The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

Take a look at our picks for the best photo scanners out there, including ones for home and work. There are also ones that fit into all sorts of budgets.

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You might think that photo scanners have become obsolete with the popularization of smartphones. But this is not the case. Tons of people still require them to digitize precious family photos. A photographer who shoots on film also needs a photo scanner to get digital formats of their pictures.

Converting photos into digital formats prevents loss resulting from degradation over time. It also allows you to have backups that can’t be affected by physical harm.

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Photo scanners are specialized for digitizing photographs. Most come equipped with digital image correction software and other valuable features. Hence, they produce better results than general purpose scanners and make it easy to send your photos to a photo printer.

We’ve carefully created a list of the best photo scanners available on the market. Additionally, we’ll share some advice on choosing the best photo scanner for your needs.

The best photo scanners for digitizing photos

Best overall: Epson Perfection V600

Epson Perfection V600

Scan resolution: 6400dpi

Interface: USB

Size: 48.5 x 28 x 11.8cm

Weight: 4kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


Digital ICE technology for both prints and filmHigh-quality scan resolutionAutomatically restores damaged photosReasonably pricedSupports a wide range of film formats


BulkyScanning software is not user-friendly

Available at Best Buy


Why we picked it

The Epson V600 flatbed photo scanner is the perfect choice for film enthusiasts on a budget. The digital ICE technology offers one-touch photo restoration, removing dust, creases, and scratches from older photos. With a remarkable scan resolution of 6400dpi, you’re sure to get high-quality renditions of scanned photos.

The Epson Perfection V600 comes with two holders that allow easy scanning of slides and film negatives. Using this scanner, you can scan 35mm and medium-format (120mm) film types. Other features include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for document scanning and editable text, scan to email, and image editor. We highly recommend this scanner for casual users.

What to note about it

It does not have an automatic document feeder, so scanning many items can be pretty cumbersome. The Epson Perfection V600 requires no warm-up time and is powered by the Ready Scan LED light.

Best for professionals: Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Scan resolution: 6400dpi

Interface: USB

Size: 30.73 x 50.29 x 15.24cm

Weight: 9.48kg

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The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

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High-resolution scansDual-lens scan systemRestores damaged photosScans film and prints


Quite expensiveBulky

Available at Amazon


Why we picked it

The Epson Perfection V850 Pro is one of the best photo scanners for professional photographers. It churns out a resolution of 4800dpi for photo scanning and 6400dpi for film negatives and slides. Its dual-lens system and High Pass Optics ensure crisp and accurate digitization with impressive color depth.

The Epson Perfection V850 Pro features a high dynamic range for heightened tone reproduction. It also has film holders for scanning film in both 35mm and medium format. Digital ICE technology retouches old photos, removing dust, scratches, and spots. ReadyScan LED lights power the V850 Pro. You should consider getting the Epson Perfection V850 Pro if you’re a professional photographer or serious film enthusiast.

What to note about it

It has bundled software, which isn’t very user-friendly. It’s also quite bulky. Although it is quite pricey, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with the Epson Perfection V850 Pro.

Best overall budget pick: Plustek ePhoto Z300

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Scan resolution: 600dpi

Interface: USB

Size: 28.96 x 16 x 15.75cm

Weight: 1.48kg

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The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

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Good priceScans photos faster than a flatbed scannerEasy to useBuilt-in photo damage prevention tools


Lacks an automatic document feederBasic document scanning abilitiesScan quality is not so great

Available at Amazon


Why we picked it

The Plustek ePhoto Z300 is one of the best photo scanners for those on a budget. It is straightforward to use and scans photos at a fast pace. It mainly functions for converting printed photos into digital format and is not compatible with film. The Plustek ePhoto Z300 features image enhancement functions for faded photos.

This photo scanner is perfect for household use and can also be used to scan documents and letters.

What to note about it

You should know that this scanner is that it does not have an automatic document feeder. You’ll have to feed photos into the scanner manually. However, it takes two seconds to scan a 4″ x 6″ photo, so it won’t take too much of your time.

Best budget pick for beginners: Canon CanoScan LiDE 400

Canon CanoScan LiDE 400

Scan resolution: 4800dpi

Interface: USB

Size: 36.83 x 25.15 x 4.32cm

Weight: 1.63kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

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Easy to useSaves directly to cloud servicesHigh-quality scansReasonably priced


It does not support mobile devices and Wi-Fi connectivity

Available at Amazon



Why we picked it

The Canon CanoScan LiDE 400 is an excellent entry-level flatbed photo scanner. Its ease of use and simple design make it suited for home and work use. It has image enhancement features, which automatically remove blemishes and enhance colors.

