming chair that features steel frame construction and either high-density foam or bonded leather for a greater lifespan; these models are very much built to last. 

If you’re interested in more options at the affordable end of the scale, then we recommend checking in on the cheap gaming chair deals for regularly updated discounts and savings. We’re currently seeing the boutique brands enjoy some of their lowest prices of the year as we come ever closer to Christmas, so don’t miss out if you’re looking to cast a wider net. 

We’ve had a lot of good things to say about the BraZen Puma in the past for its premium construction and ease of assembly. As far as cheap gaming chairs under $200 go, there really isn’t much more that you can ask for from it for its modest $190 price tag. 

As with many other mid-range gaming chairs in this roundup, it’s made of synthetic leather, but benefits from a mesh construction as opposed to an encompassing foam which makes it, ultimately, more comfortable than some more premium options you can get your hands on today. 

It’s in the ease of the setup that this cheap gaming chair under $200 comes into its own, though, as we’ve definitely had our struggles when assembling much pricier models in the past. 

If you’re looking for something sturdy and supportive that won’t cost a bomb, then the BraZen Puma is hard to beat given all it offers. 

The Respawn 110 comes in at just under the $200 mark and offers functionality that some of the major players don’t include, such as an adjustable footrest and further reclining functionality. What this means is that you can kick back in front of your setup no matter whether you’re watching movies or gaming.

This gaming chair under $200 doubles as a fairly snazzy office chair too, with its understated visual design and bonded leather wrap-around. And while it’s available in varying colors, the Respawn 110  tends to cut a decent figure regardless of its trim. 

What sets it apart from the competition is the 5-year warranty and support, so you’re covered in case something goes wrong with your new chair. 

The OFM ESS marries up some striking visual design and overall solid build quality for one of the more consistent gaming chairs at the $125 mark. You’ve got all the functionality that you would expect to find, including adjustable lumbar support and a bonded leather wrap-around for a premium look and feel – not to mention a competitive price. 

While there are no standout features here, the OFM ESS is available in a vast array of colors in its rather clean-cut style, including red, black, blue, green, white, and more, so you have a great selection of styles to choose from to suit your home office or gaming setup. 

While the brand is more established for its rocking pedestal gaming chairs, as its name would imply, X Rocker’s office-style Vortex model is a more traditional office-style unit aimed predominantly at Esports gamers and a teenage audience. This is achieved through the included high-density foam lumbar and headrest cushions which aid long play sessions. 

One small addition that we’re fond of is the metal caster wheels, which means the chair should roll freely on both carpet and hardwood flooring alike, which we cannot say for certain when it comes to more expensive gaming chairs that we’ve used this year. What’s more, the X Rocker Vortex has a 160-degree reclining angle, so you can kick back further than most would allow. 

There’s no accounting for taste, but we think that the Homall S-racer looks particularly fetching with its embroidered back design and multi-color aesthetics. It’s also adorned with prominent colored stitching all around the edges and lengths of it, which is a noteworthy touch we have enjoyed in more expensive chairs in the past.

The racing-style seat here ensures that you’re suitably secure without the feeling of being hemmed in, or pinched in the sides, which would otherwise prove uncomfortable over long periods. 

The Homall S-racer is also forged from a 1.8mm steel frame and high-density foam over synthetic leather, meaning it should last through many play sessions to come. Given that this chair retails around $105, there isn’t much more you can ask from it for the money. 

Now, if you’re more interested in getting the best gaming chair deals on the more traditional high-end models (as made by Secretlab, Razer, Corsair, Andaseat, etc.) then these are the best deals on some of our favorite models around.

Latest gaming chair prices – pedestals & rockers

We’ve mostly been focusing on the office/ergonomic style gaming chairs. That’s not to say we don’t have good things to say about pedestals, too. If you mostly play on console, or prefer something with a little more action to it, here are some of the best deals on some truly rocking pedestal gaming chairs.

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