The 5 wounds you need to heal to spread your wings in business

The 5 wounds you need to heal to spread your wings in business

The 5 wounds you need to heal to spread your wings in business


Entrepreneurship is a path that entails multiple learnings and satisfactions. The decision to start a business is governed by the mentality of gaining autonomy, personal fulfillment and helping others, but at the same time positively promoting the generation of innovative, competitive and unique ideas, which can also bring with it some fears or barriers that prevent taking the first step.

According to Ana Victoria García , our founder at Victoria147 , “ all emotional wounds are wonderful if we see them as paths that life offers us to grow, discover ourselves and find our mission. Healed wounds give rise to wonderful women who become great entrepreneurs, with a unique gift to the world and a purpose to fulfill. Then, they begin to open their natural gifts and talents, because their Inner Being will now be free to be who they have come to be ”.

According to the classification of Lise Bourbeau, a Canadian essayist internationally recognized for her contributions and literature on the subject of personal development, there are five types of wounds , which can take an entrepreneur away from their goal and to heal them you have to know them first.

One: Rejection

Saboteur Thought: Who am I to do this?

Are you reluctant in your business, do you suffer from paralysis due to excessive analysis that makes it difficult for you to make decisions, the fear of making mistakes immobilizes you or perfectionism prevents you from materializing your good ideas and you fear rejection when you offer your services and products? It is a very common problem of the entrepreneurial woman. The fear of “no” is the root of the fear of rejection.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Money Flow Quadrant , advises any fledgling entrepreneur to work in a company’s sales department, just to overcome the fear of “no,” as this is a faith. crooked.

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When you feel fear, you are imagining an unfavorable outcome, while faith comes from a place of hope and will always believe in a positive outcome.

A famous saying says that “the bravest person is not the one who is not afraid, but the one who continues on despite feeling fear.” As a businesswoman, many times you are going to have to act despite your fear, you just have to decide to take a step of faith to get out of your comfort zone, which limits you with your false fears. When you do, those fears will remain in your past. Your mind may still entertain them for a while, but your heart won’t anymore!

Two: Abandonment

Saboteur thought: “I need others to move forward since I just can’t.”

Nothing terrifies us more than feeling completely alone, and the fear of abandonment is especially pressing in childhood. That’s why in fairy tales we always side with their lost little heroes: the hungry Hansel and Gretel, not the owner of the cake and sugar house trying to gobble down.

The feeling of loneliness is harsh, along with the ignorance of whether you are doing it right and the certainty that no one can do it better than you. It is a strange combination and difficult to navigate at times.

The key to taking a step forward is to know yourself, understand and manage emotions, identify strengths, weaknesses and energy leaks, to make sense of everything that happens.

Another tip is to talk to other professionals and entrepreneurs who are in the same situation; So network , go to talks or events, which are full of scared people, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Three: Humiliation

Saboteur thought: “I do everything for others so that they see that I am a good person and they love me.”

It consists of people who consider themselves less important, worthy, valuable, or capable compared to others. This wound is healed by releasing the heavy load that is carried on the back and is achieved through forgiveness and personal appreciation.

In business, the positive impact of such reconciliation translates into self-esteem, which drives leadership based on great care for the entire team, a better way to delegate and organize tasks without feeling abused.

Entrepreneurial women who heal their trace of humiliation are characterized by the fact that they care about people and are very loved by their collaborators and clients. They develop their merit and release the blame. They separate family from work and do not allow anyone to interfere in their business. They take care of themselves and respect their rest times so as not to reach periods of exhaustion.

Four: Betrayal

Saboteur thought: “I must control everything so that they do not betray me.”

Throughout life we have heard or followed a karma: give without waiting, receive and remember. It is a motto that serves to keep in mind that when it is given, it is done by oneself, selflessly, but not always people have the best intentions and that sometimes causes disappointments, explains Cipri Quintas, partner of the Silk group and author of “The networking book ” .

At another level, it is an obstacle for some enterprising people who, on many occasions, sin of naivety and inexperience, when trying to transmit their enthusiasm to the team, sharing all the good with them. However, when bad times come, it changes to a climate of uncertainty and distrust, negative and dangerous.

To work this debt, it is better not to generate expectations. If you do not expect anything in return and you are clear about this, the obstacles are more easily overcome.

A woman entrepreneur with her own resources, virtues and strengths really manages to exercise her leadership and empowerment in front of a good team, where everyone adds up and paddles in the same direction. Also, energy is used for productive things.

Five: Injustice

Saboteur thought: “Life is a war and everything is achieved with effort.”

When parents are cold or rigid, exercise an authoritarian education, not respectful of children and constant demand, this will generate feelings of ineffectiveness and uselessness and a feeling of injustice arises.

This emotional wound creates rigid adults unable to negotiate or hold dialogues with diverse opinions. Their intentions revolve around gaining power and importance, being fans of order and perfectionism.

The way to work on mental rigidity is to cultivate flexibility and trust towards others.

Women who have overcome this footprint do well as entrepreneurs as they are very professional, organized and like to take responsibility. Furthermore, paradoxically, they do not like authority, so they prefer to direct rather than obey; since their perfectionism brings very competitive and complete products and their sense of justice makes them very honest and this transmits security to customers.

When they heal their rigidity and coldness, they bring out the human and funny side, they leave the dictator attitude and trust the team, giving freedom. They become more accessible bosses as they connect with their emotions and affection. They learn to improvise and be spontaneous. And they stop being “Iron Ladies”, they develop empathy and trust with different workers: more sentimental, with different rhythms, with other approaches. They begin to value creativity and intuition.

    The 5 wounds you need to heal to spread your wings in business

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