Thanks to a resolution of 4800 dpi, your digitized image quality will be superb. You can use this scanner to scan photo prints, books, documents, etc. Auto-scan mode intuitively adjusts settings based on what you’re scanning. The CanoScan LiDE 400 allows you to save scanned documents as editable PDF files. You can save scans to the desired location or upload them directly to Dropbox or OneDrive.

What to note about it

The CanoScan does not support mobile devices and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best budget film scanner: Kodak Slide n Scan Film Scanner

Kodak Slide n Scan Film Scanner

Scan resolution: 3048dpi

Interface: HDMI

Size: 13.4 x 13.6 x 9.5cm

Weight: 0.53kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


CompactEasy to use5-inch LCD screen for viewing and editingQuick-feeding tray technology


Only saves to SD cardsIt only works with film

Available at Amazon



Why we picked them

The Kodak Slide n Scan film scanner is an excellent option if you’re looking to scan film. It has a resolution of 14/22MP, which is adequate for most purposes. This scanner can scan 50mm, black and white, and color negatives. It also comes with adaptors for 135mm, 110mm, and 126mm films. Scans can be saved to SD cards. The five-inch LCD allows you to preview and edit images before saving them. Enabling gallery mode lets you use this scanner as a picture frame.

What to note about it

As the name suggests, the Kodak Slide n Scan film scanner only scans film. So if you want to scan pictures, you might want to check out an alternative on this list.

Best budget picture scanner: Epson Perfection V39

Epson Perfection V39

Scan resolution: 4800dpi

Interface: USB

Size: 36.6 x 25.14 x 3.81cm

Weight: 1.54kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


High-resolution scansLightweightAffordableScans to Google Drive


It does not work with film or slidesLimited features

Available at Amazon



Why we picked it

The Epson Perfection V39 is one of the best photo scanners to consider if you’re on a budget. Although it has a lower resolution than its pricier counterparts, the V600 and the V850 Pro, its 4800dpi resolution is impressive. Scanned documents can be saved as editable text or searchable PDFs. You can also choose to scan directly to Google Drive.

What to note about it

The Perfection V39 is a full-blown picture scanner. It can’t scan films or negatives.

Best for batch scanning: Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Scan resolution: 1200dpi

Interface: USB, Wi-Fi

Size: 17.02 x 29.72 x 17.52cm

Weight: 3.7kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


Suitable for batch scanningWi-Fi connectivityFast photo scanningMultiple resolutions


ExpensiveLimited features

Available at Amazon



Why we picked it

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W is well suited for batch scanning purposes According to Epson, it’s the world’s fastest personal photo scanner. It can scan up to 36 prints at a go, and the automatic document feeder automates the process. It works in three modes – easy sharing (300 dpi), archiving (600 dpi), and enlarging (1200 dpi).

Lower resolution photos take less time to scan. For example, 300dpi images take one second to scan. This can come in handy when digitizing entire photo albums. This scanner can be used for various media, such as polaroids and A4 documents.

FastFoto software makes editing pictures a breeze, and you can download the app on your phone to sync scanned images. The Epson FastFoto FF-680W allows you to scan to a computer via USB or directly upload to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

What to note about it

At $599, it is definitely expensive. But it is currently on sale for $100 less. So you might want to snatch it up as soon as possible.

Another great batch scanning option: Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500

Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500

Scan resolution: 600dpi

Interface: USB, Wi-Fi

Size: 29.21 x 15.24 x 16cm

Weight: 3.4kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


Touch screenExtremely fastEasy to useGreat bundled software


It does not support Ethernet connectivityMediocre scan resolution

Available at Amazon


Why we picked it

The Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 is one of the fastest photo scanners on the market. It can scan up to 30 photos at a time using its automatic sheet feeder. It has great bundle software and it’s simple to use.

What to note about it

The Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 is quite expensive. And at that price point, it has a relatively low resolution of 600dpi.

Best portable film scanner for hobbyists: Kodak Mobile Film Scanner

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner

Interface: USB

Size: 1.6 x 1.09 x 0.41cm

Weight: 0.249kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


Scans directly to your phoneThe companion app works smoothlyCheapCompact


Made of cardboard

Available at Amazon


Why we picked it

The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner lets you view old negatives and slide positives. To use it, you have to download the companion app and compatibility varies between smartphones. The resolution depends on the camera, auto-focus, and the slide/film quality.

It is compact, retails for about $40, and doesn’t require add-ons, save for AA batteries. . The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner will make a fun gift for photography hobbyists.

What to note about it

The scanner is made of cardboard and isn’t quite durable. But it can be folded back into a box when not in use.

