That's gas! Barrister with bad farts denied chance to work from home wins €152,000

A barrister with bad gas who tried to sue the Crown Prosecution Service has won £135,000 (€152,000) after his request to work from home was denied. Yes, you read that right.

Tarique Mohammed told a tribunal that his flatulence was caused by a heart medication he needed to take and so by asking him to stop breaking wind, they were violating his dignity.

It seemed that the tribunal didn’t sympathise with his gassy affliction as they sided with his colleagues stating that due to the size of their office and the ‘repetitive nature’ of his farts, it was a reasonable request.

Personally, I am conflicted. No one wants to sit in someone else’s gas cloud but then again no one wants to be the person who can’t stop their bubbly guts.

that's gas! barrister with bad farts denied chance to work from home wins €152,000

Close up lawyer businessman working or reading lawbook in office workplace for consultant lawyer concept. Pic: Getty

Can anyone be thought of as a winner in that situation? Well apparently yes as the barrister took home the impressive sum in the end for a string of other claims against the CPS.

With the amount of money he got himself he could build his own personal cubical or even bathroom where he can pass gas with zero judgement from others.

According to The Telegraph, during the proceedings, the tribunal heard about an incident where a colleague, fellow prosecutor Paul McGorry asked Tarique if he ‘had to do that’ and could he not step outside of their small shared office.

Tarique explained that he could not and that his wind was caused by his medication and nothing further was said about it after that day in 2016.

that's gas! barrister with bad farts denied chance to work from home wins €152,000

Pic: Getty

The farting issue was only part of a series of disability-related claims that Tarique brought against his employers after he had suffered a heart attack.

He accused both co-workers and bosses of discrimination claiming that they threw away his water bottles when he left them on a shared desk and asked him to work from home one day a week 60 miles away, on top of failing to pay for his barrister’s practising certificate when he was on sick leave.

that's gas! barrister with bad farts denied chance to work from home wins €152,000

The Crown Prosecution Service, or CPS is the principal public agency for conducting criminal prosecutions in England and Wales. Pic: Getty

Though all the claims, yes even the farting-related ones, were thrown out by the tribunal, the CPS accepted that they had treated the barrister unfairly by not allowing him to work from home two days a week, leave work at 4 pm to help him manage his condition and by removing him from court duties.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t lead to a bunch of polluted offices.

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