Another great option: HP Envy Photo 7855

HP Envy Photo 7855

Scan resolution: 300dpi

Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

Size: 19.3 x 45.4 x 49.1cm

Weight: 7.58kg

BGR may receive a commission

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022

BGR may receive a commission


It also works as a printer and faxMultiple connectivity optionsCan scan multiple photos at onceHP Smart app lets you print, scan and fax through your smartphone


It does not work with films or negativesNo photo enhancement features

Available at Best Buy


Why we picked them

The HP Envy Photo 7855 is a versatile scanner that can also be used for printing, copying, and faxing. However, it is specialized in photo scanning and printing. It operates wirelessly. Hence, it can be controlled from a smartphone. Using the HP smartphone app, you can scan photos and print original photos from your gallery.

The automatic document feeder allows for the scanning of multiple items at a go. The printer’s touchscreen display allows you to edit, view, and print items if you insert an SD card or USB device.

What to note about it

It is mainly for pictures. It can’t be used to scan films or negatives

How to choose the best photo scanner

The 10 best photo scanners in 2022
Image source: Amazon

Before purchasing a photo scanner, there are several things to consider. The first and most important thing is evaluating your needs. Do you need a scanner that can scan slides and film? Or one that scans only photo prints? Or a scanner that does both?

The size of the documents you plan on scanning also matters. Another consideration is the scanning resolution. Additionally, scanning speed and image enhancement features should be given some thought. Finally, deciding on a budget will narrow down your options.

Once you have the answers to all these questions, then you can begin your search. This guide will share tips on technicalities and specifications to look out for when buying a photo scanner.

Scan resolution

The resolution of a scanner is measured in dots-per-inch (dpi). The higher the scanner’s resolution, the more accurately it captures image details. If the image quality is a dealbreaker, you should consider scanners with resolutions of 1200dpi and higher. Otherwise, a scanner with a resolution of 300dpi will suffice.


Depending on how often you scan documents, a scanner’s speed is critical. You must be particular about this detail if you intend to use it a lot or for bulk scanning photos. Scanner speeds are measured in terms of pages (scanned) per minute (ppm) and images per minute (ipm).

Type of photo scanner

All-in-one scanners

Some multipurpose printers feature scanners. These scanners are usually high quality and have resolutions of up to 1200dpi.

Flatbed scanners

Flatbed photo scanners are the most common type and the easiest to use. They usually can scan a wide range of media, such as books and documents. They typically come with adapters for scanning slides, film negatives, and photo-enhancing and correction software.

Portable scanners

Portable scanners are helpful for scanning items on the go. Data transfer is usually via USB or wireless connections. These can go quite well with portable photo printers.

Sheet-fed scanners

Their operating principle is similar to flatbed scanners, but they scan items one at a time. They usually feature an automatic or manual document feeder. They’re generally fast and lightweight.


For most scanners, data transfer is via USB. If you’d rather have wireless connectivity, you need to search for one that supports Wi-Fi.


A photo scanner’s software can provide additional color enhancing, image editing, and optical recognition (OCR) features. It is also important that the scanner software is user-friendly for simplified use.

Color/bit depth

The bit depth of a scanner is simply the amount of detail per pixel it can capture. The higher a scanner’s bit depth, the better the image quality, details, and color of its output.


What is the best scanner to scan old photos?

Our pick for the best scanner for scanning old photos is the Epson Perfection V600. Its price point and features make it suitable for most users’ needs.

Can document scanners scan photos?

Yes, document scanners can scan photo prints. But they cannot do so with the same precision and accuracy as photo scanners.

What is the fastest way to scan old photos?

Scanning speeds vary between photo scanners. The Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 is an example of a fast scanner that can scan multiple photos at a go.

What is the difference between a photo scanner and a document scanner?

Photo scanners have specialized software and hardware for digitizing photos. They can scan slides and film negatives, whereas a document scanner cannot.

What should I look for when buying a photo scanner?

Before purchasing a photo scanner, you should consider the resolution, speed, connectivity, software, bit depth, and type of scanner.

Is it better to scan a photo or take a photo of a photo?

Scanning a photo will produce better results than simply taking a picture. Scanning will preserve image details and color accuracy.

Is it better to scan photos as JPEG or PDF?

PDFs preserve image quality better than JPEGs. JPEGs usually compress images leading to an irreversible loss in quality. So it is better to scan photos as PDF files.

Does scanning old photos damage them?

No, scanning old photos does not damage them. Most photo scanners have image correction features that erase blemishes from old photographs. Some also provide color restoration and enhancement.

What is the best way to scan photos to digital?

The best way to scan photos into digital formats is by using a photo scanner.

More Best guides: See our picks for the best home printers.

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